Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun August 5, 2013

Tripp loved swimming with Trig while on vacation last week!

He absolutely loves the water and I’m so thankful they offer swimming lessons at such young ages.

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  • Sue B

    What happy and wonderful photos.

  • Joseph White

    They’re having a great time, that’s for sure.

  • Patriot

    Well at least its nice that someone is getting to enjoy Sarah’s PAC money.

    • section9

      It’s always fun to watch the deep and abiding anger and hatred of liberals just boil over. You guys can’t just let a couple of little kids have fun, can you?

      There should be a Ministry of Anger for you people.

      Now that we’re finding out what a criminalized regime Obama has been running these past six years, the rage boy gesticulations from your crowd should be a sight to behold.

      It’s always fun when Obama’s “Saddam Statue” comes tumbling down with liberals. It’s when your dream state starts collapsing that the fun really begins.

      No more Styrofoam columns for you!

      • Patriot

        Its always funny to watch conservatives deal with criticism. Come section 9 isn’t it time to knock those styrofoam chips off your shoulders and join the rest of the world?

        • Lesshate

          The only people I’ve met who find something critical in something pure and happy are “liberals”. They’re also the only people who spread lies because they have no idea what they’re talking about, like you.

          Bristol has never not worked in her life.

          Why do you relish in being an ignorant jerk?

          $10 bucks your immature response will be ::yawn::

          There is no need for negativity.

          • Patriot

            What job did she hold when she was 3?

          • Rosie

            I love smart alecs, seriously.

          • Patriot


    • Bree Merr

      Silly, Silly whiney fussy Patriot!! Most American have fun just like this. Have you been left out?? See if you can find a swimming hole and have some fun… You “sound” so sad. I want to see you have fun too.

      • Patriot

        actually I just got back from I kick-ass vacation that I paid for MYSELF!

        • Bree Merr

          good for you!! if that is true. Who has been writing in your “Patriot” name if you just got back?

          • Patriot

            Nice try Bree. 🙂

          • Patriot

            You do realize that most vacation spots have WIFI don’t you?

          • Bree Merr

            Are you saying…. that while on this “kick-ass” vacation you must still write whimpy whiney fussy post on Bristol’s Blog???? Now that is a strange addiction!! Really??? on your vacation? Oh Patriot, say it isn’t so!

          • Patriot

            And yet here you are gushing over bristol posting pics while on her vacation? Geez is bristol that additicted to showing off? Can’t she take even a few days off from it being all about her to enjoy a dip in the pool,with her kid(s)?

          • Bree Merr

            You are whining about Bristol’s posting pics on HER Blog?? !!! Patriot.. don’t you :”hear” yourself?? It is HER blog….She is posting pics on HER blog!! Is that really too hard for you to grasp? You can post your own whines on your blog you know.. You do have one right?? Oh maybe you don’t… you are whining on here. This strange behavior.. a choice or maybe you can’t help it. Which is it??

          • Patriot

            So which is it Bree? Its not good for me and bristol to waste our vacation posting pics and comments on pic or it is ok? I know conservatives don’t grasp the idea of a double standard very well so take your time and see if you can figure it out.

          • Bree Merr

            You still don’t get it??? she is posting on her blog not whining on someone elses. You are putting whiney fussies on someone else’s (Bristol’s) but not your own. I bet you don’t know how to have your own blog to do your own self-whine. I still have hope in you dear Patroit. You can do it!!
            Her beautiful Pictures of her beautiful children are a pleasure to see for most of us. Hope you can find a blog you can enjoy!

          • Patriot

            Children? So you’re finally admitting that Trig is Bristol’s son also! Good for you Bree..thats growth. I am proud of you!!!!

          • Bree Merr

            Oh my goodness,, you are having problems understanding.. …but glad to help. Her brother… a child and her son.. a child…. I am glad to help you. Don’t worry .. you will get it someday.. I just know you will… I see a little effort at positive… even if in error ? See you can do it… Keep trying

          • Patriot

            YOU posted “her beautiful pictures of HER beautiful children”. My goodness indeed. Heavens to Betsy too!

          • Bree Merr

            Tiny step of positive are important. keep trying!! Even tiny step at humor.. you have come a long way for you… keep it up. Don’t go backwards w/ obsessions that are silly elementary reasonings.

          • melinda

            In your neck of the woods do people really refer to their young siblings as “their children” Bree? Really? I’ve never heard that before. But I guess maybe that makes strange family relationships easier…….. Good to know.

          • Melinda

            Just a gentle reminder that this blog is not actually written by Bristol, Bree.

          • Patriot

            LOL! I heart your gentle reminders.

          • Rosie

            Are you literate? This post says “last week.” That’s quite an assumptive statement. I love how this woman’s life is happily lived in private aside from an occasional line dropped to say thanks for your support in the face of all the slander about her and people act like they have a right to know and assume every little thing in her life. That, my “friend,” is how lies fester and grow.

          • Patriot

            Lived in private? Are you joking? Thats hilarious Rosie!

          • Nunya

            Patriot you need to grow up. I’m pretty sure you post pics of you and your “besties” all the time on your Facebook.

            You’re just a moronic piece of trash.

          • Rosie

            You waste precious time away from your daily slog to be hateful and ignorant? :/ I now have pity for you.

          • Patriot

            Thanks Rosie!

    • mainelysteve

      Does your mother know you’re on here being an obnoxious little turd??

  • blueniner

    The best of two worlds, Alaska, and Arizona, fun, fun fun,… Liberal PDSers put that in your bong and smoke it!

    • Guest


      • blueniner

        Get lost you little Mamoo Cariboobie, this is a Palin site!

        • Guest

          A man in his 60’s commenting on a blog of a young woman that is in her 20’s.
          You’re a creep.

          • blueniner

            Oh gee, the creep from Castro Street, trollin’ and stalkin’ and judgin’ on Bristol Palins site, shame on you and using a “guest” avatar, what are you tying to hide? Why are you here? You hate the Palins, Coward, Oh, and just for your info you know nothing about my age, try again, Scoreboard baby, LOL haha, just go back to your Mediaite perverts.

  • Karen

    Uh oh! Looks like Melinda is about to get banned for committing the cardinal son of this blog….. Pointing out that Bristol doesn’t write it.

  • bellagrazi

    So awesome, Bristol! The boys look like they’re having a blast. Love Tripp’s hands in his pockets. Haha So adorable.

  • daryl

    A don’t blame tripp theres nothing wrong with that .I just came frome the beach and it was exstreme.

  • Jan

    Looks like Trig loved swimming with his favorite nephew, too. So glad all had a wonderful time.

    • deb

      hmmm. favorite or only nephew? did another of trig’s sisters or brother have a son?

      • Redman

        I would imagine Jan means that because the two boys are less than a year apart in age, Tripp will always be his favorite nephew, or just best friend. Sweet.

  • David

    Good Photos of the Boys having Fun.
    Thanks for sharing, Bristol.