Tweeting to the Choir The Triune God

Tweeting to the Choir The Triune God May 20, 2022

For their short pithy brilliant whimsical way of saying things, I love to collect Twitter and other Quality Quintessential quips, quotes, questions, musings and maxims from the furthest reaches of the internet to the obscure book hidden in the dusty corner of some long forgotten book store and save them for a rainy day post. I  just might need some wonderful wordful beauty to express a sentiment or idea in what I’m writing so I created this particular post with that purpose in mine.

Tweeting to the Choir: A Collection of Tweets

Janet@Mystagogy1013:  Tweeting to the choir gives us all support and encouragement, which is much needed in these days.

This peculiarly particular post is the offspring of that larger post with a more specific focus in mind from a topic listed in that larger post. It is also but one of the many children of that post.  You can go big or go home to this  shorter post and pluck what you need from  the collected treasure of  the Broad Chorus of Catholic Thinkers and similar like minded individuals  and insert it into whatever it is your  working on at the moment. Or perhaps you just might want to read a short something that will put a chuckle, a prayer or a nifty thought into your brain. And perhaps any truth beauty or goodness may leak into your soul making you a more loving, faithful and hopeful person and draw you closer to Christ.

In this post were Tweeting to the Choir about…

Tweeting to the Choir The Triune God

Matt Fradd@mattfradd: Lord Jesus Christ, I believe in You, help my unbelief!

God Almighty

Catholic Kangaroo@CatholicKanger1: I think that perhaps G-d is like a Catholic patriarch in one of the Eastern churches. With a long, unkempt beard. Always quoting Holy Scripture. Dedicated to prayer and the liturgy, but not to the rubrics. Amazingly gentle with penitents, but ferocious with monks and nuns.

Mark@fom4life: God works in everyday life, sometimes when we least expect it. In the ordinary events of our lives, we are called to experience a call and conversion in extraordinary ways.-Father Dan O’Connell,

Mary Beth Giltner@m_b_baker: It hit me yesterday, and I’m still chewing on it today. Jesus in the Gospel rebuked Peter for thinking like a human. As if “thinking as God does” isn’t just an invitation for us, but an expectation. Lord, keep helping me to let the light in. #FridayThoughts

Andy Thomas@sophiaseeker_at: Give God everything, especially your honest thoughts and feelings about Him and those circumstances or people you don’t like. It’s not like He doesn’t know them anyway. No LARPing, no pretending.

Father Chris Pietraszko@FrChrisP:  God is often hidden in ordinary ways.  To those who seek him out, he lifts the veil on such ordinary experiences or perceived realities, and shows us His goodness, beauty, love, inner-unity, being, and truth.  Pray to know Him, hidden in ordinary things, people, and life.

By being transparent and honest with God, you can let Him in to heal your life.

Sr. Miriam James@onegroovynun:  “We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures; we are the sum of the Father’s love for us and our real capacity to become the image of his Son.”—St. John Paul II


Knowledge of God

132Kalpurrnia@kalpurrnia: “We can never attain a maximum love of God with only a minimum knowledge of God.” – Frank Sheed

Fr. Harrison Ayre �@FrHarrison: I often get emails that claim to “understand what God is doing in the world”

And I realize more and more how we Christians treat God’s ways and the idea of mystery in a far too modern sense as a code to unlock. This is an epistemology that doesn’t fit with the Christian vision

We gotta figure out how this appearance of Mary is tied to this world event and this is how God is trying to get us to repent” This is Gnosticism, and it’s trying to reduce knowing God’s ways to our level. God’s answer in Job 38-41 should always be a sobering reality check

Patrick Madrid ✌�@patrickmadrid: There is nothing that can be known that God does not know. There is nothing that exists that God does not sovereignly will to exist.

Evidence  of God

Fr. Dwight Longenecker@dlongenecker1: Demanding physical evidence for God’s existence is like trying to take the temperature of music.

The Catholic Talk Show@CatholicTalkSho: An atheist would say that you could take the temperature of music because sound waves inherently create heat. Agree with the sentiment though 🙂

Fr. Joseph Krupp@Joeinblack:  #talkedtotheboss God is worth your time, your energy, your sacrifice. He’s more important than hobbies, your children’s sports or your rest. The way to show we believe this is to act like we believe it. If we’ve failed this, ask forgiveness, start over.

God The Close Creator

Katherine Augustine �@kebayf:“What a joyous mystery is Your presence within me, in that intimate sanctuary of my soul where I can always find You, even when I do not feel Your presence. Of what importance is feeling? Perhaps You are all the closer when I feel You less.” — St. Elizabeth of the Trinity
Fr. Larry Richards@FrLarryRichards:  God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them” Genesis 1:27 God created YOU in His image. He created you to love you! God wanted you, He chose you, and He rejoices over you! Rejoice in this knowledge. Peace

hunter pierce d’armond, s.j.@DArmondSJ: thinking about how God is infinitely more close and near to me than I can imagine

and also how infinitely more transcendent and beyond me than I can imagine

very grateful God is much beyond my imagination. wouldn’t be a very good God if it wasn’t so!

Pope Benedict XVI@P_BenedictXV: The Word is flesh. It is given to us under the appearances of bread and thus truly becomes the Bread on which we live. This is the joy that God gives us: That he made himself one of us, that we can touch him and that he dwells among us. The joy of God is our strength.

Jesus Lover of My Soul

St. Therese@SocLittleFlower: Most beautiful death “Our Lord died on the Cross in agony, and yet this is the most beautiful death of love. To die of love is not to die in transports.” -St. Therese of Lisieux

Ashley McCully@TXTrendyChick: What was Jesus thinking about as He carried His cross? He wasn’t thinking about his wealth or successes, fame, or the meetings he would miss. He was thinking about you and me. Jesus was thinking about His death, and our life.�✝️�#Lent #mementomori @pursuedbytruth

Bret Thoman, OFS Retweeted
Friar Mario Conte@FriarMario: The gaze of Jesus overtook St. Matthew completely; it changed his life. We too must feel that gaze and follow Jesus wherever He wishes to lead us.

Pope Francis @Pontifex: The Lord knows that evil and sins do not define us; they are diseases, infections. And he comes to heal them with the Eucharist, which contains the antibodies to our negative memory. With Jesus, we can become immune to sadness.

Extraordinary God@AEM5656: “When Jesus enters the comfortable living room of your life he throws the furniture around.” Flannery O Connor

Katie Marquette@marquette_katie
“Hidden Life in Nazareth” by Ukrainian icon writer Ivanka Demchuk.

Importance of Knowing and Loving Jesus

@CurtJester: I am going through a phase where I do not feel close to Jesus at all. Yet I am super-interested in philosophy, theology, liturgy, etc. I guess I am going through a Dork Night of the Soul.

Peter Kreeft@ProfessorKreeft: All good theology, all authentic morality is an unfolding of Jesus from within. All bad theology and morality are a diluting of Jesus.

Mark@fom4life: To know Jesus, to hear Jesus, to love Jesus, to trust Jesus, to obey Jesus, to share His life in the deepest fiber of our being, and then to serve Him — this is our goal.The laity, like priests, aspire to give Christ to others, but they can’t give Him unless they’ve got him! That is holiness. -Cardinal Timothy M.  Dolan

John Michael Talbot@JMTalbot: A dark cloud of non or anti Christian cultural revolution has settled on our nation and world. But Jesus is Light. Don’t get discouraged!

Living Like Jesus

Jim Sichko@JimSichko: Following Christ means more than walking in his footsteps along the Sea of Galilee. As those first apostles he called discovered: it means living like him. It means loving like him. Sometimes, he even means suffering like him.-Dcn Greg Kandra
Fr. Matthew Schneider��@FrMatthewLC: Why be angry about what someone random posted online when you can be happy about Jesus?
Cy KellettCyKellett: “Peace be with you.” “And with your spirit.” These days it feels like we should just keep saying this constantly. I wish I could greet everyone this way, and be greeted in return. We are all so deeply in need of the peace of Christ. “Peace be with you!”
mariclaire murdaugh@_mariclaire_:  hi! just a reminder that Jesus only ever got angry at super religious, holier than thou pharisees (and tax collectors who completely abused the system). He was completely patient and accepting of sinners and those with a weak faith. this is important! so important!


Augustine of Hiphop ��@hiphopaugustine

can’t measure God like a gram or a kilo

He created space-time, did it ex nihilo

three Persons, one God, one substance, one nature
if you call us polytheists betta check ya nomenclature

I aint no Arian
straight Trinitarian
three co-equal Persons
wit a love unvaryin

the word Trinity aint simply educational
it means the ground of all being is relational

Sachin Jose@Sachinettiyil: “The household of Jesus, Mary and Joseph became a ‘home away from home’ for the eternal Son of God. It was an outpost of heaven, an image of the Trinity in the world.” – Dr. Scott Hahn Father

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