Parenting Done Right

Parenting Done Right August 3, 2016


Like everyone else, I’ve made plenty of mistakes in life – mine probably a little more public than most. One thing I am confident about, however, is my parenting ability.

Recently, headlines have questioned my and my husband’s parenting acumen, stemming from pictures posted of our kids in the proximity of guns.

Do people forget what the Second Amendment is?  We have a Constitutional right to bear arms! We also have a responsibility to protect our families.

Why are gun owners continually shamed – and proponents of the second amendment made to feel guilty – just because of controversy swirling around wackos who used guns in their evil attacks? Do we shame car owners after tragic car accidents? Or demand all knife owners be punished with diminished rights after a knife is blamed for injury? Do we blame spoons for destroying lives by making us fat?

I’m not ashamed to be a gun owner, and definitely not ashamed to teach my kids about gun safety at a young age.

Firearms are a big part of my family’s life. We’re armed for protection. My husband was a Marine sniper. We hunt; we live off the land in Alaska -keeping our freezers full with meat we’ve hunted and harvested. I grew up hunting and fishing – just like my husband did – and just like we’ll raise our kids to do.

I usually ignore tabloids stories, they really don’t bother me. But I won’t let the latest headlines go unanswered: I can tell you, I’m proud to be a gun owner; I love our Constitution; I’m proud to teach my kids gun safety;  and I know I’m parenting right when it comes to family, work ethic, values, and what’s really important in life. And I promise you, my kids are safer, and more protected and nurtured, in our own home than they could ever be anywhere else.

Click CONTINUE for 4 photos of Palin family photos (yes with GUNS!!!) with a helpful tip on each page about raising kids around them.

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