Possible Reasons Why the Consecration to Russia Didn’t Work.

Possible Reasons Why the Consecration to Russia Didn’t Work. March 27, 2022

On March 25th, 2022

The Solemnity of the Annunciation,

The Anniversary of the Death of Archbishop Lefebvre,

The Day the One Ring was thrown into Mount Doom along with Gollum,

Pope Francis consecrated Russia and Ukraine to Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

Did the consecration to Russia work?

Some say it didn’t.

If not why not?

Here are some possible reasons.

If the consecration works, Trad Francis Hating Catholics will be out of a job. And we need them to remind us all of the True Catholic Faith. So it must not have worked.


The consecration will only work when St. Pope Pius X is pulled from the past in a time machine stored in the Vatican Secret Archives and brought to the future to do the consecration himself. The time machine is an extension of the Chronovisor. 

The 7th secret of Fatima said the pope had to hold his hands a certain way, sing a portion of the prayer in the Russian language, as well as Greek and Latin, and say a special prayer rejecting modernism, communism, and the democratic party. So, it didn’t work.

The Pope mistranslated the proper prayer and consecrated the rock group Rush to Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

The Pope also mistakenly consecrated Rush to Madonna the singer, not Madonna the mother of God.

Thanos snapped the Pope out of existence before he could consecrate Russia.

Thanos Snap GIF - Thanos Snap Inevitable - Discover & Share GIFs

Pope Francis really didn’t do the consecration. It was a fake Pope Francis. An imposter. A Pope Francis wanna be. So it didn’t work.

Fake Sr. Lucy gave false info about the consecration so that it wouldn’t work.

It won’t work till Jeff Bezos will takes the pope up in his rocket ship so he can look down on all of Russia as he consecrates it.

Pope Michael who is the real true pope needed to do it.

Mary revealed to some visionary that she doesn’t like Pope Francis and that he is the worst pope in the history of her son’s church. So when he asks her for any prayer she is always like, “No Way!” It is also been revealed that The Last Jedi is in the top 10 films of all time ever made and is a masterpiece of the beauty of people using their gifts that God gave them.

Atheists prayed harder than the Catholics for it not to happen, so it didn’t.

The real pope, Pope John 1, is in suspended animation, guarded by the super advanced Swiss Guards, somewhere in the Vatican’s secret archive.

The Real consecration really did happen when Pope John Paul 2 did it back in the 80’s. But because of the lack of faith of Pope Francis doing it again, it is canceled out. This was revealed in the 9th secret of Fatima.

A few bishops failed to do the consecration because it was their day off and they really wanted to see the latest movie with Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt, The Lost City. This is because it was the only day they could see it and they didn’t want to sit through 3 hours of The Batman. This only proves that Daniel ‘Harry Potter’ Radcliffe is using his witch powers to lure bishops away from consecrating Russia. Proving once again that Harry Potter is evil.

Brad Pitt Hair Flip GIF by The Lost City - Find & Share on GIPHY

Pope Francis actually did the consecration correctly the way it was supposed to be done. BUT he had actually stepped into a portal to another dimension while doing so. Thus a different Russia was consecrated and not ours.

It is hard to consecrate when the Papal Youth Band is playing Russian themed music in the background. You can’t help but sing along to Billy Joel’s ‘Leningrad’ and the Beatles ‘Back in the U.S.S.R.’.

As long as women wear pants, it will never work.

It didn’t work because Donald Trump was not invited to publicly pray along. He knows consecrations, he gives the best consecrations.

A man who has a devotion to idols is never heard by God. However Pope Francis doesn’t pray to Pachamama as is commonly believed. Instead, he plays Billy Idol full blast in his papal headquarters. ‘Dancing With Myself’ and ‘Mony Mony’ is often heard on a daily basis.

Dancing by myself GIFs - Obtenez le meilleur gif sur GIFER

The consecration never actually happen. It was a drama staged for the TV audiences of the world.

God is outside of time, so prayer can be retroactive. Somehow the Pope messed up the words and caused the extinction of the Dinosaurs.

It didn’t happen because Catholic Faith is a Flakey and Fake.  Scientology is where truth lies. Watch any Tom Cruise movie to reassure yourself.

We will know the consecration will work when

St. Nick appears and punches Putin.

The Virgin appears over Ukraine and incinerates the Russians like in Raiders of the Lost Ark when opening the ark of the covenant incinerated all the Nazis.

Orthodox Patriarch Kirill asks pope Francis for forgiveness for being a Jerk For Jesus, converts and becomes Catholic. This is after punching Putin in the face on live Russian television while wearing a St. Nicholas Shirt. Putin  then converts also.

Taylor Marshall puts out a video where he apologizes for his nasty comments to the Pope and everyone else, he has offended. This is after St. Nick appears and punches him.

Putin, Zelensky Viganò,Marshall and the Pope all go out for beers and cigars in peace like brothers at a Ukrainian Restaurant .

Putin throws a mega party at the kremlin with BTS and AJR performing and Yakov Smirnoff telling Jokes.

People are able to drink lots of Russian Vodka without getting drunk.

Chernobyl is mystically miraculously cleaned up and ready for people to come live their again.

The Russian equivalent of Godzilla is put to sleep until further notice. God was going to allow him to awaken so he could destroy Russia as punishment for their war crimes, but because Pope Francis consecrated Russia when he did, he spared all. This was given in a mystical vision to Sr. Lucy back in the 1950’s and rebroadcast in a vision to some catholic teenager in North Dakota. It is a subject ripe for Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World.

People everywhere see a vision of Pachamama being punched in the face by St. Nick. He then throws her in the Tiber River.

The long lost sequel to the Brothers Karamazov is discovered in a secret Russian vault in Putin’s office.

All nations in the world join in and sing ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing’, while enjoying a Coke together.

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4 responses to “Possible Reasons Why the Consecration to Russia Didn’t Work.”

  1. Catholics can’t avoid the “remote cooperation with evil,” which Sola Scriptura as defined by historic Protestantism are reflections from both Jewish and Christian traditions, according to author “Avi Kerendian.”

  2. I’m not sure you can blame a misuse of Rush on this problem. If you watch the Signals of your Counterparts in both Hemispheres of the globe, you’ll find the same problem. To be done correctly it can’t be some Fly By Night operation. You can’t just go Presto like in the Moving Pictures. It requires both strength and delicacy, a Caress of Steel if you will. And even if it isn’t immediately successful, then it’s important to show Grace Under Progress. You may not see results until 2112.

  3. Your life must be very tough. Writing a text full of despair and hatred, even while millions of catholics around the world (including traditional catholics) pray and hope that God will accept the consecration… That’s a sad life. I’ll remember you in my prayers.

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