No Time For Toxic Music

No Time For Toxic Music November 3, 2021

Adele is Back

Please don’t be so cold
Be patient while I grow
I wanna try, I won’t always get it right but I need you to know
To go easy on me
Go easy, go easy on me
Go easy


Burned out like a star
‘Cause baby, we were made to fall apart
The best songs never last for very long
Don’t forget the start
‘Cause even if we’re made to fall apart
That’s life, no one makes it out alive
Oh, no, not even Jesus Christ
So even if it makes you cry, ooh
(Jesus didn’t make it out alive. That’s theologically true. But he did come back alive)


And these popular CCM artists continue to sing meaningful and heartfelt songs. They combine good music with a interwoven fabric of faith fueled lyrics.

Mac Miller – Colors and Shape

If it was colors and shapes, the imaginary
‘Stead of all of this weight that we have to carry
Would you be able to breathe?

Where is Weird Al?

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