Salon mourns 2016 as terrible for women but GREAT for abortion

Salon mourns 2016 as terrible for women but GREAT for abortion December 23, 2016

The leftist outlet Salon has published a sick and twisted year-end review of 2016 which on the one hand mourns the “terrible year for women” and on the other, praises “TV’s 10 best abortion moments.” Is this the Twilight Zone?

“At least it’s been a good year to talk about abortion,” writer Mary Elizabeth Williams begins. “It’s been such a terrible year for women in so many ways, it’s difficult to see the places progress has been made. But no matter how difficult our (mostly male) conservative overlords try to make it, the fact remains that abortion is a constitutional right and a routine procedure that well over half a million real American women undergo a year. And more fictional ones than ever.”

Salon literally ranked the best abortion moments on television for the year which, apparently, has been a banner year for fictional depictions, or otherwise, of the “routine procedure” the rest of us call infanticide.

And right off the bat, it’s stomach churning. Williams applauds the “normalization” of abortion on the Hulu comedy Difficult People for its characters escorting “a young woman past protestors to an abortion clinic, and wound up getting free brownies and some really good swag.” One of the characters, Julie, states, “I hope that they give these gift bags to their patients, too. I feel like if you leave a little something behind, you should take something home.”

That could be the most infuriating thing I’ve ever heard. Leaving a human “behind” in pieces so you can take home a T-shirt. Pure evil.

Keeping with that theme, Williams thought it was fantastic that one of the characters in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on the CW opted for an abortion and then ate a pizza afterward. For extra credit, this character was already a mother of two, so she didn’t REALLY need a third, now did she?

The show You’re the Worst (does anybody actually watch these?) is number six on her list and one of its plot lines was about showing that sometimes, “women get abortions because they don’t want to be mothers.” Main character Lindsay finally did something “mature” and “responsible” by going “out for lunch with a friend and then grabbed herself an ‘a-bo-bo.’”

No words.

It could only get worse if some animated show celebrated abortion with a rap song called “Get Dat Fetus, Kill Dat Fetus.” Of course, it did, on Bojack Horseman (again, is anybody watching these shows??). Williams thought the tune “made for insightful cultural commentary, and a banger for your workout mix.”

But it wasn’t just a “great year” for fictional abortions. Williams included news stories in her top four, including praise for The View’s Whoopi Goldberg for her “history” lesson in which she rebutted Candace Cameron Bure’s argument that “the child has no voice.” Goldberg said:

“It used to be all about the hanger. And in the old days, the reason abortion became legal, just in case folks don’t remember, is because people got tired of tripping over women who gave themselves abortions in bathrooms, or went to people who gave them Clorox to drink. People said, ‘We need to do this a different way because we need to take this out of the hands of women doing this to themselves and make it safe and clean.’ That’s how all of this began.”

Yes, that’s right. Goldberg ignored the child’s voice to argue that the women choosing abortion are the real victims. And Williams stands to applaud.

Of course, what end-of-year list would be complete without knocking President-elect Donald Trump. In Williams view, since he’s never given birth he doesn’t get a say, anyway. (That’s real inclusive of her!) She praised Hillary Clinton’s support for abortion and slammed Trump’s condemnation in the final presidential debate for the horrors of late-term abortions which she insists “is not a thing.”

Perhaps Williams should turn off the TV and start reading up on the very real practice of late-term abortions. She has a lot to learn.

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