Dark Fantasy Short Story Anthology Now Available

Dark Fantasy Short Story Anthology Now Available December 6, 2015

grandma bo's cottage

Grandma Bo?”

Yes, Thut”

Tell me a story about death.”

It was, perhaps, an odd request, coming from a six year old boy. One must recall, however, that I was a Metenem child growing up in Ptemya. Already, I had heard rumors that one day I would be taken up to the cave to learn the lesson of Death. Since the older children were forbidden to speak of this ordeal to the younger echelons we had all heard a great deal about it.

Tales From Grandma Bo’s Cottage. A collection of 14 fantasy stories:

The Golden Bones of Grandma Bo

The Exhibition

The Idol’s Gilded Eye

Rite of the Thaw

A Moral Tale

Song of the Victorious Dead

River Brides

Ocean of Sand

To Devour the Stars

North Laborian Medicine

Weeping Mountain

Wake Up, You Earth

How It Was

The Wisdom of the Moon

Now available at Amazon.com.

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