How to Vote for Mark and Me This Week on DWTS!!

How to Vote for Mark and Me This Week on DWTS!! October 15, 2012

Last week, it was hard to see two “all star” couples go home, but I’m so glad Mark and I weren’t one of them!

Thank you for letting me be here for another week of Dancing with the Stars.  If you think Mark and I are the best dancers tonight, then there are four ways to vote this week:

1. Phone

Please use this official telephone number.  It is:


Phone lines open as soon as the show starts and stay open for 1 hour after the show.  Fans should try to phone vote as soon as the show starts.  After they dance and at end of the show are the hardest times to get through and we want every single vote.  You can vote on as many phones as you have access to.  For the first half of the season, voters will be allowed the same number votes as the contestants.  For example, this week there will be nine contestants, so each type of account gets 9 votes.  Once they are down to 5 contestants or less, the fans still get 5 votes per account.

2. Text

AT&T users can text the word “vote” to “3409” as well.  Once again you get the same number of votes as contestants.  You can text votes and call votes from the same phone.

3. E-mail

You can also e-mail votes online here.  On show nights there will be a vote tab.  You have to have an account to vote online.  You should make your accounts before the show starts because when the show is going the site crawls.  You can vote with as many accounts as you make.

4. Facebook

The final way to vote is by going to the DWTS Facebook app and casting your votes here!

Spread this information far and wide! Thank you for your support!

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  • bellagrazi

    Ready to vote for Team Ballin! Thank God we don’t have to use a rotary phone! Haha

  • Sue Lynn

    Bristol you really have turned into a great dancer. I hear our Sweet Trig will be with his mom tonight and I’m very exited to see his sweet smile and he loves to clap and dance. I also want to address all the “Haters”
    out there that said Sarah Palin should have abort this sweet child a gift from God Almighty also made fun of him on a regular basis saying the most hurtful things ….We love Trig and I am supporting Trig tonight!!!! Dance Bristol Dance!!!!!

    • Bo

      That kid was sure a great stage prop for Queen Esther of the Tundra during her failed campaign and her book tours. It’s nice to know that some things never change, huh, sweetpea.

      p.s. — Trig isn’t dancing tonight . . . of course, Bristol isn’t really “dancing” either but that never seems to hold you Palinistas back, does it?

      • Fado

        Good to hear Trig is getting some time with his family.

      • Peggy Cilano

        It’s so easy to say that Bristol can’t dance when you aren’t competing against her. Let’s see how you could do better, then maybe you can say that Bristol can’t dance. Truth be known, she is a good dancer and knows how to work for what she wants. She is not spoiled and has been a good mother to her child. Good going Bristol, I am rooting for you. You have a lot of stiff competition but you are competition for them too. Don’t let the hate mongers hurt your feelings. They are just speaking out of anger and ignorance. I love you and your family and we Conservatives are going to get our country back.

        • Gilly

          Hey Peggy. Conservatives don’t own this country, it’s not yours to take back. You self entitled ignorant rube.

          • Fado

            Well said Gilly. Sadly Peggy, like her idol Sarah Palin, seems to think only some Americans are ” “real Americans”.

        • Bree Merr

          Bristol and Mark .. that was a fun dance and a great job. Judges like it, audience liked it and we like it. The haters here are displaying a fearful angst at the credibitlity you are given by everyone except haterx. That is fun in itself. They and their whiny, silly comments shared by them create a little feeble minded clan of mental wimps.

    • Reallynow

      I don’t know anyone who has said she should have aborted Trig. That’s all in your victim mind Sue Lynn. Although, I do know ONE person who though about abortion when it comes to Trig, Sarah herself. So go complain to Sarah.

  • Bonita Ledzius

    Bristol, you and Mark just keep giving your best and you know we are all behind you. Don’t let the left make you doubt your ability, or the judges unfair scoring stop you. My husband doesn’t watch DWTS, and when I told him how you were getting compliments from the judges yet the scores they gave were always the lowest he decided to watch last week. He saw what I saw, even the way they got onto others for all kinds of things and still gave you scores 2 points lower than theirs. He said it was obvious that they were trying to get you kicked off, and cover their rear ends at the same time. He also hated those who were rude in the audience toward you. He said he loved your dance the best, very classy and filled with intelligence about the game of chess that many would not understand, because they think chess is boring. But he loved the costumes you and Mark wore, and that you rose above all the controversy and unfairness. My husband used to ballroom dance, country line dance, and can’t anymore because we both have back problems, and so for him to say so much to me about it means that you and Mark impressed him. I used to work theater as a theater tech and stage manager, and just a hint to help you with your facial expression…take all the emotions you felt over the attacks from idiots on the left, your child’s dad’s misbehavior and irresponsibility, and put it into those dances where you need to look fierce, and take the joyful moments you have had in life like the birth of your son and put those into your smile, and you will do fine. You are a beautiful young lady inside and outside, with a beautiful smile, and a family who loves you immensely, and that gives you reason to smile with all the joy in you. Make the dance a celebration of your life, and the emotion will be there. I’m not related to you, but I am still very proud of you.

    • Fado

      I doubt very much that Bristol knows anything about chess. They hardly seem the chess-playing type of family lol! And the judges’ scores are more than fair as they struggle to find something positive to say about Bristol’s attempts at dance.

      • Holly

        and just what is a “chess-playing type of family”? … so cerebral you don’t hunt fish or have opinions? puhleeze we do all those things and son who is 12 had a draw match with his presenter at a Scout Match (College age guy) … get over yourself and your snobby ideas.

        • Fado

          Holly what do hunting and fishing have to do with what I wrote? Nothing.

          • Holly

            I don’t know what your point is actually …. there is not set “type” for those who like to play chess …ever seen the movie The Knights of South Bronx? ….

          • Fado

            Let’s just say its a thinking game Holly and leave it at that. 😉

    • Reallynow

      Oh you Palin zombies and your victimhood mentality. You can’t handle the fact that Bristol is just not as good as the rest. Her dances are boring, her facial expressions are boring, her energy is boring, her style is boring. The judges have given her BETTER scores than she deserves because they are scared of the backlash from Sarahs zombies.

      • Fado

        I think they give her better scores than she deserves so that she has a shot at staying on the show. She is there to create controversy, attention and viewer participation. In essence, they aren’t afraid of Palinista backlash, they encourage it. Sarah Palin doesnt scare anyone outside Alaska anymore. Her influence has all but disappeared.

        • Reallynow

          Right on Fado. Too bad Bristol doesn’t realize the jokes on her. And as for Sarah and Bristol, for all their diatribes about hating Hollywood and the people there, they sure seem to love all the attention they get from them now. Her political career is finished, so she has gone all flashdance to attract attention, so she can them complain about that attention (that she begs for). She has a creepy need to be seen as a victim. Probably to keep her zombies feeling sorry for her and buying the family crap they hawk.

      • Peggy Cilano

        How one sided and stupid. Go get a life!

  • Dale

    Bristol, you have improved greatly. So happy for you. Looking forward to seeing you and Mark dance tonight. You got my votes.

  • Brenda Brooks

    I love your dancing, mostly because it shows your upbringing wasn’t well do what ya want. It shows you were raised with respect for yourself and others. My votes go to you and Kristy, have a lot of respect for her also. But you get the most lol

  • Denise Johnson

    We as a family support you and it’s because of you not your mom and stand strong against the Hollywood judges they dislike you because of your mom. And remember people love the underdog

  • Peggy White

    Best of luck to you both! It amazes me why the haters track you guys down to bash you… Why they use up precious time out of their lives in that way never ceases to amaze me. Just remember that there are more people supporting you than hating on you!! Don’t feed the trolls!! LOL KEEP DANCING!! And being the wonderful people that you are. God bless!

  • Sharon

    I love the Palin family and all that they stand for! I cannot believe the way you folks continue to attack them. They have done nothing to deserve the kind of mistreatment they have received. I vote for Bristol on DWTS, not because she is the best dancer, but because I admire her for trying in spite of the treatment she receives. If this makes her seem like a victim to some, so be it. Bristol, you keep trying your best and working hard and there is no shame in any of that. Naysayers will continue to look for reasons to slander you and your family, but pay them no mind…consider the source! Hold your head up, love your family, do your best, rise above the fray, and you will be fine! As for your mother, I’d vote for her for anything, anytime, anywhere! You go girls!

    • Fado

      Sharon , Bristol keeps doing this ” in spite of the treatment she gets” because it beats and pays better than any job she’s qualified for. And it’s because of the treatment she gets that she’s even on the show. Think about it: she creates and drums up controversy to get attention. Like mother like daughter.

      • @ FADO, you are a true hater. have you nothing more to do than to troll this site and spout off to everyone reading. If you so sincerely unhappy with your life that you have to trash others, perhaps you should take another look at yourself and make some changes.
        Bristol and Tripp, Sarah and Trigg, the entire Palin family has never done anything to you except become popular with people who are of like mind. It isn’t their fault that you have no respect or values and have to make snide remarks to people who live their lives without bothering anyone else. If you don’t like what they do, don’t pay them any attention. They certainly don’t care what you or anyone else thinks of them. For them, it is between themselves and their God.

        • Fado

          They sure have you fooled Lacey.

      • Versie Pate

        Fado, and all others who hate with no reason. What a shame to spend your life hating some one that has never done you harm or knows you. We pray for you, and pray that you will find something in your life that will take this hate away from you. GOD loves the Palin family, and if GOD loves them , what is there to hate about them, and GOD loves you. Its not good to hate a PERSON , It can be understood to hate what a person does. GOD Bless, and GOD Bless America

        • Fado

          Sorry Versie but I don’t share your religious belief so that all means nothing to me. But I’m glad it brings you comfort.

    • Reallynow

      So she whines and cries about Hollywood, we are not supposed to pay any attention to her, then she goes back to Hollywood and we are not supposed to pay any attention to her. Both her and her mother have been demeaning to liberals and we are not supposed to pay any attention to them. Both her and her mother complain about the media and we are not supposed to pay any attention th them. They should be allowed to to say anything they want to say without anyone calling them out on their crap. They want the media attention, but nooooooo, the poor delicate Palin’s shouldn’t take any heat for their whining and hypocricy. They must be showered with only praise. You people are just unreal. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

  • Brad

    Bristol, keep your head up and just have fun. Get some emotions in your face and loosen up just a bit more. You are doing much better than the first appearance on DWTS, so keep working hard. Don’t listen to all these idiots going back and forth in reference to the political crap!

  • M.J.

    Bristol, you are doing really well! I’m amazed at how calm and cool that you are! Try to have fun for all the people who support you. As I said before, you are the only reason my kids and I watch the show! Bring it on and God bless you and your family!

  • Anna Salerno

    Good luck to you sweety you are a beautiful young lady. Stay sweet and I’ll root for you to win… ;o)

  • M.J.

    Wow, sounds like some major jealousy going on here! I’m a single mom of four kids and I would jump at the opportunities that Bristol has been given. I’m happy for her and wish her well with the open doors that God has given her! I think her family is great and those who get all their info on the Palin family from the media and can’t think for themselves will feel justified in hating them. They are brave for letting us into their lives, and yes, so they’ve gotten paid for some of it, wouldn’t you do the same?

    • Fado

      No MJ, I would not my and my children’s photos and stories to tabloid rags and reality TV. And I certainly wouldn’t then complain about media and public calling me out on it.

  • Dean Autrey

    I say if we all thought alike – what a boring world we would live in. I love the way Bristol and Mark dance. I will vote for them. But if Fado and Reallynow doesn’t like the way they dance – I say more power to their right to vote for whom they like the best. That is the purpose of the show. Enjoy it for what it is – entertainment – not politics. It is very cruel to say such hateful things about someone you have never even spoken with. Enjoy DWTS it is fun!!

  • Peggy Kirsic

    I would love to see you and Mark win the globe… sending good wishes and saying a prayer for you! You are such a beautiful young lady and a good example of a good momma, daughter and good Christian … an all around great person. Will be watching and praying

  • Gregory Russo

    Wow, What a song to dance to The happy days theme song. there was alnotherr sang that was used for happy day called Rock around the clock. Either one of these songs will be great for Bristol and Mark dance to.

    Good Luck, to both of them tonight.

    I am all ready to vote

  • Your Mom is a hero of mine, and now you. We are here and got your back !!!

  • Paul S

    I use and have voted each week. You go girl.

  • Bo

    John Travolta called. He wants his dance back. Plus, he would like a massage . . . from Mark.
    I am glad they included Mark’s comment about “dumbing it down” for you, cupcake. Too bad the judges didn’t include degree of difficulty in their scoring (I know the Palinistas won’t). I guess they were just surprised that you made it through to the end. They probably don’t want to generate death threats from you fan base.
    I see that your mommy was there with Todd and her stage prop. Boy, does she look rough these days. Looks like the anorexia is kicking up again.

    • Sandra K

      Go home shut your mouth and find something nice to say to someone. You are an all time jerk who only spews ugly things.

  • Ugh

    Learn proper grammar. It’s “How to vote for me and Mark…”
    You need to have some self respect and bow out of DWTS–you dance about as well as a corpse.

  • Jake

    Lmao! Fido, Bo, reallynow, Gilly and all the other Palin haters crack me up. It’s just funny as hell that they’ve spent so much time this evening posting an coming back to check what people say and then post again and bitch about how Sarah and Bristol are ruining their little bitty worlds. Funny as hell. Too funny. I’m gonna vote for Bristol just so they can bitch next week if she stays in DWTS. To funny!

  • Cynthia

    You’ve stuck it out real well against the media so more power to you to take advantage of it. You go girl! And don’t forget to smile smile smile!

  • NanaJ

    GREAT dancing tonight. Judges underscored you but we VOTED for you. Loved seeing Tripp watching his mommy and Trigg watching his sister.

  • Dwts: Bristol you looked beautiful! I loved your dance with Mark! You two seem to have alot of chemistry together! Voted all the way’s I could . So glad, happy,your family and son is there to give you support!

  • Fado

    Ruining our worlds? The Palins have no influence anymore Jake outside of Alaska. The fascinating part of this is not the Palins but rather those who buy what they are selling. I guess you can’t see that.

    • Dan

      Can you ? be fair and balanced, give it a try.

    • Bo

      Agreed, Fado. If you stacked the whole Palin clan up in one pile, it still wouldn’t amount to a fart in a windstorm. The real travesty in this year’s DWTS cast is that it really should be named “Dancing with the Stars . . . and Bristol Palin Doing a Bad Imitation of Dancing”.
      The only reason is still on the show is the huge social media footprint of her mommy . . . millions of FaceBook and Twitter followers who get weekly instructions of how to vote for her. I suspect that many of these Palinistas who follow Queen Esther of the Tundra don’t even watch the actual competition — they just follow the voting instructions as part of their TeabaggR crusade.
      And, of course, these are the very same folks who support voter ID laws and constitutional amendments and wring their hands over voter fraud. Pretty darn ironic and pathetic.

  • JimmyMackey

    It seems obvious to me that there is definitely support for Bristol as she is still on the show, but no one talks about Kirstie, who is clearly as poor of a dancer but is still on the show. Kirstie has an equally supportive team who votes for her each week, so I would expect to hear “shinanigans” being called. DWTS is a highlight of my week to be honest and my DISH coworker comes over each week to watch it. We can’t always get together on the same day, so it is nice that my PrimeTime Anytime recording saves for eight days so we see it later, but don’t get behind since we have eight days to watch.

  • Gregory Russo

    I sorry inially i thought bristol woould dancing to the theme song of the TV song the Happy Days ( there is two Rock around the clock and/or Happy Days. However, it turn out it was At the Hop by Danny and the Juniors. This song is one of my favorite songs. The Bristol and Mark Perforamnce was excellent.

    God is truly on The Team Bristol’s side.

    All of my votes was for Team Bristol.

  • I have tried to phone and each time couldn’t get in. My vote would be for you. I missed seeing you this week and wish I could see a replay on computer. You both are awesome and are doing a wonderful job. God Bless, Donna Glenn

  • Diane Knuth

    I’m proud of you for going on the show. You did a great job. You said you did your best. Great!!! Not many people could do what you did. God bless you. Enjoy your time off. Eat a cup cake with your son.

  • keep up Your Good Work..your awesome.. I went looking for you book ,guess what I could,,nt find it in the book store.where could i Look for it……..