About Me

I’ve always been interested in the great debates of the day. But for too long I put aside the genius of Catholicism in trying to understand the arguments for and against the social issues, only to find that the arguments are lacking when the Catholic view is left out.
I remember being out overnight on a friend’s family boat. Three of us girls were having a great time but as it got dark, I was ready to hit my book. It was the story of Karen Anne Quinlan, a NJ teenager who died after ten years in a coma and who was a major figure in the start of the so-called ‘right to die’ movement. My friends teased me about reading so intensely and not even hearing their laughter and joking. Decades later, I find myself a strong opponent of the mislabeled trend, with greater understanding of the tragic ramifications of assisted suicide and of the beautiful view of life Catholicism gives the world.
I gradually reverted to the faith of my family and childhood after the simultaneous death of my beloved mother and a heart wrenching divorce. I found God as many do, through deep pain, and was surprised by how much God responded to my quest to know truth. I emerged absolutely thrilled to be Catholic.
I’m the adoring mom to two young adult sons, 18 and 23.

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