The Catholic Bard 2020/21/22 Reading List

The Catholic Bard 2020/21/22 Reading List May 23, 2022
In compiling this list I looked through my CB archives and pulled out all the book titles I have specifically mentioned in my posts that have come out in the last few years. I have included some other books I discovered that had come out around the same time, but had missed that first time around when looking for new books to mention. I may have skipped some books I brought up before in some posts  due to human error. Some book titles were  buried in some posts so I couldn’t find them unless I did a thorough search, but I also have a life and can’t spend my time looking for book titles.  Plus some of those titles are older and I’m mostly (but not exclusively) focusing on more recent titles. Also due to some computer error I may have deleted some titles I had originally added. I blame the stinking computer.
I don’t plan on reading all the books on this list. That would be rather improbable due to lack of time to read it all, an attention span to actually read, and a mind to take it all in. Plus if I read how could I discover more books to not read? Knowing they exist is pleasure enough. I wouldn’t be able to put this book list together for you who are more prone to actually reading something on this list if I actually took time to read books on the list. Making book and/or movie lists is something of a hobby of mine. It’s also a result of being a little obsessive compulsive and intellectually glutinous when it comes to consuming information but having it hampered and hindered by ADHD and  indecisiveness when it comes to picking a book to actually read from beginning to end.  My lack of being able to start and finish a book has caused me to buy books I never read or borrow books from the library I return without reading. Can you relate?
I also added some titles that are forthcoming  books I think I might want to know about. I might actually read something at some point. I am rediscovering audio books as I have a 20 minute commute to work now and not 5. I’m content with reading snippets of things and synopsis and sharing quotes. I know if I stop browsing long enough I could write more blog posts about specific  books and not just hand out quotes in my posts.
My advise to myself and to others is to actually read this book.
There is more than one way not to read, the most radical of which is not to open a book at all. For any given reader, however dedicated he might be, such total abstention necessarily holds true for virtually everything that has been published, and thus in fact this constitutes our primary way of relating to books. We must not forget that even a prodigious reader never has access to more than an infinitesimal fraction of the books that exist.”― Pierre Bayard, How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read (2010)
From the Introduction by Francine Prose. Pierre Bayard puts his readers—this reader—in a uniquely paradoxical position. Having just read his witty How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read, I have now discovered that there was no reason for me to have read it in the first place. But without having read it, how would I have known that I could just as well have skimmed it, or perhaps heard about it somewhere, or possibly formed a sense of the book based entirely on what other readers have said about it, on the sort of received opinions about a work that float around in the culture? In addition, not having read the book shouldn’t—or so Pierre Bayard has assured me—prevent me from talking confidently and learnedly about it, or even from writing these brief, introductory words of appreciation. But how would I have known that without Bayard’s sage advice, which I could only have found in his wise and original volume?

And now here is the list broken down into 3 main categories.

1. Catholic Books
2. Fiction Books
3. Non-Fiction Books

This post is subject to additions, corrections and updates. It also needs some fine tuning but I can’t spend all my time perfecting a book list. So take it as it is and how it might be later on.

Catholic Books

2019/2020 Catholic Book List DECEMBER 02, 2020
The Rites of Write(ing)DECEMBER 03, 2020
Kristin wrote  2 Time Travel Sci-Fi Stories for Kids and some poetry.

Catholic Writers of Non-Fiction

Pope Francis encyclical Fratelli tutti, on fraternity and social friendship, Feast of St. Francis of Assisi.

Jimmy Akin

Words of Eternal Life (2020)
20 Answers: The End Times (20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers) (2020)
20 Answers: Anti-Catholic Myths (20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers) (2021)
20 Answers: The Book of Revelation : (Book 50) (20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers) (2022) 

Pray, Decide, and Don’t Worry : Five Steps to Discerning God’s Will (2019) by Bobby and Jackie Angel with Fr. Mike Schmitz

Mike Aquilina

Tearing Us Apart: How Abortion Harms Everything and Solves Nothing (2022) by Ryan T. Anderson and Alexandra DeSanctis

The Holy Mass (Sayings of the Fathers of the Church)  (2021)  with Thomas G. Weinandy
How the Fathers Read the Bible: Scripture, Liturgy, and the Early Church (2022)

Mysterion: The Revelatory Power of the Sacramental Worldview  (2022) by Father Harrison Ayre (Author), Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble (Introduction) 

No Such Thing as Ordinary: Unlocking Your Extraordinary Life through Everyday Encounters with Jesus (2022) by Rachel Balducci  

The True Meaning of Christmas: The Birth of Jesus and the Origins of the Season (2021) by Michael Patrick Barber

Bishop Robert Barron

Eucharist  (2021)
Whisper: Finding God in the Everyday (2021) by Danielle Bean

Reclaiming Vatican II: What It (Really) Said, What It Means, and How It Calls Us to Renew the Church (2021)  by Fr. Blake Britton  John C. Cavadini (Foreword)

These Twelve : The Gospel Through the Apostles’ Eyes (2022)  by Rod Bennett

The Catholic Guide to Miracles: Separating the Authentic from the Counterfeit (2021) by Adam Blai
Saint Dominic’s Way of Life: A Path to Knowing and Loving God (2021) by Patrick Mary Briscoe OP and  Jacob Bertrand Janczyk OP

The Seven Deadly Sins of Apologetics: Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Explaining and Defending the Faith (2014) by Mark Brumley

With All Her Mind: A Call to the Intellectual Life (2022) by Rachel Bulman 

The Lost Art of Sacrifice: A Spiritual Guide for Denying Yourself, Embracing the Cross, and Finding Joy (2021) by Vicki Burbach

One Church: How to Rekindle Trust, Negotiate Difference, and Reclaim Catholic Unity (2022) by Charles C. Camosy

Things Worth Dying For: Thoughts on a Life Worth Living (2021) by Charles J. Chaput

Fr.  Casey Cole OFM

The Way of Beatitude (2022)

Habits of Freedom: 5 Ignatian Tools for Clearing Your Mind and Resting Daily in the Lord  (2022) by Christopher S. Collins  

Just Rest Receiving God’s Renewing Presence in the Deserts of Your Life (2021) by Sonja Corbitt

150 People, Places, and Things You Never Knew Were Catholic  (2022)  by   Jay Coop

The Wisdom of the Word (2021) by Michael Dauphinais and Matthew Levering

How the Angels Got Their Wings  Anthony DeStefano
Bullies and Saints: An Honest Look at the Good and Evil of Christian History (2021)  by John Dickson
Millennial Nuns: Reflections on Living a Spiritual Life in a World of Social Media (2021) by The Daughters of Saint Paul (Author)

Engaging Catholicism (4 book series) (2021)

Male, Female, Other? : A Catholic Guide to Understanding Gender (2022) by Jason Evert

The Genesis of Gender (2022) by Abigail Favale

The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning (2013) by Simcha Fisher

How To Be Happy: Saint Thomas’ Secret to a Good Life (2021) by Matt Fradd
Marian Consecration With Aquinas: A Nine Day Path for Growing Closer to the Mother of God by Matt Fradd (Author), Gregory Pine (Author) 

Drinking with Your Patron Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to Honoring Namesakes and Protectors (2020) by Michael P. Foley 

Why We Kiss under the Mistletoe: Christmas Traditions Explained  (2022) by Michael P. Foley

Your Blue Flame: Drop the Guilt and Do What Makes You Come Alive (2020) by Jennifer Fulwiler

By Strange Ways: Theologians and Their Paths to the Catholic Church  (2022) by   Jonathan Fuqua,  Daniel Strudwick,, , Jonathan Fuqua,

The Orthodoxy of Amoris Laetitia (2022) by Pedro Gabriel
#Rules_of_Engagement: 8 Christian Habits for Being Good and Doing Good Online  (2021) by Ann M. Garrido
Why Be Catholic (2021) by Ken Geraci

How Christ Saves Souls―with Us: The Mystery of Co-Redemption (2022) by Fr. Michael E. Giesler

Cross-Examined: Catholic Responses to the World’s Questions (2021) by Fr. Carter Griffin

Father Ed: The Story of Bill W.’s Spiritual Sponsor (2022)  by Dawn Eden Goldstein

Jesus, the Master Psychologist: Listen to Him (2021) by Dr. Ray Guarendi

Hope to Die: The Christian Meaning of Death and the Resurrection of the Body (2020) by Scott Hahn, with Emily Stimpson Chapman

Holy Is His Name: The Transforming Power of God’s Holiness in Scripture (2022) by Scott Hahn 

Our Not-Quite-Holy Family: A Practical Guide for Catholic Parents (2021) by Mark Hart and Melanie Hart
Restore: A Guided Lent Journal for Prayer and Meditation (2022) by Miriam James Heidland SOLT (Author), Valerie Delgado (Illustrator)
The Early Church Was the Catholic Church : The Catholic Witness of the Fathers in Christianity’s First Two Centuries (2021) by Joe Heschmeyer
A White Catholic’s Guide to Racism and Privilege (2021) by Daniel P. Horan

Devil’s Advocate- Facing My Inner Anti-Catholic (2022) by Trent Horn

Love Never Fails: Living the Catholic Faith in Our Daily Lives (2021) By  Bishop Donald Hying 

On Earth As It Is in Heaven:: Restoring God’s Vision of Race and Discipleship (2022)  by Fr. Josh Johnson

Twisted Unto Destruction: How ‘Bible Alone’ Theology Made the World a Worse Place(2022) by Donald J Johnson,

Maria Morera JohnsonMaria Morera Johnson

My Badass Book of Saints: Courageous Women Who Showed Me How to Live (2015)
Super Girls and Halos: My Companions on the Quest for Truth, Justice, and Heroic Virtue (2017)
Our Lady of Charity: How a Cuban Devotion to Mary Helped Me Grow in Faith and Love (2019)

Deacon Greg Kandra 

The Busy Person’s Guide to Prayer (2019) by   CB Book Reflection:
The Busy Person’s Guide to an Extraordinary Life (2020)
A Deacon Prays: Prayers and Devotions for Liturgy and Life  (2021)
Befriending St. Joseph (2022)

Karl Keating

Sun, Storm, and Solitude: Discovering Hidden Italy on the Cammino di San Benedetto (2020)
1054 and All That: A Lighthearted History of the Catholic Church (2022)

 Meg Hunter-Kilmer

Pray for Us: 75 Saints Who Sinned, Suffered, and Struggled on Their Way to Holiness (2021)
Saints Around the World (2021) with Lindsey Sanders

How I Became a Man: A Life with Communists, Atheists, and Other Nice People (2022) by Alexander N. Krylov

Peter Kreeft

Between Heaven and Hell (1982/2021)
How to Destroy Western Civilization and Other Ideas from the Cultural Abyss (2021)
The Greatest Philosopher Who Ever Lived (2021)
Food for the Soul: Reflections on the Mass Readings (Cycle C)” (2021) (
The Man Who Left His Mark: How Mark’s Gospel Answers Modern Questions (2022)
Ha!: A Christian Philosophy of Humor   (2022)

Be Bold in the Broken: How I Found My Courage and Purpose in God’s Unconditional (2021) by Mary E. Lenaburg ,  Foreword by Leah Darrow
The Silent Knight: A History of St. Joseph as Depicted in Art  (2021) by Elizabeth Lev
Building the Benedict Option: A Guide to Gathering Two or Three Together in His Name (2018) by Leah Libresco

Fr. Dwight Longenecker

An Essay Not An Argument (2019)
Letters on Liturgy (2020)
Immortal Combat: Confronting the Heart of Darkness (2020)
Mystery of the Magi: The Quest to Identify the Three Wise Men (2020)
The Quest for the Creed: What the Apostles Believed and Why It Matters (2021)
Beheading Hydra (2021)
The Secret of the Bethlehem Shepherds (2022)

Falling Home: Creating a Life That Catches You When You Fall (2021) by Hallie Lord
The Joy of Believing: A Practical Guide to the Catholic Faith (2022) by Archbishop William. Lori,

Patrick Madrid

Envoy for Christ: 25 Years as a Catholic Apologist (2012)
Why Be Catholic?: Ten Answers to a Very Important Question (2013)
On a Mission: Lessons from St. Francis de Sales (2013)

Jesuit at Large (  (2021) by Paul Mankowski, S.J.

Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone(2021) by James Martin

Blue Collar Apologetics: How To Explain and Defend Catholic Teaching Using Common Sense, Simple Logic, and the Bible (2021) by John Martignoni
Fat Luther, Slim Pickin’s: A Black Catholic Celebration of Faith, Tradition, and Diversity (2022) by Marcia Lane-McGee  and  Shannon Wimp Schmidt   
 Eternal Heart: The Mystical Path to a Joyful Life (2021) by Carl McColman

Real Philosophy for Real People: Tools for Truthful Living (2020) by Robert McTeigue (Author), Robert Spitzer (Author) 

Living Beyond Sunday: Making Your Home a Holy Place (2022) by Adam Minihan (Author), Haylee Minihan (Author), David Niles (Author), Pamela Niles (Author)

Awake, Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology (2021) by Noelle Mering

Sick Pilgrims: An anthology of Catholic Spiritual Autobiography by Jessica Mesman (Author), Rebecca Bratten Weiss (Editor)

Calming the Storm: Navigating the Crises Facing the Catholic Church and Society by (2022) Fr. Gerald E. Murray and Diane Montagna  

Twelve Great Books: Going Deeper into Classic Literature (2022) by Joseph Pearce 

Accompanying those with Same-sex Attractions: A Guide for Catholics  by (2019) David Prosen

Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?: Questions and Answers about the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus (2016) by Carl E. Olson 
Undoing the Knots: Five Generations of American Catholic Anti-Blackness  (2021) by Maureen O’Connell,
Science and the Miraculous:  How the Church Investigates the Supernatural  (2022) by Michael O’Neill
Tolkien’s Modern Reading: Middle-earth Beyond the Middle Ages (2021) by Holly Ordway

Running for a Higher Purpose: 8 Steps to Spiritual and Physical Fitness (2021) by Thomas John Paprocki

Reading the Church Fathers: A History of the Early Church and the Development of Doctrine (2022) by James Papandrea 

Faith of Our Fathers: A History of True England  (2022) by Joseph Pearce

Mary Pezzulo  

Meditations on the Way of the Cross (2020)
Stumbling into Grace: How We Meet God in Tiny Works of Mercy (2021)
The Sorrows and Joys of Mary (2022)

Prudence: Choose Confidently, Live Boldly (2022) by  Fr. Gregory Pine O.P.

Introduction to the Spiritual Life: Walking the Path of Prayer with Jesus (2021) by Brant Pitre

Reflections on the Sunday Gospel: How to More Fully Live Out Your Relationship with God (2022) by Pope Francis, Pope Matthew B.Sherry,

Reclaiming Catholic History | Ave Maria Press Edited by: Mike Aquilina

Winner of a 2020 Catholic Press Association book award (first place, best new religious book series).

The history of the Catholic Church is often clouded by myth, misinformation, and missing pieces. Today there is a renewed interest in recovering the true history of the Church, correcting the record in the wake of centuries of half-truths and noble lies. Books in the Reclaiming Catholic History series, edited by Mike Aquilina and written by leading authors and historians, bring Church history to life, debunking the myths one era at a time.

The Early Church (33–313)  by James L. Papandrea
St. Peter, the Apostles, and Martyrs (2019)

The Church and the Roman Empire (301–490) Mike Aquilina
Constantine, Councils, and the Fall of Rome (2019)

The Church and the Dark Ages (430–1027) Phillip Campbell
St. Benedict, Charlemagne, and the Rise of Christendom (2021)

The Church and the Middle Ages (1000–1378) Steve Weidenkopf
Cathedrals, Crusades, and the Papacy in Exile (2020)

The Church and the Age of Reformations (1350–1650)  Joseph T. Stuart Barbara A. Stuart
Martin Luther, the Renaissance, and the Council of Trent (2022)

The Church and the Modern Era (1846–2005) David M. Wagner
Pius IX, World Wars, and the Second Vatican Council (2020)

The Church and the Age of Enlightenment (available November 2022)

The Catholic Faith: An Introduction to the Creeds  (2020) by Steve Ray

Loving Christ Through St Josemaría Escrivá (2021) by Holly Melita Rodriguez

Fighting for Life: Becoming a Force for Change in a Wounded World (2021) by Lila Rose
Diary of an American Exorcist: Demons, Possession, and the Modern-Day Battle Against Ancient Evil (2021) by Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Sharing Faith Online- A Guide to Digital Evangelization  (2022) by Fr. Sean Salai, S.J.

God Loves the Autistic Mind: Prayer Guide for Those on the Spectrum and Those Who Love Us: (2022) by Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC:

Fr. Mike Schmitz

A World Undone: Finding God When Life Doesn’t Make Sense  (2020)
Pocket Guide to the Sacrament of Reconciliation (The Pocket Guide Series) (2021) with Fr. Josh Johnson
The Bible in a Year Companion, Volume I (2022) with  Jeff Cavins, Bobby Semendy, Lavinia Spirito
The Bible in a Year Companion, Volume II (2022) with Jeff Cavins, Kara Logan

The Divine Project: Reflections on Creation and the Church (2022) by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

The Apostles by Pope XVI, Benedict

Catechism of the Spiritual Life (2022) by Robert Sarah 

Little Sins Mean a Lot: Kicking Our Bad Habits Before They Kick Us (2016) by Elizabeth Scalia

A Catholic Pilgrimage through American History (2022)by Kevin Schmiesing
The Church’s Best Kept Secret (2020) by Mark Shea

Our Life of Service: The Handbook for Catholic Deacons (2021) by Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

Fr. Robert J. Spitzer

Edward Sri

God with Us: Encountering Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew (2020)
The Art of Living: The Cardinal Virtues and the Freedom to Love (2021)
Pocket Guide to the Stations of the Cross (The Pocket Guide Series) (2022)
The Good, the Messy, and the Beautiful: The Joys and Struggles of Real Married Life (2022)

Chris Stefanick

Living Joy: 9 Rules to Help You Rediscover and Live Joy Every Day (2020)
The Search (2021)

Jane Austen’s Genius Guide to Life (2022) by Haley Stewart

Holy is His Name: A Journey Through Mary’s Magnificat (2022) by John Michael Talbot

St. Dymphna’s Playbook: A Catholic Guide to Finding Mental and Emotional Well (2021) by Tommy Tighe

Catholic Hipster Book 1 & 2 Tommy Tighe

Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Catholic Faith: Are We Alone in the Universe with God and the Angels? by Paul Thigpen Ph.D. 

In the Stars the Glory of His Eyes: Tales of an Irish Tour Guide in Rome (2022) by K. Troy

Tenderness: A Gay Christian’s Guide to Unlearning Rejection and Experiencing God’s Extravagant Love (2021) by Eve Tushnet

 Brandon Vogt


What to Say and How to Say It: Discuss Your Catholic Faith with Clarity and Confidence (2020)
What to Say and How to Say It, Volume II: More Ways to Discuss Your Faith with Clarity and Confidence (2021)
Return: How to Draw Your Child Back to the Church (2021)
Wisdom and Wonder: How Peter Kreeft Shaped the Next Generation of Catholics (2021) by Brandon Vogt(Author, Editor)

Kevin Vost

Memorize the Stoics!: The Ancient Art of Memory Meets the Timeless Art of Living  (2022)
Humble Strength: The Eye-Opening Benefits of Humility (2022)
What Is God? : Answering the World’s Most Important Question (with help from Thomas Aquinas) (2022)
You Are That Temple!: A Catholic Guide to Health and Holiness (2022)

Aquinas on the Four Last Things: Everything You Need To Know About Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell (2021)

Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus, Revised and Expanded (2022) by Sherry A Weddell

To Sanctify the World: The Vital Legacy of Vatican II (2022) by George Weigel

A Catholic Field Guide to Fairy Tale Princesses: Modern Virtues in Tales As Old As Time(2021) by Theresa Zoe Williams

Word on Fire

Word on Fire Bible: The Gospels Leather Bound Leather Bound ( 2020) Published by the Word on Fire Institute
The Word on Fire Vatican II Collection (2021) Published by the Word on Fire Institute
“Jordan Peterson, God, and Christianity: The Search for a Meaningful Life” (2021)

– “Redeeming the Time” By Bishop Robert Barron – Word on Fire

The New Apologetics: Defending the Faith in a Post-Christian Era” (

Tales of Faith: A Guide to Sharing the Gospel through Literature – Word on Fire

Hope for Judas: God’s Boundless Mercy for Us All (2021 English Translation) by Christoph Wrembek SJ

Great Adventure Kids Catholic Bible Chronicles (ages 8-12)(2021) by Amy Welborn (Author), Michael Lavoy (Illustrator)

Saints and Catholic Lives

Charles de Foucauld, Second Edition (2022)  by  Jean-Jacques Antier

A Millennial in Paradise: Carlo Acutis (2021) by Will Conquer

Two Patients: My Conversion from Abortion to Life-Affirming Medicine (2022) by Dr. John Bruchalski M.D. and Elise Daniel

From the Susquehanna to the Tiber: A Memoir of Conversion from Mormonism to the Roman Catholic Church (2022) by Jeremy Christiansen

Survivor: An Abortion Survivor’s Surprising Story of Choosing Forgiveness and Finding Redemption (2021) by Claire Culwell

The Saint Makers: Inside the Catholic Church and How a War Hero Inspired a Journey of Faith (2020)  by Joe Drape

Blessed Carlo Acutis(2021 )by Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo


With All the Saints: My Journey to the Roman Catholic Church (2022) by Mark Galli

Sr. Clare Crockett: Alone with Christ Alone (2020) by Kristen Gardner and Rafael Alonso Reymundo

Serious Little Catholics: A Memoir (2021) by Kathy Gereau

Black Catholics on the Road to Sainthood (2020) by Michael R. Heinlein

Madre: The Nun Who Was Mother to the Orphans of Honduras (2022) by Kathy Martin  O’Neil

There’s a Hole in my Bucket: A Journey of Two Brothers  (2021) by  Royd Tolkien

Priest and Beggar: The Heroic Life of Venerable Aloysius Schwartz by (2021) by Kevin Wells


Catholic Writers of Speculative Fiction

The TBG of Catholic Speculative Fiction Writers  OCTOBER 18, 2020

BENEATH THE BISHOP’S BONES: A Vatican Archives Thriller (The Vatican Archives Series)  E.R.Barr

The Telling of the Beads Book I: Saplings of Sherwood (2022) by Avellina Balestri

Fiorella De Maria

This Thing of Darkness with K V Turley
Death of a Scholar: A Father Gabriel Mystery  (Jul 18, 2022)

Colleen Drippé

Gelen: A Star Brothers Adventure (The Fenn Trilogy Book 1) (2019)
The Dawnstrikers: A Star Brothers Adventure (The Fenn Trilogy Book 2) (2021)

Karina Fabian

Discovery (2016)
Frightliner and Other Tales of the Supernatural (2020) with Colleen Drippé
The Old Man and the Void (The Old Man & The Void) Book 1 of 2: The Old Man & The Void ( 2020)
Worlds of FabianSpace: A Story Sampler (2020)
Doall’s Do-Over: A Space Traipse Story (2021) Karina Fabian
I Left My Brains in San Francisco: Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator  (2021)
A Winkle in Time (DragonEye, PI) (2021)
Our Daily Bread: A Rescue Sisters Story (2022)

Marathon to Mordor (2022) by Karina Fabian
and so much more… Karina Fabian: Kindle Store

A Song of Joy by Caroline Furlong | Writing for Joy (

The Guardian Cycle, Vol.1: In Dreams and Other Stories by Caroline Furlong

Ironcraft (Chronicles of Dumah) by Pedro.Gabriel

Hold My Beer: An Apocalypse (Paperback Only) by Fr Mark Goring CC

Treasures: Visible & Invisible
by Theresa Linden(Author), Susan Peek(Author), Antony B. Kolenc(Author), Amanda Lauer(Author), Carolyn Astfalk  and others

The Space Between: A Science Fiction Novelette (2021) by Jane Lebak

Paul Leone

The Governess of Greenmere (2020)  
The Hungry Dead of Yü-ching and Other Stories (2021)
Kung Fu Antipopes and Other Strange Stories (2021)

Poetry and Mysticism by Raissa Maritain (

Beckoning (2022) by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

The House on Smithen Street, or From Out the Cellar  (2020) by R.C. Mulhare

Brother Wolf  (2021)  

Michael D O’Brien

Voyage to Alpha Centauri: A Novel (2017)
The Light House  (2020)
The Sabbatical: A Novel  (2021)
By the Rivers of Babylon (2022)

Providence Blue: A Fantasy Quest (2021) by David Pinault

A Hiker’s Guide to Purgatory by Michael Norton (2022)

Richard Paolinelli 

Escaping Infinity (2021)
Exploring Infinity (2021)
Galen’s Way: A Starquest 4th Age Adventure Book 1 of 1: Starquest 4th Age (2021)
Galen’s Blade: A Starquest 4th Age Adventure (2022)

Planetary Anthology Series

The Veritas Chronicles, a YA Trilogy  (2014 -2021) by Gina Marinello-Sweeney 

Close to the Soul by (2021) Mary Jo Thayer

The Nature of Middle-earth: (2021)  J.R.R Tolkien with Carl F Hostetter

Corinna Turner


Jennifer the Damned (2016)
Cinder Allia (2017)

Markmaker (2022) by Mary Jessica Woods

Classic Catholic Writers of Speculative Fiction

The Quest for Saint Aquin, (1951) found in The Compleat  Boucher (1999) by Anthony Boucher (

 Regina Doman (

Fairy Tale Novels
1. The Shadow of the Bear (2002)
2. Black As Night (2004)
3. Waking Rose (2008)
4. The Midnight Dancers (2008)
5. Alex O’Donnell and the 40 CyberThieves (2010)
6. Rapunzel Let Down (2013)

Eifelheim  (2006) by Michael F. Flynn

Andrew M. Greeley 

The Final Planet  (1987)
The Catholic Imagination (2000)

Dean Koontz 

Elsewhere (2020)
The Other Emily (2021)
Quicksilver (2022)
The Big Dark Sky (2022)
The House at the End of the World (2023)

R.A. Lafferty


Past Master (1968)
Fourth Mansions (1969)
The Best of R. A. Lafferty

A Canticle for Leibowitz (1959) by Walter Miller

Sandra Miesel

Dreamrider (1982)
Shaman (1989)

Tim Powers

Anubis Gates
1. The Anubis Gates (1983)
2. Nobody’s Home (2014)
The Properties of Rooftop Air (2020)

The Bible Repairman (2011)

Vickery and Castine
1. Alternate Routes (2018)
2. Forced Perspectives (2020)
3. Stolen Skies (2021)


Saint Vidicon To The Rescue (2005) by Christopher Stasheff

 Gene Wolfe

The Shadow of the Torturer (1980)

The Best of Gene Wolfe (2009)

Borrowed Man
1. A Borrowed Man (2015)
2. Interlibrary Loan (2020)

John C. Wright

Tales of the Fall of Metachronopolis (2014)
All Men Dream of Earthwomen and Other Aeons (2020)
The Door Into Nowhere (2021)

Catholic Haunted Fiction

James Blish

After Such Knowledge
1. A Case of Conscience (1958)
2. Doctor Mirabilis (1964)
3. Black Easter (1968)
4. The Day After Judgement (1972)

Lina Rather

Sisters of the Vast Black
1. Sisters of the Vast Black (2019)
2. Sisters of the Forsaken Stars (2022)

Mary Doria Russell

1. The Sparrow (1996)The Sparrow: Book Reflections
2. Children of God (1998)

The Doors of Eden (2020) by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Classic Books

Catholic Bard’s Guide to Public Domain Literature FEBRUARY 12, 2022

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is first published, in the United States. Published July 11, 1960

Mystery Fiction

Leonard Goldberg 

Daughter of Sherlock Holmes
   1. The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes (2017)
   2. A Study in Treason (2018)
   3. The Disappearance of Alistair Ainsworth (2019)
   4. The Art of Deception (2020)
   5. The Abduction of Pretty Penny (2021)
   6. The Blue Diamond (2022)

The Maid(2022) by Nita Prose

Abide With Me (2020) A Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn Mystery by Jane Willan

Normal/Historical Fiction

The Stranger in the Lifeboat (2021) by Mitch Albom

The Reading List (2021) by Sara Nisha Adams

Wingwalkers (2022) by Taylor Brown

Pam Jenoff 

The Orphan’s Tale (2017)
The Lost Girls Of Paris (2018)
The Woman with the Blue Star (2021)
Code Name Sapphire (2023)

The Paris Library(2021)  by Janet Skeslien Charles

All the Children Are Home (2021)  by Patry Francis

Absolute Music by Jonathan Geltner

The Book of Lost Names (2020) by Kristin Harmel 

What the Fireflies Knew (2022) by Kai Harris

Book Lovers (2022) by Emily Henry

The Last Bookshop in London: A Novel of World War II (2021)  Madeline Martin

The Maidens (2021) by Alex Michaelides

Kate Quinn 

The Alice Network (2017)
The Huntress (2019)
Ribbons of Scarlet (2019) (with Stephanie DrayLaura KamoieE KnightSophie Perinot and Heather Webb)
The Rose Code (2021)
The Diamond Eye (2022)
Signal Moon (2022)

The Lamplighters: A Novel by Emma Stonex

Picture Books

Terry Fan and Eric Fan

The Barnabus Project (2020) with  Devin Fan
Lizzy and the Cloud (2020)

 Jimmy Fallon,

I’m Not Scared, You’re Scared by Seth Meyersand Rob Sayegh

Robb Pearlman and Melanie Demme

The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary (2020)
Parks and Recreation: Leslie for Class President! (2021)

Christopher Award Winning Picture Books

The Boy Who Loved Everyone (2019) by Jane Porter and Maisie Paradise Shearring

10 Hidden Heroes (2021) by Mark K. Shriver and Laura Watson

Dancing with Daddy (2021) by Anitra Rowe Schulte and Ziyue Chen

Dancing with Daddy: Schulte, Anitra Rowe, Chen, Ziyue: 9781542007191: Books:

Pigskins to Paintbrushes: The Story of Football-Playing Artist Ernie Barnes (2021) by Don Tate

Easter Picture Books

‘Twas the Morning of Easter (2021) by Glenys Nellistand  Elena Selivanova

Esther Bunny (2021) by Keri K. Thompson

 Speculative Fiction

Spec Fic Anthologies

John Joseph Adams (Editor)

The Best American Science Fiction And Fantasy 2020 (2020) Diana Gabaldon (Editor)
The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2021  Veronica Roth(Editor),
The Best American Science Fiction And Fantasy 2022 – November 1, 2022  Rebecca Roanhorse (Author)

Lost Worlds & Mythological Kingdoms (2022) Edited by John Joseph Adams and several others

Heroic Hearts  (2022)by Jim Butcher and Kerrie Hughes

Strangely Funny VIII  by Sarah Glenn (Author), DJ Tyrer (Author), Kay Hanifen (Author), R.C. Mulhare  (Author), Edward Lodi (Author), & 5 more

The Year’s Best Science Fiction by Jonathan Strahan


The Detectivists: Dragon Ripper (2019) by Melanie Bacon

Book of Night (2022) by Holly Black

Small Magic (2021) Short Fiction, 1977-2020 A collection of stories by Terry Brooks

Jim Butcher 

Dresden Files
16. Peace Talks (2020)
17. Battle Ground (2020)
17.5. The Law (2022)

James J Butcher 

Unorthodox Chronicles
1. Dead Man’s Hand (2022)

Fireheart Tiger by (2021)  Aliette De Bodard

A Master of Djinn (Dead Djinn Universe, 1) (2021)  by P. Djèlí Clark

Chris Colfer

Tale of Magic
1. A Tale of Magic… (2019)
2. A Tale of Witchcraft… (2020)
3. A Tale of Sorcery… (2021)

Goldilocks: Wanted Dead or Alive (2021)

Cloud Cuckoo Land (2021) by Anthony Doerr

 Nicole Glover

Murder & Magic
1 The Conductors (2021)
2 The Undertakers (2021)

Alix Harrow

Fractured Fables
1. A Spindle Splintered (2021)
2. A Mirror Mended (2022)

The Midnight Library (2020) by  Matt Haig

Seanan McGuire 

Wayward Children
1. Every Heart a Doorway (2016)
2. Down Among the Sticks and Bones (2017)
3. Beneath the Sugar Sky (2018)
4. In an Absent Dream (2019)
5. Come Tumbling Down (2020)
6. Across the Green Grass Fields (2021)
7. Where the Drowned Girls Go (2022)
8. Lost in the Moment and Found (2023)

Christopher Moore 

1. Fool (2009)
2. The Serpent of Venice (2014)
3. Shakespeare for Squirrels (2020)

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London (2020) by Garth Nix

Ghostlight by Kenneth Oppel

Rick Riordan 

Trials of Apollo
1. The Hidden Oracle (2014)
2. The Dark Prophecy (2017)
3. The Burning Maze (2018)
4. The Tyrant’s Tomb (2019)
5. The Tower of Nero (2020)
6. Camp Jupiter Classified (2020)

Daughter of the Deep (2021)by 

The Shadow (2020) by James Patterson and  Brian Sitts

The Kaiju Preservation Society (2022) by John Scalzi


Grady Hendrix 

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires (2020)
The Final Girl Support Group  (2021)


The Hollow Places  (2020) by T. Kingfisher

Jennifer McMahon

The Winter People (2014)
The Children on the Hill (2022)

A Day Like This  (2021) by Kelley McNeil

No One Goes Alone (2021) by Erik Larson (Goodreads Author),Julian Rhind-Tutt (Narrator)

The Woods Are Always Watching (2021) by Stephanie Perkins

Hidden Pictures (2022) by  Jason Rekulak

The Book of Accidents (2021)A novel by Chuck Wendig


Light from Uncommon Stars (2021) by Ryka Aoki 

Mickey7 (2022) by Edward Ashton

The Unfinished Land (2021) by Greg Bear

Aftermath (1997) by LeVar Burton

Joshua T. Calvert

Secrets Of Mars
1. The Fossil (2021)
2. The Fossil 2 (2021)
3. The Fossil 3 (2021)

Orson Scott Card

Becky Chambers 

1. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (2014)
2. A Closed and Common Orbit (2016)
3. Record of a Spaceborn Few (2018)
4. The Galaxy, and the Ground Within (2021)

Monk & Robot
1. A Psalm for the Wild-Built (2021)
2. A Prayer for the Crown-Shy (2022)

She Who Became the Sun (2021) by  Shelley Parker-Chan

 Mike Chen

Here and Now and Then (2019)
A Beginning at the End (2020)
We Could Be Heroes (2021)
Light Years from Home (2022)
Vampire Weekend (2023)

Lindsay Ellis

1. Axiom’s End (2020)
2. Truth of the Divine (2021)

The Pull of the Stars  (2020) by Emma Donoghue

S. Kirk Pierzchala

Echoes Through Distant Glass: A Near Future Cyberpunk Drama (Beyond Cascadia Book 1) (2020)
Eclipse Rising: Beyond Cascadia: Book Two (2021)
Solitude Of Light: Beyond Cascadia: Three (2022)

Mary Robinette Kowal 

Lady Astronaut
1. The Calculating Stars (2018)
1.5. Articulated Restraint (2019)
2. The Fated Sky (2018)
2.5. The Lady Astronaut of Mars (2014)
3. The Relentless Moon (2020)

The Spare Man (2022)

Arkady Martine

1. A Memory Called Empire (2019)
2. A Desolation Called Peace (2021)

Rabbits  (2021) by Terry Miles

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars (2020) by Christopher Paolini

We Are Satellites (2021) by Sarah Pinsker

Tim Pratt 

Miracles & Marvells (2019)

Journals of Zaxony Delatree
1. Doors of Sleep (2021)
2. Prison of Sleep (2022)

Brandon Sanderson 


1. Skyward (2018)
2. Starsight (2019)
3. Cytonic (2021)
4. Defiant (2023)
Defending Elysium (2021)

Fan Fiction: A Mem-Noir: Inspired by True Events (2021) by Brent Spiner

Elder Race (2021) by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Questland: Author of the Philip K. Dick Award-winning Bannerless (2021) by Carrie Vaughn

The Past Is Red (2021) by Catherynne M. Valente

Project Hail Mary: (2021) by Andy Weir

Martha Wells 

Murderbot Diaries
1. All Systems Red (2017)
2. Artificial Condition (2018)
3. Rogue Protocol (2018)
4. Exit Strategy (2018)
5. Network Effect (2020)
6. Fugitive Telemetry (2021)
7. Home (2021)

The Best of Walter Jon Williams (2021) by Walter Jon Williams

Time Travel and Alt History

The Thirteenth Hour (2021) (The first book in the Trouble with Timekeepers series) A novel by Cheree Alsop

The Paradox Hotel (2022) by Rob Hart

The Space Between Worlds (2020) by Micaiah Johnson 

Nick Jones

Joseph Bridgeman
1. And Then She Vanished (2021)
2. The Shadows of London (2021)
3. The Observer Effect (2022)
4. The Quantum Chain (2022)

Sea of Tranquility (2022) by Emily St. John Mandel

The Poe Predicament: A Supernatural Mystery Novel (2021) by Phil Thomas

A Nation Interrupted: An Alternate History Novel (2020) by Kevin McDonald(Author), Linda Morrow(Editor)

Holy Terror: Stories (2022) by Cherie Priest

Popular Writers and Series

James S A Corey 

0.1. Drive (2022)
0.3. The Churn (2014)
0.5. The Butcher of Anderson Station (2011)
1. Leviathan Wakes (2011)
2. Caliban’s War (2012)
2.5. Gods of Risk (2012)
3. Abaddon’s Gate (2013)
4. Cibola Burn (2014)
5. Nemesis Games (2015)
5.5. The Vital Abyss (2015)
6. Babylon’s Ashes (2016)
6.5. Strange Dogs (2017)
7. Persepolis Rising (2017)
7.5. Auberon (2019)
8. Tiamat’s Wrath (2019)
9. Leviathan Falls (2021)
9.5. The Sins of Our Fathers (2022)
Memory’s Legion (2022)

Suzanne Collins 


Hunger Games
0. The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes (2020)
1. The Hunger Games (2008)
2. Catching Fire (2009)
3. Mockingjay (2010)


John Grisham

Jake Brigance
1. A Time to Kill (1989)
2. Sycamore Row (2013)
3. A Time for Mercy (2020)

Sooley (2021)
The Boys from Biloxi (2022)

Stephen King 

The Institute (2019)
If It Bleeds (2020)
Later (2021)
Billy Summers (2021)
Short Fiction (2021)
Fairy Tale (2022)

Karen Kingsbury 

Baxter Family Children (with Tyler Russell)
1. Best Family Ever (2019)
2. Finding Home (2020)
3. Never Grow Up (2021)
4. Adventure Awaits (2022)

A Distant Shore (2021)
Forgiving Paris (2021)
Just Once (2023)

Beverly Lewis 

The Tinderbox (2019)
The Timepiece (2019)
The Stone Wall (2020)
The Beginning (2021)
The Orchard (2022)

Stephenie Meyer 

Twilight Saga
1. Twilight (2005)
1.75. Life and Death (2016)
2. New Moon (2006)
3. Eclipse (2007)
3.5. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (2010)
4. Breaking Dawn (2008)
5. Midnight Sun (2020)

Philip Pullman 

His Dark Materials
0.5. Once Upon a Time in the North (2008)
0.6. The Collectors (2015)
1. The Golden Compass (1995)     aka Northern Lights
2. The Subtle Knife (1997)
3. The Amber Spyglass (1999)
3.5. Lyra’s Oxford (2003)
3.75. Serpentine (2020)

The Imagination Chamber (2022)

Ransom Riggs

Miss Peregrine’s Children
1. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2011)
2. Hollow City (2014)
3. Library of Souls (2015)
4. A Map of Days (2018)
5. The Conference of the Birds (2020)
6. The Desolations of Devil’s Acre (2021)
7. Miss Peregrine’s Museum of Wonders (2022)
Tales of the Peculiar (2016)

J K Rowling 

Fantastic Beasts
1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay (2016)
2. The Crimes of Grindelwald: The Original Screenplay (2018)
3. The Secrets of Dumbledore: The Complete Screenplay (2022) (with Steve Kloves)

The Ickabog (2020)
The Christmas Pig (2021)

Bonvida’s Awakening  by  Christopher. D. Smith

Nicholas Sparks 

A Walk to Remember (1999)
The Return (2020)
The Wish (2021)
Dreamland (2022)

YA/MG Books

Adventure Stories for Young Readers  (2021) by Misha Burnett(Author), Fiona Grey(Author), Arthur Acton(Author), Aaron Van Treeck(Author), Becky R. Jones(Author), E H Munro(Author), Denton Salle(Author), David Eyk(Author), David Breitenbeck(Author), Scott Huggins(Author)  

Long Road to the Circus (2021) By BETSY BIRD Illustrated by DAVID SMA

War and Millie McGonigle (2021) by Karen Cushman

We Dream of Space (2020) by Erin Entrada Kelly

A Wizard’s Guide To Defensive Baking (2020) by T. Kingfisher

The Happiest Man on Earth: The Beautiful Life of an Auschwitz Survivo(2020) by Eddie Jaku

The Mysterious Disappearance of Aidan S. (2021) by David Levithan

Game Changer (2021) by Neal Shusterman

The Elephant in the Room (2021) by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Dead Wednesday (2021) by Jerry Spinelli

Non-Fiction Books


The Hero Code: Lessons Learned from Lives Well Lived  (2021) by Admiral William H. McRaven

The Life-Changing Science of Detecting Bullshit (2021) by John V. Petrocelli

High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out (2021) by Amanda Ripley

How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question (2022) by Michael Schur

The Secret Life of Secrets: How Our Inner Worlds Shape Well-Being, Relationships, and Who We Are (2022) by Michael Slepian 

All Creatures Great and Small

The Last Days of the Dinosaurs:(2022) An Asteroid, Extinction, and the Beginning of Our World by Riley Black 

The Bald Eagle: The Improbable Journey of America’s Bird (2022) by Jack Emerson Davis 

Why Peacocks?: An Unlikely Search for Meaning in the World’s Most Magnificent Bird (2021) by Sean Flynn

Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law (2021) by Roach Mary

Current Events as of (2022)

Saving Justice: Truth, Transparency, and Trust (2021) by James Comey

Daughters Of Kobani’ (2021) by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy (2021)by Andy Ngo

Rage (2020) by Bob Woodward


Icebound: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World (2021) by Andrea Pitzer

True Raiders: The Untold Story of the 1909 Expedition to Find the Legendary Ark of the Covenant (2021) by Brad Ricca

Madhouse at the End of the Earth: The Belgica’s Journey into the Dark Antarctic Night (2021) by Julian Sancton


Phasers on Stun!: How the Making (and Remaking) of Star Trek Changed the World (2022) by Ryan Britt

Audience-ology: How Moviegoers Shape the Films We Love (2021) by Kevin Goetz

The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s: An Oral History (2020) by Andy Greene

The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present (Vol. Two-Volume Set) (2021) by Paul McCartney  and  Paul Muldoon  (Editor)

Essays and Poems

Billy Collins

Whale day : and other poems (2020)
Musical Tables: Poems  (November 15, 2022) 

The Anthropocene Reviewed : Essays on a Human-Centered Planet (2021) by John Green

Serious Face: Essays (2022) by Jon Mooallem 

Look Mom I’m a Poet (2021) by Andrew Shaffer *

The Hill We Climb: An Inaugural Poem for the Country (2021) by Amanda Gorman(Author), Oprah Winfrey(Foreword)

Everyday Life

A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future (2020) by David Attenborough,

The Dumbest Generation Grows Up: From Stupefied Youth to Dangerous Adults (2022) by Mark Bauerlein

The Body: A Guide for Occupants  (2019) by Bill Bryson

All the Living and the Dead: from Embalmers to Executioners, an Exploration of the People Who Have Made Death Their Life’s Work (2022) by Hayley Campbell

Every Deep-Drawn Breath: A Critical Care Doctor on Healing, Recovery, and Transforming Medicine in the ICU (2021) by Dr Wes Ely |

Blue: In Search of Nature’s Rarest Color (2021) by Kai Kupferschmidt

The Address Book What Street Addresses Reveal About Identity, Race, Wealth, and Power  (2020) by Deirdre Mask 

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art (2020) by James Nestor

Overdue: Reckoning with the Public Library (2022) by Amanda Oliver

The Museum: (2022) A Short History of Crisis and Resilience  by Samuel J. Redman

 Packing for Mars for Kids (2022) by Mary Roach

Eating to Extinction: The World’s Rarest Foods and Why We Need to Save Them (2022)  by Dan Saladino

The Secret History of Food: Strange but True Stories About the Origins of Everything We Eat (2021)  by Matt Siegel

Subpar Parks: America’s Most Extraordinary National Parks and Their Least Impressed Visitors (2021) by Amber Share

Why We Swim (2020) by Bonnie Tsui

Memoirs and Biography

Because He’s Jeff Goldblum: The Movies, Memes, and Meaning of Hollywood’s Most Enigmatic Actor (2021) by Travis M. Andrews

The Man from the Future: The Visionary Life of John von Neumann (2021) by Ananyo Bhattacharya

My Name Is Tani . . . and I Believe in Miracles: The Amazing True Story of One Boy’s Journey from Refugee to Chess Champion (2020)  by Craig Borlase

American OZ: An Astonishing Year Inside Traveling Carnivals at State Fairs & Festivals: Hitchhiking From California to New York, Alaska to Mexico (2020) by Michael Sean Comerford

The Next Everest: Surviving the Mountain’s Deadliest Day and Finding the Resilience to Climb Again (2021) by Jim Davidson

The Man Who Invented Motion Pictures: (2022) A True Tale of Obsession, Murder, and the Movies: by  Paul Fischer

Becoming Duchess Goldblatt: A Memoir (2020) by Duchess Goldblatt

Unstoppable: Siggi B. Wilzig’s Astonishing Journey from Auschwitz Survivor and Penniless Immigrant to Wall Street Legend (2021) by Joshua M. Greene , Deborah E. Lipstadt

When Stars Are Scattered (2020) by Victoria Jamieson

Ready for Launch:   An Astronaut’s Lessons for Success on Earth (2022) by Scott Kelly

Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith (2004)  by Jon Krakauer

The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream: The Hunt for a Victorian Era Serial Killer  (2021) by Dean Jobb

The Fishermen and the Dragon: Fear, Greed, and a Fight for Justice on the Gulf Coast  (2022) by Kirk W. Johnson

Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family (2020) by Robert Kolker

The Ride of Her Life: The True Story of a Woman, Her Horse, and Their Last-Chance Journey Across America (2021) by Elizabeth Letts

Walking the Bowl: A True Story of Murder and Survival Among the Street Children of Lusaka  (2022) by Chris Lockhart,  Daniel Mulilo Chama,

The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting: The Tragedy and The Glory of Growing Up; A Memoir (2021) by Evanna Lynch

 Nowhere for Very Long: The Unexpected Road to an Unconventional Life (2022) by Brianna Madia

Not My First Rodeo: Lessons from the Heartland (2022) Kristi Noem

Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama (2022) by Bob Odenkirk

Yearbook (2021) by Seth Rogen

Will by Will Smith (Author), Mark Manson

Growing Up Biden: A Memoir (2022) by Valerie Biden Owens

Built to Fail: The Inside Story of Blockbuster’s Inevitable Bust  (2021) by Alan Payne

Ordinary Heroes: A Memoir of 9/11 (2021) by Joseph Pfeifer

Camera Man: Buster Keaton, the Dawn of Cinema, and the Invention of the Twentieth Century  (2022) by Dana Stevens

Still Just a Geek (2022) by Wil Wheaton


Gun Barons: The Weapons That Transformed America and the Men Who Invented Them (2022) by John Bainbridge, Jr. 

The Hanging and Redemption of John Gordon: The True Story of Rhode Island’s Last Execution  (2013) by Paul F. Caranci  (Author), Patrick T. Conley (Foreword)

 To Kidnap a Pope: Napoleon and Pius VII (2021) by Ambrogio A. Caiani

An Atlas of Extinct Countries (2020) by Gideon Defoe

Blood and Treasure: Daniel Boone and the Fight for America’s First Frontier (2021) by Bob Drury  Tom Clavin

Sprinting Through No Man’s Land: Endurance, Tragedy, and Rebirth in the 1919 Tour de France(2021)  by Adin Dobkin

Yuval Noah Harari

Liberty Is Sweet: The Hidden History of the American Revolution (2021) by Woody Holton

The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story  (2021) by Nikole Hannah-Jones  (Creator), The New York Times Magazine (Creator), Caitlin Roper (Editor), Ilena Silverman (Editor), Jake Silverstein (Editor)

The Nineties (2022) by Chuck Klosterman

Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age  (2021)  by Annalee Newitz

Killing the Mob: The Fight Against Organized Crime in America (Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Series) ( 2021) by Bill O’Reilly    Martin Dugard

History of African Americans

A Shot in the Moonlight: How a Freed Slave and a Confederate Soldier Fought for Justice in the Jim Crow South  (2021) by Ben Montgomery

The Crooked Path to Abolition: Abraham Lincoln and the Antislavery Constitution (2021) by James Oakes

The Last Slave Ship: The True Story of How Clotilda Was Found, Her Descendants, and an Extraordinary (2022 ) by Ben Raines

Overground Railroad (2020) The Green Book & Roots of Black Travel in America by Candacy A. Taylor

The Agitators: Three Friends Who Fought for Abolition and Women’s Rights (2021) by Dorothy Wickenden

History of Science

The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race  (2021) by Walter Isaacson

The Icepick Surgeon: Murder, Fraud, Sabotage, Piracy, and Other Dastardly Deeds Perpetrated in the Name of Science (2021) by Sam Kean

Mr. Humble and Dr. Butcher: A Monkey’s Head, the Pope’s Neuroscientist, and the Quest to Transplant the Soul Hardcover (2021) by Brandy Schillace

The Reason for the Darkness of the Night: Edgar Allan Poe and the Forging of American Science (2021) by John Tresch

History of WWII

Code Name Lily (2018) by Julien Ayotte

The Light of Days: The Untold Story of Women Resistance Fighters in Hitler’s Ghettos  (2021) by Judy Batalion

Facing the Mountain: A True Story of Japanese American Heroes in World War II (2021) by Daniel James Brown

The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War  (2021) by Malcolm Gladwell

The Splendid and the Vile: A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz (2020) by Erik Larson

The Nine: The True Story of a Band of Women Who Survived the Worst of Nazi Germany (2021) by Gwen Strauss


Go Back to Where You Came From: And Other Helpful Recommendations on How to Become American  (2022) by Wajahat Ali

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