My New Extensions

My New Extensions January 11, 2014

My sister Willow is so talented! Love the extensions she just did.  Check them out!

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  • soozy55

    Beautiful Bristol!

  • Ghin


  • Kristy Patullo

    Wow, beautiful job, Willow! Bristol, you have gorgeous hair. (even without the extensions) So jealous.

  • M_Baker

    Why is this even worthy of a post? Its like, ‘I couldn’t think of anything else to post so I just came up with this just to let everyone know I still have a web site’. Isn’t there anything more worthwhile to write about than hair extensions? I feel like I just wasted brain cells just reading it and thinking there must be more to it then just that. Wrong!

    • Ghin

      I think this post honestly did come from Bristol.

      • MouseFanSal

        And you also sound like you need a life.

        • Ghin

          Says the person who bothered to comment on my comment…..

          • MouseFanSal

            I don’t leave weird comments or do things that bore me. I come here every once in awhile when I see a link.

          • Ghin

            Me thinks though doth protest too much!

    • MouseFanSal

      You just wasted time writing the most pointless comment ever. lol Maybe it’s time to get a life and not hang on the word of 1 person.

      • M_Baker

        Yes I know, but I thought it would be a warning for others so they wouldn’t have to waste any brain cells like you and I did. The problem is I do have a life and I only wished someone would have warned me ahead of time.

        • MouseFanSal

          The issue is, to read your comment, the person would read the post. I only come here weekly, if that. Read a one-sentence blog post isn’t wasting brain cells. But spending idle time on the internet doing anything other than reading educational materials or legitimately working is wasting one’s life if you REALLY want to ponder this. lol

          • M_Baker

            I never come here, much less than weekly like you, and I happen to come across the most idiotic and senseless post I ever seen, and you think I’m wasting my time by commenting on it? Please, if you come here weekly like you wrote, who is wasting their time?

            You also have no idea how much time I spend on the net coming to sites like this, which tells me you’re not the most logical person there ever was to make such a groundless assumption.

            You seem to be defending this silly, idiotic, brain cell wasting comment, which also doesn’t say much about yourself, if you see there is something worthwhile in such a comment. How much educational material do you get out of coming to this site, and how many brain cells have you wasted coming here once a week?

  • Michael Cummings

    Very nice Bristol!
    And it’s hard to beat that picture of Tripp and you at the park!
    God bless you!

    (What can I say to slow the Democratic hate machine?)

    Please both of you have a good evening…

  • David

    Looks good. Willow did a good job.

  • Alberta Brett

    Looks great.

  • infobabe

    So your hair is fake too?