“Clock Boy” Ahmed Accuses USA of Racism To International Media

“Clock Boy” Ahmed Accuses USA of Racism To International Media September 29, 2015

When Obama invited Ahmed, the student who brought a clock resembling a bomb to school, to the White House, I said it was going to further racial strife.  And boy was I right!

This week Ahmed had a press event with the Prime Minister of Turkey and blatantly told the international reporters that he was their to fight racism.  Breitbart has more:

“My dream is to raise consciousness against racism and discrimination,” he said at a New York press event with Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, according to an article in the Turkish newspaper, HurriyetDailyNews.com.

“Davutoğlu, who is New York for the 70th United Nations General Assembly, has met with 14-year-old student Ahmed Mohamed, who was detained at school by the police in Texas when a teacher thought a clock he had made was a bomb,” the newsite said.

“Speaking to reporters ahead of the meeting with Davutoğlu, Mohamed said he was excited to meet the Turkish prime minister [and] said he wanted to raise awareness against racism and discrimination,” said TodaysZaman, a Turkish newspaper that support’s Turkey’s Islamist government.

If Ahmed truly wants to speak out against racism and discrimination, he should perhaps hang out with different world leaders than Turkey’s Prime Minister.

Turkey used to be more like America and other freedom-loving western countries. But in recent years, its leaders like Prime Minister Davutoğlu, have decided to hedge their bets with allies like America and instead cozied up closer to Putin and the Russians and the Chinese.

So Ahmed – if you really want to end racism and discrimination, let’s stop lecturing Americans. Instead, let’s start the lecture with leaders around the world who use religious differences to divide people and ally with groups responsible for terrorizing millions of people of all religions, including Muslims they don’t agree with or who don’t bow to them.

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