Hillary Reveals Fear of Sarah Palin In Secret Email; Dislikes Gender Inclusive Language

Hillary Reveals Fear of Sarah Palin In Secret Email; Dislikes Gender Inclusive Language October 1, 2015

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Hillary’s greatest hits just keep coming… and this time, they reveal that she is terrified of my mom!

In the latest batch of e-mails of Hillary emails, there’s one from Saturday, January 8th, 2011 from Madam Secretary to some of her top aides.
Mediate reporter, Alex Griswold tweeted a copy of the email:

There’s so much to love about this, it’s difficult to know where to start.

First of all, Hillary Clinton, the great tolerant one with rainbow Twitter avatars granting open-mindedness to any family formation under the sun, seems a bit more traditional in private than she does in public.

One might call it hypocritical if it didn’t come across as so focused on self-preservation instead of any actual policy stance.

But this is just more of the same of what we’ve come to expect from Hillary Clinton. Does she actually believe anything or is she just seeking power and trying to avoid embarrassment?

Which brings us to that whopper of a finish. It’s not just the irony that Hillary is standing up for mothers and fathers as the normal baseline of what families should be in America.

It’s the urgency with which she wants to address this so they won’t face a “huge Fox-generated media storm led by Palin et al.”

The liberals like Hillary Clinton would have you believe all sorts of lies about my mother. But, behind closed doors, we find out all sorts of truths, including the fact that Hillary fears my mom’s power.

Maybe that’s because she knows deep down that millions of Americans know that what my mom talks about in public is right and what Hillary pretends to stand for is wrong.

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