Polycarp – Pray for those who hurt you

Polycarp – Pray for those who hurt you February 23, 2021

Loving your enemies is hard. Yet, it seems to be an essential part of living the kind of Gospel Life God calls us to. Today the church honors one of its earliest Saints, and martyrs – Polycarp. Polycarp was an early leader in the church. He was one of the men who transmitted the faith to the next generation after the death of the Apostles. He wrote exhorting the men and women of the church to live a life of forgiveness and prayer. Even though he was condemned to die he instructed the men and women of the church in the second century to pray for their enemies, those who hated them, and those who persecuted them.  he prayed for the leaders and rulers of the world even though it was those leaders that ultimately killed him for his faith. 


May we be people who never cease to pray for others, even those who hurt us.

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