Robin Roberts, Praying for Us as We Pray for Her

Robin Roberts, Praying for Us as We Pray for Her August 17, 2012

Robin Roberts, as I’ve written before, is one of my favorite television personalities.  

She’s kind, respectful, and her calm manner makes it much more comfortable to be on camera.  She’s the most down to earth celeb I know! When I was in New York, I found out that Robin, a breast cancer survivor, is battling a blood and bone marrow disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome (likely caused by her cancer treatment).

Recently, however, I saw on Greta Van Susteren’s website that Robin is traveling and sending back pictures via Twitter!  She tweeted photos of pizza and of the Coliseum. But the photo above is the one that really touched me.

Let’s remember to keep Robin in our prayers as she continues to fight this disease!  We love you!

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  • Craig Fortune

    She is a Class Act. Wife and I are Praying for Her. Also we are praying for everyone in your family. Your Family are a class act too.

  • What Craig said. Great post, Bristol.

  • Bree Merr

    I thought of her as one of the most gracious hosts. Prayers for her and her family

  • Susan Marney

    Bristol, best wishes on DWTS. I enjoy reading your blogs as they are generally just what I have been thinking. Amazing how Robin has gone through so much and touched so many people just by being kind and gentle. She was there for people after Katrina and now even as her health is testing her again. May God bless both of you.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Calling on the Lord through prayer is the way.

  • Richard Head

    Robin handled the Obama gay marriage interview with class. There are rumors she is a lesbian.

    • chris

      Wouldnt that be something? Bristol would then have to think long and hard about her fondness for the woman.
      Also, I am thankful that she is well to do and can afford whatever treatment she needs for her ailments. We know how everyone on this blog feels about “them poor people” who need health care.

  • Richard Head

    Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts on Thursday made little effort to hide the excitement she felt when Barack Obama came out in support for gay marriage. Touting her exclusive interview with the President, Roberts marveled that, just talking about it, “I’m getting chills again.” She added that the moment “was not lost on anyone” who was in the White House, Wednesday.

    Read more:

  • bellagrazi

    Awe, I love Robin! She has a beautiful heart. I will continue to pray for her. Thanks for posting this, Bristol!

  • Renea Bleim

    Love this lady. Prayers your way Robin. Thx Bristol.

  • Georgia

    This is so touching, Bristol. She truly is a very likable woman and stands, heads above the rest, in her business. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord is holding her, in the palms of His loving hands.

  • Bristol,
    I am glad you have requested prayer for Robin. I come to know Robin when she interviewed your
    mom in Alaska. She is a warm and gently person. I love the interviews that you had with her.
    You can tell she is a person who makes you feel at ease with her.

    My husband and I will be praying for Robin. Also we will be praying for you and our whole family
    will be voting for you and Mark. Can’t wait to see you dance again.

  • me here It could save Robin’s life!!!

  • I love Robin too!! Obviously I have never met her but I love watching her on t.v. You are right she is always gentle and respectful. I sobbed when she announced she had cancer and again when she announced she was battling this disease. Praying for her with you.

  • Sue Lynn

    Thank you Bristol for sharing and let the prayer warriors begin!!!!!

  • Scruffer

    You and your Mom should totally do an interview with her.
    You’re right, she’s so warm and inviting! The best celeb journalist (besides Anderson Cooper – I so have a soft spot for him. I wish he weren’t gay)
    I’m sure it warms her heart to know you (and your family, right?) are praying for her – it’ll help her through these hard times.

  • Rachel

    God bless her, she is such an inspiration.. As are you!