Todd Palin Talks about Stars Earn Stripes, Fishing, Van Halen and More!

Todd Palin Talks about Stars Earn Stripes, Fishing, Van Halen and More! August 10, 2012
“Stars Earn Stripes” Premieres on NBC, Monday, August 13, 8 – 10 p.m. ET (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

It’s almost time for the debut of dad’s new show!

Kevin Scholla interviews dad about his new NBC show Stars Earn Stripes which premieres after the Olympics. They discuss whether mom has a political future, how dad deals with the constant criticism of the family, the challenges of being a dad, Van Halen, and fishing!

Also, did you know the celebrities on Stars Earn Stripes are playing for various military-related charities? Please support dad’s charitable organization – Armed Services YMCA Alaska!

“Stars Earn Stripes” Premieres on NBC, Monday, August 13 (8 – 10 p.m. ET).



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  • Truth101

    I bet your dad represented his charity proudly.

  • I am so excited to watch your dad on this show!

  • Grannie Annie


  • Martha

    What a huge waste of money. Dressing up a bunch of actors and recreating explosions just for entertainment? It’s really insulting to the people who actually do this on a daily basis. But I won’t watch it.

    • Truth101

      Sure you will just like you commented here. You can’t help yourself.

      • Martha

        No, I won’t.

        • It is for charity not just entertainment, I am sure the troops will be proud. His son is in the military.

    • palinchick

      Actually it’s a great use of money. Todd and all the other participants are playing for worthwhile charities. Also each person is partnered with real armed forces folks or law enforcement people. If it’s good for these heroes it’s good for me!

    • RebFan

      Martha suffers from leftitis.

    • mytorpor

      Wonderful! If you don’t watch it, we won’t have to put up with you making any more snide comments about it!

    • Lynda Armstrong

      Always one who has to go the HATE route…did you not read he does not make dime….they are honoring those that wear the uniform…my grandson is one of those who has fought for your freedom to hate…and Track Palin is another on of those who fight for your freedom….

      Have you even thought how Sarah and Todd must feel when they hear of troop being killed and they do not know if it is their do not watch but enjoy your freedom..

      • James

        Actually Todd is getting paid as well. There is charity money to be won but the contestants are also getting a salary.

  • palinchick

    Great interview! Two awesome dads! Thanks for this blog entry Bristol!

  • I’m looking forward to seeing this program. We need some good new programs. It’s great that your Dad is supporting such a worthwhile cause.

  • James

    I think it’s great. I will watch it.
    Reality TV suits the Palin family well.
    I will gladly support that family business

    • LilyWww

      I agree with James: Reality TV suits the Palin family.

      And anyone who thinks Sarah Palin has a political future hasn’t been paying attention: She’s not interested in one.

      • Truth101

        Gov. Palin is a very young woman as far as politics go and at this time she has decided to be a stay at home mom again. She has plenty of time to run for another office in the future. It could be as early as 2016.

        • LilyWww

          A stay at home mom! Hahahahahahahaha! That’s a good one. Does she know you have to be at home to do that? Too funny.

          • Truth101

            Where is Gov. Palin right now?
            Is the First Lady home all the time?
            Are these ladies that Gov. Palin helped get elected home all the time?
            Gov. Nikki Haley, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Gov. Susana Martinez, Rep. Martha Roby, Rep. Sandy Adams, Rep. Vicky Hartzler, Gov. Mary Fallin, Sec. Beth Chapman, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Rep. Renee Ellmers, Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, Rep. Jackie Walorski,
            Rep. Diane Black, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Rep. Jean Schmidt, Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, Lt. Governor Kleefisch

            Your jealousy of Gov. Palin is not healthy. Seek help!

          • LilyWww

            Oh don’t get me wrong Truth! I’m not suggesting moms can’t have careers and travel. But if you say you ate going to be a stay at home mom your priority is to be home with your children or at least WITH your children. And Sarah Palin doesn’t seem to be doing that. That why I laughed when you said she is being a stay at home mom instead of being a politician. Does Trig even live with them? Because he never seems to travel with his parents and on Sarah’s reality series he was rarely present or a part of family activities.

          • Truth101

            LilyWww, You need to make up your mind if Gov. Palin is allowed to be seen in public with Trig or not.?

            I can keep up with liberals.

          • LilyWww

            Allowed to be seen in public ? Why would you reply with that? Oh I get you …. You have nothing.

          • LilyWww

            Oh wait a minute. Your suggestion that she has decided to a stay at home mom again was a joke! Cheeky! I like it.

      • Lynda Armstrong

        Always ones who has go the HATE route…did you not read he does not make dime….they are honoring those that wear the uniform…my grandson is one of those who has fought for your freedom to hate…and Track Palin is another on of those who fight for your freedom….

        Have you even thought how Sarah and Todd must feel when they hear of troop being killed and they do not know if it is their do not watch but enjoy your freedom..

  • Teri McRae

    Awesome we will be watching!! We love and pray for the Palin family!!

  • Hi Bristol, Both you and your parents have a certain je ne sais quoi that can’t be matched. Sarah is so cool with her attitude of those things that unite us are more important than those things that divide us philosophy in her politics and career and your dad is just as amazing. His strength of character really came out in Kevin Scholla’s fantastic interview…I just loved it. Praying for much success for you on DWTS. Have a wonderful time. May the Lord continue to bless and protect you all. We love you.

  • Lyn

    I am so glad Kevin was able to do this great interview. If it had not been for Kevin, I would not have known about Todd’s new show so I would have missed it. I look forward to seeing it as well as the new DWTS. Personally, I am proud we have such a wonderful family to support in so many areas. Be sure to check out Kevin’s other interviews on SarahNet Radio.

  • Bree Merr

    This show is an awesome concept. Todd Palin was a great pick for the first show. The charity angle extra nice. My husband and I will be watching.

  • Can’t wait, to see your dad!!!! Bet, he did great!!!

  • Nicki Scroggin

    GREAT interview!!! I love the way Kevin was able to talk with Todd, “The First Dude”, on so many different topics… Very Interesting & Exciting!! I can’t wait to watch the show… The Palin’s are such great Americans that continually model Class, Courage and Integrity…

  • Manny

    Can’t wait. Looks like a good show.

  • Juleen

    I can’t wait to watch the show. I’m calling my son to see it and will mention it to friends on Facebook.

  • Loved the Kevin Scholla interview! Bristol, make sure to drip yourself in some Park Lane jewelry during DWTS! My company sponsors the show and will have plenty for you to wear! 🙂 Break a leg! I’m in your corner!

  • David

    I’m looking forward to watching Stars Earn Stripes. I enjoyed listening to your Dad’s interview, too.

  • Karen Crouse

    Your Dad..what a nice guy. This is one reality show I will enjoy watching..besides DWTS. Looking forward to it.

  • Len

    You’re dad sounds very down to earth. It took a paintball game on steroids to entice him out of the shadows. Just wondering about that Wisconsin accent though. 😉

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh, your dad is super humble, Bristol! Much respect for him, your mom and your whole family. Very excited about watching Stars Earn Stripes!

  • BlueVA

    What a shame — and a sham — of a show. Why is it that the Palins always look to the supposedly hated “lamestream media” when they want to bring attention to a cause (or themselves)? What about all that time spent on Skid Row, Bristol? We blinked and missed all the work you did there. These C-list celebs have no idea what it’s like to be on the battlefield, and to say they do after being on this asinine show is a slap in the face to every soldier killed or who returned home with a heavy hearts and heads full of the stuff of nightmares. This makes me sick. And Todd Palin, with his Hollyweird tan, looks like the friggin’ Wasilla Zoolander in this photo. Put that gun away, Todd, before you shoot your big toe off.

    • Heather Laurin

      This show is supposed to give these celebrities a small glimpse of what our men and women face on the battlefield everyday. It also allows them to raise money for the various military and first responder charities, which is a great thing IMO. And Todd might know something of what goes on given the fact that his oldest son Track is currently serving in Afghanistan. I am sure that Track has relayed things back home to the family. As military wife I love this show, and I thank each and every one of the people participating in it for showing in some way what our loved ones overseas have to deal with.

      Also would like to add that I am definitely rooting for the Iron Dog and Bristol in their competitions. Best of luck to both of you and God Bless the Palin family.

  • teflon warrior

    This continues a great Palin tradition of helping others to understand what we military folks know and have understood. That our role is to protect our nation and so the rest of us need to make sure that those sacrifices are honored. Great work Todd, keep it up!

  • My husband watched the show & WE ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE !! SOO excited about a new show .. We hope it success !! Please promote the show more !! We just happened 2 catch it Trying to find something worth watching.

  • My husband & I watched the Show .. We enjoyed every minute .. Hope N B C gets more informationn out & promotes the show ..

  • Gregory Russo


    Thank You for Letting me know about what your Father is do and I am going to support him in every way I can. I will also help your cause on the next season on DWTS.

    I certainty hope your still practice your dance steps and your traing so you can do better this time around.