Obama Ignores American Citizen Jailed in Iran: #SaveSaeed

Obama Ignores American Citizen Jailed in Iran: #SaveSaeed March 13, 2013

My mom and I have drawn attention to Pastor Saeed’s case before. He’s an American pastor imprisoned and tortured in Iran.  Did you know the European Union spoke up for him in U.N. meetings but our own President didn’t?  Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ is testifying before Congress on Friday to call attention to this American Christian hostage.

They want 500,000 signatures in support by Friday — believe it or not, they only need 37,273 more!

Can we help them? Please go here to sign the petition.  And don’t forget to pray!

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  • Megan

    Thank you so much for speaking out for my friend Naghmeh’s husband. I know that it is very encouraging to her the more people that join her efforts. I watched your show and have watched your family for awhile and I must say that it is sad the way the media and people treat you guys. I guess when you are under a spotlight you are expected to be perfect not only in a “religious” way, but then meet their expectations (i.e., be perfect in a liberal way) as well. Unfortunately there are no perfect Christians, and liberal thinking rarely mixes with God’s Word. Personally I think you guys rock. My friend Christie is “obsessed” with you guys, and hates that I look like your mom! My husband says he never thought he would be marrying Sarah Palin when we got married. She’s gorgeous though so I’m okay with that. Anyway, forget what the media says about you and just remember what God says about you.

    • melory

      It is so good to hear from people close to Pastor Saeed and his family! Thank you for taking the time share with Bristol and us.

      God bless!

  • Thomas

    He has also ignored what is going on in Eypt and the Christians there.

    • mbarker

      Obama should ignore this guy so others don’t think they can go into a foreign country that bans their religion and think we’re going to help them after they have been captured for ignoring and disrespectful of that countries laws. He knew going into Iran he was at risk for being captured and held because Iran doesn’t allow the teaching of Christianity in their country. He set himself up, and he should be man enough to accept the consequences of his illegal action in their country. Everyone knows Christianity is not welcomed in every country, and should respect the laws of other independent nations.

      Sorry if I sound so cold and hard toward this person, but that was also his attitude toward Iran, or any other country anyone else would enter knowing what the laws were of that country. The other point is that our country is NOT a Christian nation, but a country made up of many other religions that get equal recognitions and respect. Some don’t like the notion of separation of church and state, but that is how the writer of the Constitution (Jefferson) and the founding Fathers saw this country when they wrote the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

      • melory

        Too bad our government did not ignore liberals who went into other countries and broke their laws, i.e: the liberal Americans who went into Egypt and took part in violent protests; the liberals who went into Iran illegally; and the liberal who went into in North Korea illegally, remember how quick Bill Clinton and our government was to stand up for these people.

        Obama warned that “the future shall not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” . Still waiting for the president to stand up for the Christians that are being killed by Islamists as we speak.

      • melory

        Ever heard of human rights mbarker? Pastor Saeed has not broken any laws – in fact Iran is breaking laws left and right in this matter – even violating its own constitution.

        Read and learn:

        “Iran has repeatedly and continually abused the most basic human rights of Pastor Saeed Abedini, a U.S. citizen. For more than 160 days, Pastor Saeed has now been incarcerated in one of Iran’s most abusive and deadly prisons merely because of his religious beliefs – a blatant violation of numerous international treaties to which Iran has willingly bound itself and in violation of Iran’s own constitution.”

  • melory

    Thanks, Bris, for your obedience to the Lord!

    First of all, while we continue to put pressure on our government to do their duty to this American citizen and his family, we also pray for our President and leaders that the Lord will forgive them for standing by silently while Christians are persecuted. Hard as it is for us to do sometimes, the Lord instructs that we pray for our leaders and bless them. So hard sometimes, but we must! And I know we do – but sometimes we need a reminder – especially when we have corrupt leaders!

    The Lord will open the prison doors and the glory will be to Him alone. Not by might, not by power, but by the Spirit of God!

    Let us also pray for other Christians in Iran that are being persecuted that we may not even know about.

  • Sue B

    I already signed the petition. Sure hope we can bring him home. Thanks for making so many aware of him and of those that are helping him.

  • Joseph

    Thanks for the update, Bristol! I’ll keep him and his family in my prayers!

  • Om Masreya

    It’s normal that Obama ignores any pastor even if he is an American citizen. Obama ignored & didn’t care for the 75 churches witch burnt by Muslim brotherhood in Egypt or the christian who were killed in Egypt by the same group