Congratulations, Alaskan commercial fishing industry! Read why:

Congratulations, Alaskan commercial fishing industry! Read why: February 5, 2016

Fisherman across the Alaskan waters understand the risk they take every time they step onto the boat. Everyone knows our waters for their extreme conditions and the dangerous excursions they offer. But this year, Alaska’s commercial fishing industry beat the odds and defied nature unlike ever before.

Alaska Dispatch News shares more on this new victory:

For the first year-long period on record, from Oct. 1, 2014, through the end of September 2015, the Coast Guard recorded zero operations-related commercial fishing fatalities in Alaska, a milestone in an industry known for its “Deadliest Catch” persona.

Alaska Fish and Wildlife News, attributes part of this encouraging change to increased safety requirements of management practices and better overall preparation for the extreme conditions.

Praise God for a safe, record-breaking year in 2015, and I pray 2016 offers the same report.

Read more about the history of this issue here.

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