Trump gave Saeed Abedini’s family $10K while he was imprisoned and now has a message about voting

Trump gave Saeed Abedini’s family $10K while he was imprisoned and now has a message about voting October 28, 2016

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People who have followed this blog for a long time know that I’ve been very concerned over the plight of Saeed Abedini, who is an American citizen who was wrongfully imprisoned in an Iranian prison.

I was thrilled when he was released in January, along with the rest of America.  I was also very gratified to hear that Donald Trump had given his family $10,000 while he was gone.

“I am finally free in a free country. Last year on the same day I was sick and in chains for Christ, and now I can vote to choose my next president. And most amazingly, I can vote for someone that I know fought for me and called my name so many times. He met my family and gave them a $10,000 gift. I think his ideas are more biblical than the other candidates,” Abedini said.

Also, he had the privilege of early voting for Trump, saying that God has always used men who aren’t perfect to lead nations in the Bible.   He wrote:

“In the past few months, we have seen how media is attacking to Donald Trump’s past. I have even heard so many people said he is not a Christian. Of course, only God knows this for sure, but what I see is God is using him and anointed him. It seems to me that he is the Cyrus of our modern day, but like you and me, he is a flawed man, in the process of spiritual growth,” Abedini wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

The pastor noted that those who want to condemn Trump for his past are forgetting that America is also a nation “saved by grace.”

“When we hear that this candidate or that candidate is not a strong Christian or has a past that disqualifies him to be the President of the United States, my answer is that we are a nation, a people who are also sinners, saved by grace,” he wrote.

“Instead of worrying about others’ spiritual growth, we should humbly come before God in repentance and humility. Then we should trust His providence to raise up leaders who honor Him. Judging is NOT our business; this is God’s business and, throughout history, even through leaders like Cyrus, God has demonstrated that He always does His business well,” he added.

What a wonderful development — I’m so glad that he’s back in this nation and enjoying liberty again.

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