Welcome 12 Years of Marriage in 2022

Welcome 12 Years of Marriage in 2022 January 2, 2022

Happy Solemnity of Mary Mother of God and also Happy New Years Day

What 2021 was and  what 2022 will be for you and our shared world?



Unkind treatment of immigrants, still, again

Families angry with one another over politics

Hand sanitizer is everywhere!

Booster Shots

Mutated strands of Covid

How will your life change this year? 2022


Getting a free, via phone or computer, Catholic Spiritual Director kriswilson74@gmail.com

Finding more time for prayer, fasting and works of mercy

Keeping your body, a temple of the Holy Spirit, healthy

Spiritual reading

Daily Mass


Yes, there will still be covid, politics, mistreated people in 2022 so let’s all do our part to make our shared world a better world this year!

I have the joy of starting off every new year with my wedding anniversary the next day.

Today on January 2, 2021, we celebrate 12 years of blissful sacramental marriage.

Holy matrimony
To death due us part we’d be each other’s only

Be quick to say sorry and quick to forgive
Be thankful for one another as long as you live

Disagreements happen handle them with care
When your spouse is in need do your best to be there

Love in marriage is about giving, accepting, receiving and giving again
Pray together and stay together keep each other safe dear woman and men

My God, my husband and me

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