At the Zoo– Part One

At the Zoo– Part One October 3, 2023

The Louisville Zoo, located just off Watterson Expressway, has got a lot of animals and birds, well arranged by regions and types, and the nice thing is they are not so far away that you can’t get close to them and get good shots. There are places where non-glare glass is not used, unfortunately which makes picture taking more difficult.  All and all, I would give this zoo good ratings.  So let see what there is to see, starting perhaps with the birds.  Clearly this Zoo is for the birds, and there are all kinds. No prizes if you can identify this first one.


yes those are puffins from down under.

Some of these birds prove God the designer has a sense of humor.

I love toucans and this zoo has some beautiful ones.

Next we have the flamingo, a bird associated with the dearly departed Jimmy Buffet’s logos, and also those of Christopher Cross.

Parakeets and Lorakeets are colorful and just great.


The Australian bandicoot is cool as well.

How about a beautiful black swan?

And various sorts of fishing birds, like pelicans. I love Ogden Nash’s rhyme about them— ‘a funny ole bird is the pelican/ his mouth can hold more than his bellycan, and I don’t know how the hellican!


Let’s finish this post with another interesting flying creature, the monarch butterfly.


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