Religious Affiliation and the Frequency of Orgasms

Religious Affiliation and the Frequency of Orgasms May 24, 2012

A apropos of nothing, here are some data about religion and sex. They come from the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS). This study, was conducted by Edward Laumann, of the University of Chicago, in 1994, so it’s getting a bit old, but it remains a great study on the topic. It collected data from 3,400+ people nationwide on just about every aspect of sexual behavior. Fortunately, for my purposes, it also collected data on religious affiliation.

From the NHSLS, here are the percentage of respondents who report “always having an orgasm” when they have sex with their primary partner.

79%, Catholics
75%, no religious affiliation
75%, conservative protestants
73%, mainline protestants
66%, other religion

33%, conservative protestants
27%, mainline protestants
27%, Catholics
22%, no religious affiliation
There isn’t a lot of difference for men, but there looks to be a religious effect for women.
Maybe this explains why women tend to be much more religious than men?

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