Clock Boy Sues City and School for $15 Million

Clock Boy Sues City and School for $15 Million November 27, 2015

Here’s more about Mohamed and his damn clock… and you won’t believe it.

Did you hear he’s suing his former town – for 15 MILLION DOLLARS! That’s a joke right? Unfortunately it’s not. 

The family’s lawyers say Mohamed, who has since moved to Qatar for school (he was offered a full scholarship by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community), was emotionally damaged by the September incident, which saw threats against the boy come in from strangers as the story attracted global attention. The family is seeking $10,000,000 from the city of Irving and $5,000,0000 from the Irving Independent School District, as well as a public apology. 

“Irving Police officials immediately determined that the clock was harmless. The only reason for the overreaction was that the responsible adults involved irrationally assumed that Ahmed was dangerous because of his race, national origin and religion,” the lawyers wrote in a letter to the City of Irving, according to the BBC

Nope this isn’t a joke.

Except the way America is being run.

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