Some Ascending Thoughts

Some Ascending Thoughts May 26, 2022

It’s  Ascension Thursday and I really don’t know what to say. Actually it was Ascension Thursday and I combined some pre-thought thoughts mixed with some other thoughts and then decided to change the post and separate the thoughts mixed together and give them their separate posts of individual thoughts. Anyway here are a few Ascending Thoughts for this most important holy day of Ascension Thursday.

It is tempting on this feast of the Ascension to experience it the way the apostles did, to gaze into the heavens and to ponder the clouds and to pray over the miracle of this great moment.

But Christ’s words to his apostles are words to us all. ‘Go.’ The world will not be converted on a mountaintop. The message will not be spread in the clouds. It will happen in the streets and the synagogues, in public squares and private homes, in books and newspapers and media of all kinds. It needs to be lived in the world.
– Homily for Ascension Thursday, from 2008.
Deacon Greg Kandra “Why are you standing there looking at the sky?” (November 4, 2015) The Deacon’s Bench

Unworthy Hand@kisstheblade: That flesh made of clay was taken up to eternity, strode up to the Ancient of Days, and took the throne at His right hand. The mammal Jesus Christ, the biped Jesus Christ, the multi-cellular organism Jesus Christ is God of very God, is the Word by which all realities were made and who sustains all realities by the power of His speech. The crucified and reanimated primate Jesus Christ upholds reality.

Our Lord went into the air and went to Heaven, and we’ve been waiting for His return ever since. A door into another dimension did not open for Him on the ground. A spacecraft did not descend from the sky. He, Himself, went up into the air and into the clouds.  Did He continue beyond the orbit of the Moon? Did He suffer from Van Allen Belt radiation? What were the effects of gamma and galactic radiation on His cellular structure? Did the absence of gravity begin to warp the shape of His eyeballs, confuse His vestibular system, and eat away at His bone density?
Laramie Hirsch The Theatrics of Christ’s Ascension( May 19, 2018)

Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC@FrMatthewLC:
, can we please just pass a regulation to standardize this nationwide? I’d prefer all dioceses doing either to seeing this weird map every year. It’s odd that today is not Ascension here but if I drive 90 minutes north to PA it is Ascension.


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