Easter with Tripp

Easter with Tripp April 1, 2013
Holidays are so much more fun with Tripp!  Here he is on Saturday night before bed, anxiously awaiting Sunday morning!  Click here to see his expression the next day!
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  • he is getting so big he such a cutie god bless you and your family xooxox

  • Donna

    I am so amazed at how well you are raising your little Tripp. You are a roll model for young adults. You tell them what not to do from your experience. Take care.

  • Joe W.

    Great shots!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Vicki Peterson

    Your little guy is so sweet. I know you’re having a lot of fun with him. Kids add such a sparkle to life. Love you and your family.

  • Sue Lynn

    He is such riot!!! Bristol you are a great mom!!!

  • Michael

    He is such a cute kid. You have done an amazing job as his mother. I wish you still had the show so we could see more of you and your family.

  • Sue Lynn

    Love the dents on the fridge….like most homes. He is adorable Bristol. The good mom!!!

  • Susan Condit

    What a cute boy. Looks like he takes after his Gramma with the glasses.

  • melory

    He was soooo ready for the candy – love the expression on his face!

  • Joseph

    He’s so cute! Looks like you guys had fun!

  • Get that boy into hockey!

  • Thomas

    As Gomer Pyle would say Surprise Surprise!

  • Misty

    He’s adorable in the pics! Thanks for sharing them.

  • MiddleRoader

    At first I thought he was wearing an earring (not being judgmental- nothing wrong with that!), but then I realized it was the cabinet handle. He looks cute in glasses.

  • janie

    he is sooooooo cute you are such a great mom

  • Sue B

    Adorable little guy. Love the photos.

  • He is so cute and growing up so fast.

  • AWESOME!!! What a fine little GENTLEMAN, he is!!!

  • Dolly

    Happy Blessed Easter Bristol & Tripp!

    Bristol I know many people are always spreading rumors about you and I hope you will set the record straight on this one. I can’t believe the terrible things Hollywood says about you and I hope you never go back there~ Can’t you do anything about this? I hope it’s not true – please tell me this isn’t true!

    Blind Items Revealed
    SUNDAY, MARCH 31, 2013

    This female celebrity on Dancing With The Stars has been hitting on a dancer from day one. He keeps turning her down. She asked him why and he said it was because she was not famous enough or make enough money for him to be interested.

    Bristol Palin and Maksim


    • TrueBlue

      Why ask Bristol to set the record straight? Look at the source you’ve linked — a random blog. Are you so easily lead? If you need to see it in black and white, then I’ll say it for you and perhaps it’ll hold some weight: IT’S PROBABLY NOT TRUE.

  • Cheyenne

    Tripp is becoming a very bright and strong little man to become the man he meant to be as an adult because he has such a great mom. And with the help of your family he will go very far in life.

  • Curt Wilson

    Thanks for sharing.

  • He is so adorable!!

  • daryl

    Hes a knock off the block head.

  • Kirstin Fitzgerald

    Wow he has gotten so big! Miss seeing you guys on TV! Happy Easter from my family to yours!

    • brenda

      add us to the miss you

  • CJ

    Totally adorable! He and Trig always makes me smile 🙂

  • AnyOldNameWillDo

    Hi Bristol 🙂
    I just have to ask though: How did the refrigerator get those massive dents?

    • Lois

      The knocks on the fridge probably got there the same way they get on ours…wear and tear. If you have little ones running around, it isn’t hard to get knocks on everything.

  • Lois

    You amaze me at the strength you have. I’m so proud of the way you endure and go forth in spite of those who trash you. What a dispicable way to spend your time raz, on this beautiful story trashing a very lovely lady. Bristol, your son is beautiful.

  • NanaJ

    He’s so happy, healthy, and adorable. YOU have done a fantastic job as his parent.