The Trinity is a mystery to us in many ways, but Scripture and tradition give us language and concepts that allow us to affirm the doctrine. Read more

When you’re a PhD student, just about anything helps. Read more

What does it mean to “be perfect,” especially in light of the fact that we know no one is or can be perfect in a sinful world? Read more

Revelation’s theology stood out from the crowd in a time when sloppy language about God wasn’t being tolerated. Read more

Fearful chart-making and number-decoding distorts the point of the Book of Revelation. Read more

If we’re like Jonah, we’ll confess God’s sovereignty without trusting in it. But if we’re like Jesus’s disciples, we’ll cry out to the God of the Universe, and he’ll give us peace. Read more

As with any work in a fallen world, it makes you sweat. Read more

For anyone hasn’t read much on Revelation, I usually recommend four short and (relatively) accessible introductions. Read more

A mishmash of thoughts, scraps, and interesting stuff. Read more

They say that reading widely is a way for the pastor to grow into a “holistic” and “well-rounded” leader. Read more

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