The Gospel Is Bad News for Bad News

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Some Unoriginal Thoughts on the Historical Adam

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A New Initiative: The Center for Baptist Renewal

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Salvation by “Faith” Alone or “Allegiance” Alone?

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Curiosity Won’t Kill the Christian: A Conversation with Barnabas Piper

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Theology, Church History, and Guarding the Good Deposit

We should reap the long-lasting benefits of deep community, sound doctrine, and knowing the saints before us. [Read more…]

When the Book of Revelation Takes a Swing at a Roman Emperor

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Did Jesus Call a Woman a Dog?

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How Often Should We Take the Lord’s Supper?

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Why the 5 Solas Still Matter Today

The 5 solas of the Reformation still echo in our world and our lives today, if we’re willing to listen. [Read more…]