Lena Dunham: I Warned Hillary Clinton about Weinstein and She Kept Taking His Money

Lena Dunham: I Warned Hillary Clinton about Weinstein and She Kept Taking His Money December 7, 2017

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Here is the first thing I’ve ever agreed with Lena Dunham on! The New York Times has a damning investigation over what Hillary knew – and when. Turns out Lena Dunham (whom I’ve criticized a lot on this blog) says that she told her BFF Hillary about Weinstein being a rapist… and Hillary did nothing about it.

The Daily Mail has the details:

The former President and First Lady were effectively complicit in stopping the movie producer’s history of sexual abuse from coming out, a damning New York Times investigation claims.

Dunham, a writer and actress, and Brown, a magazine editor, both warned Hillary’s advisers about Weinstein as far back as 2008, but she and Bill remained friends with him.

Dunham – one of Hillary’s biggest celebrity endorsers – emailed her campaign’s deputy communications director last year stating: ‘I just want you to let you know that Harvey’s a rapist and this is going to come out at some point,’ and warned ‘it’s a really bad idea for him to host fund-raisers and be involved.’

Dunham had emailed Hillary this message: ‘I just want to let you know Harvey’s a rapist and it’s going to come out at some point.’ Yet, even though this was sent — and Hillary was warned by others for a total of at least three times — she kept taking his money, working on deals with him, and ultimately providing a shield for him. Weinstein donated $1.4 million to Hillary’s campaign and had given Bill $10,000 when he had legal troubles back in 1998.

So I guess all that talk about Hillary being “for women” was just a campaign tactic. When it came down to it, Hillary was just fine with Weinstein… Plus, she was very recently working on a deal with him — he was helping her get a documentary deal for the story of her campaign… just days before he was revealed to be a sex predator.

The New York Times article says that Weinstein was able to carry on abusing women for decades because he built a ‘wall of invulnerability’ that was covered by a ‘sheen of celebrity’ like the Clintons.

Financed with millions of dollars, he operated a machinery of PR people, journalists, private investigators, and powerful lawyers to keep people quiet.

That also included many famous friends and ‘chief among them were Bill and Hillary Clinton’, the New York Times said.

Gosh, that is really horrific.

I guess there’s a first time for everything. I agree with Lena on this one. It probably wasn’t a good look to have this guy lurking around a campaign designed “for women.”  But, I guess Hillary would hang around sex predators for a price.

I guess we already knew that, though.

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