Chinese Man Jumps From Apartment Building to Stop Forced Abortion

Chinese Man Jumps From Apartment Building to Stop Forced Abortion October 9, 2013

So what are you guys reading?

Here’s a book to add to your list!  I mentioned before that my friend was helping with a book about Bob Fu, a Chinese dissident who was born in rural China, was raised an atheist, and protested at Tienanmen Square.

In college, he became a Christian.  After graduation, he was a Communist teacher by day, and an underground preacher by night.  He knew if his Communist students found out about his after-class Christianity, they’d  throw him in jail.

Which is exactly what happened.

After he and his wife got out of prison, she became pregnant.  Knowing the government would force her to have an abortion, they hatched a crazy plan.

They decided to run.

The book starts with Bob jumping from a building as he begins this daring escape.   It reads like a novel, and Laura Bush says the book is inspirational:

“Bob Fu has dedicated his life to bringing freedom of religion to the Chinese people. His story is a testimony to the power of faith and an inspiration to people struggling to break free from oppression.”–Mrs. Laura Bush

Read “God’s Double Agent,” by Bob Fu with Nancy French for a story of someone who defied a government…  and lived to tell his story. We need more people of courage who take a stand!

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  • Richard Smit

    Go bristol Palin!! your posts are great!! and you are a perfect person!!!

    • Summer

      The Palins are great people, but only God is perfect. 🙂

  • RichJ

    It is scary to think, but that is what is happening here in the USA. History is full of examples of Christians taking a stand and being persecuted by atheistic governments. We need a bunch of people with the courage of Bob Fu here. If it is not too late to save America that is the way it will be done. God bless you Bristol, and your mom and dad too.

  • David

    Yeah, we need more people willing to stand up for our Freedoms in this Country.
    Obama and the other Corrupt Politicians in Washington have Disrespected the American People too long, and We the People need to Change the Mind-Set of the Politicians in Washington back to “Serving the People” … instead of “Ruling the People” which is what their Mind-Set is right now.

  • $70129662

    Sounds like a great book, will defintely buy.
    Obama’s approval sinks to 37%. If Obama media (AP), says it is at 37%, it is most likely at 32%.

  • $70129662

    The Congress, by law, is supposed to pass a budget to fund the government each year. Do we have a budget? No. The Senate has not passed a budget in five years. Now, pay attention…for two years after Obama was elected the Democrats controlled the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives, but did not pass a budget. One year, Mr. Obama proposed a budget and the Senate rejected it 100 – 0 with a Democrat majority. The House of Representatives has passed budgets only to have Harry Reid refuse to bring them to a vote in the Senate.

    A budget delineates the spending that will take place throughout the fiscal year. The only reason one would need a Continuing Resolution is because there is no budget so no authority to spend money. With no budget to “budget” money for spending the fallback is to pass a resolution for temporary funding. So, why don’t we have a government that is up and running with the required monies? Because the Democrats have neglected to fund the government via a budget for five years. The government is thus relegated to exist from resolution to resolution and that’s a problem; all because the Democrats have refused to pass a budget – for five years!,d.cGE

  • LOL you almost trolled me into believing this was a news article. But it’s not. You will be spanked for this, miss.

  • Kristy Patullo

    What an incredible story! Best of luck on Nancy’s new book.

  • Crystal Nicole Arnold

    Wonderful Christmas gift suggestion! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Nathan

    He brings HONORR to his famiree!


    Great Story!