“Breaking it Down with Bristol”

“Breaking it Down with Bristol” September 24, 2012

Thanks to Kevin Scholla for the first episode of “Breaking It Down with Bristol,” which originally aired on SarahNet Radio!

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  • stephanie

    GREAT JOB!!!!! you were amazing tonight on dancing with the stars!!!

  • NanaJ

    You got our votes tonight. You and Mark were fantastic!!! We loved seeing your Tripp and your parents there too. Next show, give Tripp some ear plugs. It’s really noisy for the little ones there.

  • Yvonne

    I thought you and Mark did great. Your little boy is so cute. It was good to see your mom and dad there too. Keep on dancing .. have fun .. and win.

  • makya

    one of my facebook friends posted this on the wall and actually pissed me off you should write a blog on this since you are so great at them!!! it said republicans love the troops hate the vetrans love the fetus ignore the children

  • Awesome job tonight!! You looked great! (I voted for you!!)

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Bristol I must be honest with you I do not watch DWTS, but I’m with ya. To tell ya the truth we do not watch much TV so please do not feel badly!

  • Sharon

    You and Mark did such a great job!! Loved it!!!

  • Ella Senter

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I can read all the comments but I want to read the Blog from Bristol and can’t.

  • Bianca

    You look great and you danced beautifully! So glad you are doing this radio show with Kevin!

  • Michele F

    Thanks Kevin Scholla and SarahNET Radio for these weekly updates. Bristol is a great young woman. A true role model. Happy to see the Gov and Todd and Tripp there! Nice interview Kevin!

  • Rachel

    Girl…you’re awesome on DWTS! But…let loose! 😀 have FUN and don’t worry about judgements from others! :))) letting loose is good for the soul…. 😀

  • Jacinda

    Loved it! You did a great job and look fantastic! Can’t wait to watch tonights episode!

  • Antoinette

    You are such a real person! You can tell by how you talk to Kevin Scholla on the show. We are rooting for you on DWTS!

  • I love this interview you did with Kevin…Congratulations, Bristol, you danced your heart out and you were simply gorgeous doing it.

  • bellagrazi

    Super excited that Team Ballin made it through the first week! Congrats, Bristol!