Pregnant Woman to Be Hanged for Her Christianity

Pregnant Woman to Be Hanged for Her Christianity May 20, 2014

This is horrible!  A pregnant woman is going to be killed because she is a Christian.  The Sudanese authorities gave her a chance to escape death — all she had to do was convert to Islam.

She wouldn’t.

Now, she’s sentenced to death.  The Sudanese are going to let her give birth and nurse her baby before killing her.  Here are the details:

In Sudan, a judge has sentenced a pregnant Christian woman, Meriam Ibrahim, to death.

Her only crime is her Christian faith.

According to news reports, her mother raised her Christian, but her father (who abandoned the family) was Muslim. Her father’s faith was imputed to his daughter, so in the eyes of Sudan, she was Muslim. Thus, when she professed Christianity, she committed apostasy – a crime punishable by death in Sudan.

Fox News has the barbaric details:

The court in Khartoum ruled that Ibrahim must give birth and nurse her baby before being executed, but must receive 100 lashes immediately after having her baby for adultery — for having relations with her Christian husband. Ibrahim, a physician and the daughter of a Christian mother and a Muslim father who abandoned the family as a child, could have spared herself death by hanging simply by renouncing her faith.

“We gave you three days to recant but you insist on not returning to Islam,” Judge Abbas Khalifa told Ibrahim, according to AFP. “I sentence you to be hanged to death.”

But Ibrahim held firm to her beliefs.

“I was never a Muslim,” she answered. “I was raised a Christian from the start.”

Christianity is not a crime!  Write a letter to the Sudanese government to demand that they release Meriam immediately now.

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  • 1MiddleRoader

    This is horrible, but sadly, I don’t think Sudan cares much about international outrage. The president, Omar al-Bahir, is a disgrace to humanity, and has been indicted by the ICC for murder, war crimes, etc. There is some hope, though, as her case is under appeal, and could be overturned. Also, according to one report, Sudanese Shariya law prohibits execution of pregnant women until around 2 yrs after birth. So a lot can happen during that time. (Let’s hope, anyway.)

  • Chris Ballenger

    Do you think God will save her?

    • Jesus Saves AMEN

      Yup, she will be fully alive and well, eternal life in Heaven.. SAVED!

      • Chris Ballenger

        You know what? That’s pretty fucking weak. Those are some weak ass words for quitters who seek the best in giving up.

        • Penelope Peace

          “Volgarity is no substitute for wit” Maya Angelou ~ although in her shoes I wonder what we would do? Be as Peter and denie Christ? Paul said it is better to die and be with Christ… but don’t take this out of context study for yourself.

    • She may find herself in the lion’s den as was Daniel, but she will meet the same fate as Daniel; she will be remember, she will become a martyr and a symbol for hope that one day, her death will have guaranteed life for so many more who might otherwise die unjustly simply due to their Christian faith. This is how God works, through the strengths of mankind for which He created.

    • Rae Shue

      Do I think God wil save her? I most certainly believe He can, but even as a Christian, I don’t think He will. He uses every thing to glorify His Name, and it’s hard to believe that He can be glorified with all the evil present in this world. He knows what her death may do. Like Stephen’s death did for Saul (who later became the Apostle Paul), her death could have a pronounced affect on her hangman. Her death, as difficult as it is to swallow, may allow God to move like we can’t even begin to imagine.

      Yes, she’s going to be saved eternally, but I have no doubt that, even if she is not released from the noose, God will move in the hearts of men. Maybe she has already come to peace with her death.

      Christ stated that because the world hated Him, they would also hate us.

      • Chris Ballenger

        Why should we make a martyr of a woman who other Christians wouldn’t lift a finger to save? Her death will serve as a symbol of how impotent today’s “Christian” is.

        • Rae Shue

          I never said to make her a martyr. There’s a difference between God moving in the hearts of men and making her a martyr.

          Christians know that our most powerful weapon we have is God. The apostle Paul wad set free from prison…not because Christians broke into the prison to release him, but because they prayed.

          The God they prayed to then is the God I prsy to now. While I absolutely agree that we need to do domething, some times all we’re called to do is pray and let God take it from there.

          Even I, as a Christian, feel that we must do more.

          • foodstamppeteC4P

            your “god” is a wimp and weak

          • Rae Shue

            I know that my God is anything but weak. The truth in your life is different than the truth in mine. I have seen His Power snd Strength in my life. However, only He can prove His Strength and Power to you. All I can can do is pray for you.

            I can “bible thump” you, but I’m a Christian, not a bible thumper…there is a difference.

  • Cait

    Religion is the foundation of hate.

    • VL123


      • Crimsonfang

        It’s true. They’re using their religious beliefs to kill someone of different religious beliefs. Don’t think for a second Christians were any different when Christianity was that age too. The crusades and the spanish inquisition are 2 examples of many.

    • Penelope Peace

      man, not religion.

  • Dana Stewart

    The time is here when Christians will be put to death for professing their devotion to the 1 and only almighty Lord Our God Jesus Christ / Dana Stewart(Christian)

  • If the United Nations were intent to act as it should instead of cowering before the call of duty, it would address these grave issues threatening to a peace ever after by throwing coups and toppling these barbaric regimes. Sadly, the organization speaks of peace as if they are sitting around a campfire, playing their peace pipes while singing “Cum-Bay-Ya,” but all they are intent upon is paying lip service such as when the secretary general Ban Ki-moon traveled to Greenland to tour the melting glacier shelves and stopped to stare at a growth of flora in the tundra for several moments. Now, I am sure that the idea behind “see no evil, hear no evil” might appear to advance their pacifist agenda, but it will not assist human rights violations like I am constantly reading within the Arab League, Iran and Afghanistan plus Pakistan, or in sub-Saharan Africa in nations like Sudan and South Sudan which kill women who are raped and conceive a child or, in the case of this poor lady, a Muslim-convert in Meriam Yehya Ibrahim to Christianity for becoming pregnant by her American love.

    Amnesty International classifies Ms. Ibrahim to be “a prisoner of conscience,” and to a Christian, to be guilty of apostasy in the face of a false faith and prophet can be no greater source of good in the face of intolerable cruelty whereupon the choice between what one believes or chooses to not will vindicate God in Ms. Ibrahim’s case her Lord and Jesus, Savior. Allah is supreme in Islam, and his prophet is Muhammad; and while there are multiple branches of the faith – Sunni and Shiite, and the faith’s offshoot known as the Sikh religion – for one to claim in a nation governed under Sharia law that to worship as an infidel anything other than a Muslim will result in a likely decapitation as the prescribed means for execution. We cannot allow further encroachment of radical Islam of any variety into our country if we ever hope to survive as one nation under God per our tradition and not beneath the crescent moon and star of Allah like many public schools are requiring our children to recite within the Pledge of Allegiance today.

    If religion is the foundation for the arbitration of hate and bigotry, then I shudder at what I might find in a society which declares that atheism and the omnipotence of the state grant a totalitarian regime its legitimacy through intimidation, or better to rearticulate, how the Soviet Union achieved 75 years of domination and the slaughter of 100 million people globally just within the wars it waged alone, inclusive of course the Soviet peoples who were purged under Stalin or died in the gulags of Siberia. If mandated absolute adherence to such a doctrine is considered a brokerage of a just and everlasting peace by living as 99% poor in their bellies and worse still for their rubles beneath an at best total of 1% of the intelligentsia which operate the government within the Politburo, how may we quantify even in vain attempts at qualitative measurements for how the misery index of the state’s low morale may be determined? If under the humanist perspective we must adhere to the supposition we not only ensured that the United States divested itselves of any and all vestiges of “one nation under God” but allow for the alarming growth of Islam in our schools while the state of Florida recently passed a bill within its legislature at Tallahassee granting it provisions for implementation of Sharia law under the state codes of legal statutes, we are doomed as a society and like the Soviet Union, are on our merry way to the ash heap of history as the most profligate empire by dent of hypocrisy known in the history of mankind. At least the Soviet Union from 1917 through the communist state’s collapse after December 31, 1991 never pretended it was not the source of the nation’s religious-like cult of leadership.

    In the end, the lone dichotomy under which we have a harsh choice to make is to determine whether we want a state whose society may have a faith that offends a few, or a godless nation like the Soviet Union that subjugates its peoples into blind obedience to the state as its demagogues while deny them butter as it continue to manufacture guns for world conquest and the diffusion of the single minded adherence to the faux religion of communism and thus, hatred to all free people to choose and to dispute their grievances. I personally would rather anger Louis Farrakhan or Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who all three are racists rather than be taught to hate, because those who are not communists believe in a divinity which they cannot destroy in a tangible state due to its existence as the ultimate arbiter for the right just to simply choose piety through charity over moral decadence and its cousin, despair.

  • Stanley J. Pinkowski Jr.

    Actually, we shouldn’t get involved. It’s their law and right. We would hate it if they did that to us, right?

    • HuntingMoose

      she is married to a US citizen. her son is US citizen. Her unborn child is US citizen. her own citizenship is being waiting for the INS who is too busy with Obama’s illegal dreamers.

      what part of did it to us do you not understand?

  • Gene Trower

    When President Theodore Roosevelt was in office, he would undoubtedly
    dispatch the Marines to rescue the woman and her AMERICAN child, for he
    didn’t have SEAL TEAM SIX 100 years ago. Seriously, the thing that
    breaks my heart is that a man’s donkey has more rights than a woman in
    Muslim countries. She can be bought and sold like an animal, and in this case beaten and executed because of her faith in Jesus Christ.

  • HuntingMoose

    the logic is most interesting, logic only a deranged system of despots could come up with.

  • Shezanid D. Ott

    The headline is mangled,Nancy. According to the story you posted, the woman was sentenced to hang AFTER she gives birth. Do you drink?

  • foodstamppeteC4P

    talking about being prego levi and sunny are having a baby, barstool lol

  • foodstamppeteC4P

    does it burn your bum barstool…that sunny and levi are having a another baby?
    and they are married? that makes them 2 for 2 married…
    and you are one for nothing…loser

    • BreitbartBaggerHeaven

      I suspect a quickie wedding for barstool very soon. Then a baby announcement with the kid arriving in about 4 to 5 months. Does anyone really believe her boyfriend Joey Junker hasn’t done the nasty with her after 2 years of dating? Not likely.

      • foodstamppeteC4P

        wonder if the “Candie’s are still paying palin the loser?

    • Richard Smit

      well, atleast bristol did not killed her baby. like you liberal welfare recipients love to do!

  • John Lev

    You’re being disingenuous w/ your post here. Yes, she’s a christian but that’s irrelevant. She’d be facing the same penalty if she was worshiping Odin or the FSM to which I seriously doubt you would care about. She just happened to choose christianity as her faith in this case. Yes, she shouldn’t be facing the death penalty. No one should because they chose to worship or not but don’t pretend this is strictly a case of christian “persecution”.

  • guest

    The only difference between these Sudanese Muslims and Christians throughout the ages, when it comes to dealing with people who refuse to practice the state religion, is at least the Sudanese are not actually going to kill her in the end.

    This is why we have to be so careful not to allow any religion to control our government.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    Very off topic, but I know Bristol and some of her followers are interested in Down Syndrome advocacy, so thought they might enjoy this video:
    (Plus, for some reason, I can’t post, or even read, comments on Bristol’s newer posts…