The Smorgasbord (8/4/17)

The Smorgasbord (8/4/17) August 4, 2017

Brandon Smith smorgasbord


Nationalism plays itself out in a million ways, from overt idolatry to its sneaky, underlying affect on our hermeneutics. Weed it out. Give not even an ounce of glory to anyone but God.

Theology is tied directly to defending the faith—we cannot defend a Christianity we do not understand.


“We live in a world of evaluations, assessments, and measurements, but Jesus turns his gaze deeper because he knows that what is measurable can be faked.” — Scot McKnight, Sermon on the Mount (SGBC)


Carl Trueman discusses the importance of higher education in a shifting culture.

This is a nice, short summary by Larry Hurtado of how much we really do know about early Christian beliefs.

Like the Oxford comma, correctly pronouncing Augustine (“aw-GUS-tin”) is a signpost of civilization. Thanks, JT.

The Word Matters podcast is back! We answered the question, “What is the abomination of desolation?”

Books I’m Reading:

The Pastor as Scholar and the Scholar as Pastor by D. A. Carson and John Piper

I Wear the Black Hat by Chuck Klosterman

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