In Honor of My Dad

In Honor of My Dad June 20, 2013

My dad has been in Arizona, so I didn’t have a chance to do anything for him for fathers day. But, it’s not too late to jot down some things I appreciate in him!

Most importantly he’s my biggest help with Tripp and has picked up the slack that was left behind. He has been the consistent male role model in Tripp’s life since Tripp was born. He was the one helping me change diapers in the middle of the night, and there watching Tripp take his first steps. Tripp and Kyla are blessed to have such an awesome grandpa.

He is who we run to when we’re having problems.  Dad’s the most level headed father around. He always has the great advice on anything from parenting, cooking, to wheels on a car or siding on a house. He’s down to earth and always puts his family first.

He takes our family to do adventurous things. He’ll let Willow, Piper, and me tag along commercial fishing, or on a moose hunt. He’s always open to taking us four wheeling, shooting, flying, or out snowmachining at the cabin. He has shown us remote areas of Alaska that people can only dream of seeing.

He has instilled work ethic in me. I know my dad has worked for everything in his life, and I’m thankful he has instilled a sense of work ethic, and business savvy in me. I wouldn’t have as much motivation to work, and be try to be successful, if I didn’t have a dad that was non-stop, work work work, around. He always keeps himself busy, from working, to packing Trig and Piper’s lunches, to flying, to cleaning house, and waxing vehicles, he always has something productive to do and I think it’s rare to see someone like that now when there are so many distractions with so many “cyber worlds” and iPhones, and electronics. He’s not glued to his phone, and we all appreciate that.

He puts our family first. He’d drop anything for any one of my family members (and we have a huge family!). He’d be there in a split second if anyone had any problems with anything. He is our protector and would be the first person a lot of my family members would call if they need help.

So thankful for the many roles my dad plays, and so thankful Tripp will grow up with such a great role model in my dad.

Thanks for all you do dad! Hope you had a great Father’s Day!

[Want to see some family photos of Dad being a great dad?  Click here for “Photos of Fatherhood and “Family Photos from the Pool, Pre-School, and More!”]

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  • john norton

    Hows about getting behind your parents 110%… i dont mean the normal everyday stuff either… their aspirations is wht im talking abt… I see they got the down arrow trolls here too… LOL

  • Joseph White

    Very nice!

    Thank you for sharing!

  • indemind

    Thanks Bristol…. Grrreat Photo…. *_*

  • Lisa Hall

    Love this Bristol! You can tell he raised you well and you are a wonderful daughter that I am sure he is very proud of!

  • melory3

    The best gift a dad can give his children is to love their mom, a wise man said. The best gift your dad is giving America is loving your mom – so from that position of unconditional love and support – she can pour herself out for her country.
    That is why I love your dad. That is why I look forward to the day that Papa Palin will be the First Dude again! Or Papa America, if you will.

    • aloha43

      Wow….just wow. I don’t know how else to respond.

      I just don’t understand how someone can think they can “love” someone they don’t know personally. I cannot imagine them as Presidential material….not even close.

      I am an American who is not loving her mom….not very many Americans “love” Sarah Palin.

      MOST Americans would be insulted by your comments.

      • melory3

        “I just don’t understand how someone can think they can “love” someone they don’t know personally” Same way liberals can hate someone they don’t know personally.

        Most Americans would be insulted by you pretending to speak for them.

        What do you know about presidential material. Must I list Obama’s latest bloopers? The Germans and the whole of Europe are laughing at O’incompetent as we speak – his visit was an embarrasment – as is his “presidency”.

  • Sue

    Wonderful tribute to your Dad.

  • Page Hall

    Your dad is so awesome. I enjoy his calm quiet mannerism and his friendly smile. Your tribute to him here is sweet and much appreciated by those of us who are proud to say you are our favorite hometown girl. Rock on, Bristol!

  • CeCe Caldwell Benningfield

    That is awesome!

  • bellagrazi

    Good man. Great Dad. This picture is so awesome, Bristol! Daddy’s little girl.

  • David

    Bristol, great photo of you and your Dad.
    Please post photos of those Remote Areas of Alaska that your Dad takes you to see.

  • On Friday June 21st Sarah posted on her facebook “Happy Father’s Day (?!) better late than never!” Bristol’s “Happy Father’s Day Post was on Thursday June 20th. Who would have even noticed the belated wishes of Bristol for Todd, if not for Sarah bringing attention to it? Who writes a Fater’s Day card on their blog, and hopes that their father reads it? What mother humiliates both her husband and daughter by bringing attention to the fact that her daughter was so uncaring that she forgot father’s day? Why would a daughter fail to remember her father on Father’s Day, and only four days later post a “Father’s Day” comment on her blog attempting to tell the world why she loves her father?

    The real insight comes from Bristol’s actual post:

    1. Bristol’s opening statement is that “My dad has been in Arizona, so I didn’t have a chance to do anything for him for fathers day.” In one sentence Bristol confirms that Todd hasn’t been in Alaska, being a father to Trig and Piper. Many of us have fathers who are far away, and we still remember them on Father’s Day with a card, a phone call, and maybe even a gift that we mail! The message is clear! Bristol did not want to do anything for her father on Father’s Day.
    2. The most important thing Bristol identifies about the importance of Todd in her life is his help with TRIPP. Not only does Bristol focus her readers on Todd’s relationship with Tripp, but she then specifically refers to the “role model” Todd has been for Tripp. Who would want a college-drop-out, stay-away-from- home, pimp for a role model?
    3. Bristol posts pictures of Todd on the blog. Not one of the pictures includes Sarah.
    4. Bristol points out that her father always has great advice on everything from cooking, parenting, wheels for the car, and siding on the house. She fails to mention what an entrepreneur he is, and the advice he shares on running a small business.
    5. Bristol specifically mentions that Tripp and Kyla are so blessed to have such an awesome grandpa. Obviously she mentions that because Tripp and Kyla don’t have the fathers around.
    6. Bristol lauds her father’s work ethic. In her words, it’s “work, work, work” for Todd. That might be translated in his case to be “sex, sex,sex”.
    7. Finally, Bristol identifies her father who would be “our protector” is anyone had “any problems” and he’d be the first person a lot of family members would call “if they need help.” It seems pretty obvious that Bristol is making reference to Todd’s ability to fix any problem that a family member might have with the law.

    Sarah opened Chapter Three of Going Rogue with a quote she attributed to John Wooden. The quote was insightful, but it wasn’t a quote from John Wooden. When John died, Sarah said:
    “Ever since we were kids, Todd and I have looked at Coach John Wooden as a true hero,” …
    “His quotes plastered our bulletin boards, school notebooks, and locker doors. Realizing this mutual admiration of Coach Wooden when Todd and I first met about 30 years ago was a sure sign that we were on the same page.”
    Palin stated how they’ve absorbed Coach Wooden’s writings and the life lessons he’s taught from the basketball court, including Coach’s “Pyramid of Success,” which Pain says, “is a blueprint that everyone in this country should tack within eyesight and try to follow daily.”
    Sarah failed to mention one of my favorite John Wooden quotes. He is credited with the famous quote:
    “The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”
    Bristol and Sarah both forgot about the importance of a father’s role in loving the mother of his children. Perhaps Todd’s failure in that area is just one of the reasons the Palin grandchildren have to look to their grandfather to find a father in their lives. Perhaps it is Todd’s influence that causes Tripp to call all men his daddy. It was Bristol who wrote:
    “It was great to have Gino camping with us, but – gosh – it’s always so complicated. It pains me when I hear Tripp call him Dad. (Though, truth be told, he also uses that term to refer to my dad, my brother, and my uncles. He seems to address anyone who’s a father figure to him as “Dad,” something he’ll grow out of I’m sure. Thankfully, he has the best role models in my dad and brother. This will help him be so well rounded because he gets to be around such good guys!) Gino particularly annoyed me when he described his ideal relationship, by saying he wanted me to be a “good girl who will cook and clean.”

    Bristol’s brother got a girl pregnant out of wedlock and is no longer married to her. Todd got a girl pregnant out of wedlock and is now a pimp. Those are Tripp’s role models. Maybe when Tripp is older he will celebrate Father’s Day by posting something on his facebook page, four days after father’s day, talking about what a great dad he has, that wasn’t around for Father’s Day.

  • aloha43

    “the slack that was left behind”

    Meaning Levi?

    You Palin’s are so transparent. You couldn’t resist a slap at Levi, could you? You can’t even send Father’s Day greetings on time, let alone using it to your advantage by snubbing Levi.

    I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt early on, Bristol….but you are just like your mother. You can’t resist putting someone down, no matter what your point is.

    • melory3

      Choosing a thread dedicated to her father to bash a young woman – only a low-class self-rigtheous liberal would do that.