Writing Right Now #13 Blood Moon News

Writing Right Now #13 Blood Moon News May 18, 2022

It’s hard to keep up with all the latest news. But here is my attempted try to grab some mostly Twitter headlines of what is happening in our world mid-may. I’m sure there are more stories I could have put in, but here is what it is and who is Writing Right Now Under the Blood Red Moon.

Baby Formula Shortage

narcha@JaimParker2: It’s extremely dangerous to make baby formula considering the ratio of fats, proteins, carbs, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals needed PLUS contamination in any of those products can kill an infant or baby. It’s a very precise, regulated and controlled process for a reason

How did a baby formula crisis spring up in one of the world’s richest countries? Experts say a recall by one of the industry’s largest manufacturers, persistent supply-chain issues, and a market dominated by only a few players have combined to form what one consumer goods expert calls a “perfect storm” affecting the supply of essential formula to millions of babies across the U.S. And the shortage could last for months.
The baby formula shortage of 2022 is being blamed on a milk monopoly and the FDA | Fortune

Baby formula shortage cause and how are parents coping

Easter Emily, Alleluia!!! ��@EmilyKath319 (May 13, 2022): Two things can be true at the same time: we need to find a solution to formula supply issues now, AND we also need to make breastfeeding support more accessible  & widespread. Babies deserve to be fed & parents deserve to be supported with the means to do so.

Chris Owens on FB (May 12 , 2022) Yes I’ve seen the ingredients to make baby formula. Yes I’m happy you survived on Karo syrup and canned milk. Yes I would make it if I had no other option. I’d put a nipple on a Red Bull can until she was hyped up and moonwalking across the living room floor if it was all I had. But understand this. We are smarter now than we were in 1950. Just because something was common practice then doesn’t mean it is a good idea. Lead was in paint and gasoline. The houses were filled with asbestos. Aunt Betty chain smoked Salems in the station wagon with the windows rolled up while the kids were unbuckled in the back seat. Don’t confuse nostalgia for good practices. For all that survived and brag about it, there were those that did not. But they can’t Facebook because they are dead. It’s called survivorship bias. Some women can’t breastfeed and some babies require special formulas that are hard to find. Just help the families that are struggling and check your opinions at the door.

Catholic News Service

 Mike Lewis ��@mfjlewis (May 12,2022): What shuttering CNS means for Catholic journalism according to @GibsonWrites

“The ministry of the bishops and the pope will be drowned out by the loudest and angriest, and they will be the ones to define what it is to be Catholic, and what it means to be a Catholic journalist.”

Balance lacking - Catholic Sentinel

Cardinal Zen Arrested

Cardinal Zen was arrested May 11 under China’s national security law with at least four others for his role as a trustee of the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund, which helped pro-democracy protesters in the special administrative region of Hong Kong to pay their legal fees.

He was released on bail later that day.

[He} is scheduled to appear in court May 24, according to a report by the British daily The Guardian.
Cardinal Zen may be in Hong Kong court next week | Catholic News Agency

Dr. Strange 2 Review

While the film may not live up to the multiversal madness of its title, Doctor Strange 2 manages to be something wholly unique in the MCU; a film that stands out with its own unique directorial style that hopefully signals a new direction for Marvel. Full Review

A question left open at the end of WandaVision: Did the Scarlet Witch’s appalling crime against thousands of people make her a villainess? Another open question, this one from the original Doctor Strange: Is Stephen himself a superhero or a supervillain? .Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) – Decent Films

Fr. Josh Johnson’s New Book

Echoing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s wisdom, I also believe that welcoming disciples from all nations, peoples, tribes, and tongues to the worship of God—specifically at the holy sacrifice of the Mass—is the foundational work that all practicing Catholics are being encouraged by our Lord to participate in as we accompany one another in our walk toward eternity. Communal prayer in the presence of the Eucharist has the power to transform and unite people of all nations.

Communal prayer in the presence of the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament must be at the forefront of our minds because communal prayer was the first mandate Jesus Christ gave to his apostles after their ordination at the Last Supper. Before Jesus invited his apostles to teach, preach, heal, baptize, and disciple all of the nations, he invited them to spend time with him and each other in the practice of prayer.

Fr. Josh Johnson, On Earth As It Is in Heaven:Restoring God’s Vision of Race and Discipleship (2022)  Ascension. Kindle Edition.

Fred Ward Dies

omgeee.com@omgeeeofficial: Fred Ward, Actor in ‘Remo Williams,’ ‘Henry & June’ and ‘Tremors,’ Dies at 79

Gun Shootings @ Buffalo

 All violent taking of life violates God’s commandment: You shall not kill [Exodus 20: 13] but it is especially galling to learn from news reports that the lives of these victims were taken precisely because they were African Americans. Of all inhabitants in this country, Black Americans have suffered the most from centuries of slavery, legal and de facto segregation and socio-economic patterns that have burdened their lives up to and including the present.

We must also face the fact that the widespread availability of guns is a crucial factor in racial violence. It is much harder to escape from a bullet than it is from a knife. I recognize that most gun owners have them for the protection of their families and themselves or for hunting. I challenge you who own guns for such purposes to propose ways in which the availability of guns could be significantly restricted. I have lived in countries where guns are much less available than in the United States and where, correspondingly, gun deaths are much less common. We have to do better than we are doing. Gun owners: step up to the challenge!
+Mark E. Brennan Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston Statement of the Diocese of Wheeling on Massacre of Buffalo African Americans  

There is objective, demonstrable evidence that both racism—and the denial of systemic racism—are more prevalent in Christian communities than in those affiliated with non-belief or atheism.

The issue with racism isn’t the rare horrific tragedy, it’s the “normal” that so many people live with that goes unnoticed, without protest. Why explain away racism as a product of atheism when it’s disproportionately infecting the souls sitting in the pews of parishes and churches?
Briana Jansky  Opinion: Catholic bishops owe us more on anti-Black terrorism  (May 17, 2022) Black Catholic Messenger

�������������� ☩��@TalentEvaluator (May 15, 2022): Pray for the souls slain in the Buffalo shooting that may be granted the Beatific Vision.

Fr. Casey, OFM@caseyofm (May 15, 2022):  Rising to the occasion in extraordinary moments is great, but the true measure of a society’s justice is how it acts in ordinary times.

Gun Shootings @Laguna Woods

GolfTrader@GolfTraderUSA:Oh  no….�

“A gunman attacked a lunch banquet at a Taiwanese church in Laguna Woods, killing one person and wounding five others Sunday before congregants tackled him, hogtied him with an extension cord and grabbed his two weapons, authorities said.”

marian paroo ��@marianparoo2: Laguna Woods, once known as Leisure World, is a private gated expensive retirement community. Avg age = 78. Yet they subdued and hogtied the shooter.

Johnny Depp Trial

Allen Caraway@AllenCaraway: In one month, Johnny Depp has drawn more attention to the abuse that men suffer at the hands of toxic women than others have achieved in years. People assumed Johnny guilty purely because he’s male.This needs to change.

Johnny Depp trial to resume with Amber Heard detailing chaotic marriage

Jordon Peterson Leaves Twitter

Gerard M Nadal on FB:
So, Peterson personally ridicules and insults a beautiful young woman who appears on a magazine cover, and then retreats from social media because, “The endless flood of vicious insult is really not something that can be experienced anywhere else.”

In fairness to Peterson, he’s had his own personal struggles in recent years that took him out of the public eye. A very public apology to this young woman is in order, and then perhaps he can continue to work at getting even healthier. With all that’s going on in the world, swimsuit models ought to be the least of an intellectual’s concerns.

FWIW, there are legions of men and women who find this woman’s look to be a thing of beauty, and a gentleman never passes commentary on women’s appearances. If anything, Peterson could have addressed the immodesty that sells the SI Swimsuit edition. That’s fair game for commentary, but not publicly trashing the beuaty of a girl clearly old enough to be his daughter.

This was beneath Peterson, and I hope that at least Mrs. Peterson has told him so.

Lunar Eclipse

 Rachel Cecilia@redeemedrachel: (May 16, 2022): Just saw red moon. Earlier there was a magnificent rainbow, then a rich sunset, and now a red eclipse. The music of the spheres indeed.

Scott Brossart on FB (May 15, 2022) : Blood Moon �… makes me think of Our Blessed Mother and the Blood of her Son

One Republic’s Top Gun Song

 New Saints

 April 24,2021

Margherita della Metola

 May 15, 2022
Titus Brandsma
Devasahayam Pillai
César de Bus
Luigi Maria Palazzolo
Giustino Russolillo
Anne-Marie Rivier 
Maria Francesca Rubatto
Carolina Santocanale

Maria Domenica Mantovani
Charles de Foucauld

To serve the Gospel and our brothers and sisters, to offer our lives without expecting anything in return, any worldly glory: this is a secret and it is our calling. That was how our fellow travelers canonized today lived their holiness. By embracing with enthusiasm their vocation — as a priest, as a consecrated woman, as a lay person — they devoted their lives to the Gospel. They discovered an incomparable joy and they became brilliant reflections of the Lord of history. For that is what a saint is: a luminous reflection of the Lord of history. May we strive to do the same. The path of holiness is not barred; it is universal and it starts with Baptism. Let us strive to follow it, for each of us is called to holiness, to a form of holiness all our own. Holiness is always “original”, as Blessed Carlo Acutis used to say: it is not a photocopy, but an “original”, mine, yours, all of ours. It is uniquely our own. Truly, the Lord has a plan of love for everyone. He has a dream for your life, for my life, for the life of each of us. What else can I say? Pursue that dream with joy. Full text of Pope Francis’ homily for the canonization Mass of 10 saints | Catholic News Agency

Roe V Wade

 D.W. Lafferty@rightscholar (May 12, 2022) When I try to imagine the post-Roe era in some American states, it’s difficult because it’s an almost unprecedented situation. The overwhelming global trend—nearly ubiquitous—has been toward liberalization of abortion law. Nobody really knows what re-criminalization will bring.

 Gloria Purvis@gloria_purvis (May 12,2022)Let’s  shut down immediately the nonsense that women should be arrested and charged for seeking or getting abortions.  The woman is a victim of the abortion regime in this country.  She needs help not handcuffs.

Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC��@FrMatthewLC: 49 Senate Democrats voted to enshrine abortion unto birth into federal law.

This is contrary to the overwhelming majority of countries’ laws & supported by only 13% of Americans.

Abortion is always horrible, but such pro-abortion extremism is even worse.

Father Josh Johnson@frjoshjohnson: The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly teaches “since the 1st century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed” (CCC 2271). President Joe Biden, I want to invite you to repent & believe in the Gospel. #catholic

U2 in Ukraine

Rolling Stone@RollingStone (May 8, 2022): Following a personal invitation from Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky, U2’s Bono and the Edge visited Kyiv Sunday to perform an acoustic concert in one of the city’s subway stations-turned-bomb shelters

See U2's Bono and the Edge Play Surprise Set in Kyiv Bomb Shelter - Rolling Stone

Word on Fire Scandal

My goal in resigning (and in so detailed a manner), was not about lobbing a grenade at the organization, or seeing it torn down, or fomenting sensationalism, but rather to help the organization perhaps see (in my presumptuous way) the issues that I, as a remote employee operating outside its workings, was seeing and feeling uncomfortable with and concerned about, dealing with policies, procedures, communications, the missionary vision and the lack of new work.

It is my sincere wish that the tilted ship may yet be righted, and if Word on Fire ever fed you well, or helped you in your life of faith, I hope you will pray for its correction and flourishing, because the mission is still a very worthy one. Elizabeth Scalia, Following the Guts: When you gotta go… – The AnchoressI Believe in the Mission of

Elizabeth Scalia The Anchoress - The Anchoress

Aaron Irber@AaronIrber: If I’m reading this right, it sounds like the scandal is Word on Fire has organizational problems. That’s hardly a crime unless I’m missing something.

EvanstonNWReader@reader_nw: Fully investigated, and employee terminated (for an outside of work activity) is not a “Putting on a face and weak response’.  Also terminated the person trying to sabotage the operation.  Seems like pretty solid response.

Read More about Word on Fire | Kristin Wilson (patheos.com)

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