10 Times the ‘Tolerant’ Left Wasn’t So Tolerant

10 Times the ‘Tolerant’ Left Wasn’t So Tolerant October 30, 2016

4. When the Left rejoiced in the death of a constitutional lawyer and renowned conservative activist

Phyllis Schlafly died at 92 on September 5, 2016, after a long career of fighting for traditional values, marriage, and for the unborn. That’s the perfect recipe to become a target of the Left, which she certainly was during her lifetime. But how they treated her in death was downright disgraceful:




5. When a mob of progressives pelted a female Trump supporter with food and bodily fluid

6. Miley Cyrus said she is the “least judgmental person ever” before calling Christians “insane motherf***ers”

Miley Cyrus is a spoiled brat but she thinks she is the “least judgmental person ever.” That’s what she told Paper magazine, whose cover she appeared on naked and hugging a pig. Not only does she think very little of Christians who believe the stories in the Bible (“that’s f***ing insane”), she also doesn’t think very highly of her parent’s politics: “conservative-ass motherf***ers.” You can smell the tolerance from here.

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