Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth August 6, 2013

Tripp loves baking with his momma!

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  • Rob Hart

    sugar and spice and everything nice….and a Monster drink just incase. 🙂

  • Michael

    That is awesome. It’s great to get kids involved in the kitchen. I always loved baking with my family.

  • Shay

    So good for him to learn about cooking!!

  • Joseph White

    This would be a great photo for the cover of your first: “Cupcake Cookbook”

    • Shirley Cline

      Yes, I agree.

  • Jan

    He is so adorable. I love those cupcake papers. I will have to look for those to use when baking with my grand kids

  • Michelle

    Little boys love their mamas. He will be well-rounded, you can tell you’ve raised a smart kid. And he’s a helper. I bet his teacher loves him.

  • Mariah

    Wow, You and Track passed on the same genes to your kids. Tripp and her daughter share similar attributes. Definitely look like cousins. Adorable. I see your mom’s eyes in both.

    • karen

      I dont think Tripp has Sarah’s winky eye, does he Mariah?

      • karen

        Sorry, that should read wonky eye,, not winky

      • Mariah

        I was taking about eye shape. It’s what I thought first. Actually, developing a lazy eye is quite common. Many young kids wear glasses to balance their eye sight so they don’t have to wear them in the future. I am 39 and when I’m tired, my right eye crosses, reverting back to my younger days when I wore temp glasses.

  • Joseph Ritter

    He looks really cute in this picture! Boy, I tell ya, Bristol, he sure does looks a lot like you; he’s smiles just like you! 🙂

  • joe

    Yeah that’s nice to start cooking, a necessary skill. Lost another email so I thought I’d come here. A very nice pic don’t think nothing’s missing. Tired of working gonna get some fresh air. Have a nice evening ** and all that. Will write tomorrow somewhere somehow.

  • Rock

    What will Bristol do if it turns out he’s gay?

    • Guest

      Have another son?

      • Patriot

        Third times a charm I guess 😉

        • benice

          I don’t understand this. ?

          Why be rude?

          • Patriot

            Not being rude just stating the facts.

    • Jeremiah Kero

      Love him unconditionally, I would hope. That would throw some haters off.

      • Patriot

        As long as he didn’t expect to marry the guy he loves.

        • Lovinheart

          MANY states have passed laws okaying this. Anyway, marriage is a piece of paper. Love is in your heart.

          • Patriot

            Bristol has made it clear how she feels about this. And its much more than just a piece of paper. Are you married?

          • Patriot

            You can’t be this ignorant about marriage rights Lovinheart

    • littlewitch

      Blame Levi

      • Rock

        Blame Bristols father.

  • Sue B

    He is so adorable. I think it’s great that you bake with him.

  • TrueBlue

    Very cute. It’s important to allow children to experiment in the kitchen. Once they’re off to college, they’ll be confident enough in their apartment kitchen to cook something decent and nourish themselves with more than Ramen noodles and peanut butter. Soon you should teach him to do laundry so he’s not wearing white-turned-pink t-shirts in college, as well!

    • Mama6bear

      Very true. I started chores at 8 and could make myself simple meals and do my laundry. NO teenager should rely on anyone to do basic things because they don’t know how. Not saying they should ALWAYS do that stuff, because teens ned to be young, but way too many people let their kids shirk responsibility. I’d be proud of Bristol and her siblings, all of whom WANTED to earn their own money when they could.

  • bellagrazi

    Sweet Mama, sweet kid. Good to know Tripp’s a help in the kitchen, Bristol. He’s got the most amazing blue eyes. Gorgeous little boy.

  • Shirley Cline

    Tripp has grown so much !! He looks sweeter then the things you and he are baking ! That smile will get him far in what ever he does through life. God Bless you both.