Quantum Cobra Rings: Quick TV Reviews

Quantum Cobra Rings: Quick TV Reviews September 26, 2022

Here are my thoughts about some of the new shows appearing in the new fall season of September 2022.

It’s very nerd centric and caters mostly to Sci-Fi/Fantasy fans.

Mini Reviews include The Goldbergs, Quantum Leap 2022, DC’s Stargirl, Star Wars: Andor: Rings of Power, Netflix’s The Imperfects, Marvel’s She-Hulk and Cobra Kai.

The Goldbergs Season 10: Episode 1

The Goldbergs are back for more laughs after a decade of comedy. This is a comedy for those who love the 80’s, movies, and just plain funny family comedy with wacky characters. For those who don’t know, this is a sitcom based on the real life childhood of Adam Goldberg growing up in the 80’s with his family. All though this year it will be without the father of the family Murray Goldberg. The real life actor Jeff Garland left the show, leaving the writers to kill off the Grumpy TV watching dad. This show was a little more serious then the average Goldberg episode, though the chuckles and giggles were still there. I am assuming that in the episodes to come there will be the same amount of humor that we are all used to making us laugh with Adam, Barry, Erica, Geoff, Beverly, Pop-Pop, The JTP and all the rest of the zany characters we have come to know and love. A crossover with Stranger Things should definitely happen.

I am 100% game for a cross-over between @TheGoldbergsABC and @Stranger_Things. Waiting by the phone, Duffer Brothers. Call me: 707-67NERD6— Adam F. Goldberg (@adamfgoldberg) August 3, 2016

Quantum Leap 2022 Season 1: Episode 1

At long last another Time Traveler has picked up the mantle by stepping into the Quantum Leap accelerator and beginning his leap through time.  Instead of the good Dr. Sam Beckett trying to fix right what once went wrong we have Dr. Ben Song taking up the reins as the hero of the show. Instead of Al being the companion on his journey we have Ben’s fiance  Addison Augustin as the hologram from the future. While the original show had occasional glimpses into the future with the other workers who worked behind the scenes of Sam’s time travel project this version of the show showcases the future on an equal basis with the past. This is different and gives Quantum Leap 2022 a unique feel all it’s own. Other things I liked include…

  • The cast is expanded from two to 5 not counting the supercomputer Ziggy. This includes the head of the QL project Herbert “Magic” Williams who was someone Sam leaped into in the original Quantum Leap season 3, episode 2, “The Leap Home, Part II (Vietnam)”. We also have the new Quantum Leap project’s lead programmer Ian Wright and the new project’s head of digital security Jenn Chou.
  • The show actually has a central plot point beyond just the leap of the week. Dr. Ben started leaping for a specific reason. What it is we all don’t yet know.
  • Al Calavicci’s daughter has a role to play in the mystery of the show. This ties the original characters to the new show.
  • It has less sexualized talk then the original and is more family friendly.

Things I hope they work on include…

  • Having perhaps more humor and fun with the premise.
  • Tie up loose ends from the original series and bring back some of the interesting things introduced in the original such as Sam’s daughter and the Evil Leaper.
  • We have full access to Ziggy and have not yet heard the sarcastic smart alec computer give some witty dialogue. I’m hoping this changes.
  • We see the new and improved imaging chamber but not the new and improved waiting room. Will we see it?
  • The new leaps are different then the original. I guess that is good in one way, but miss the familiar woosh and glow of the original.

The first episode had me paying attention. Will see if it continues to gather interest and if it builds up the mythology and also continues the spark of fun and connectedness between the characters that the original did. I think that an episode should have Ben leaping into a character from Stranger Things.

Quantum Leaping into Fall 2022 | Mark Wilson (patheos.com)

Stargirl Season 3:  Episodes 1 -4

DC’s big contribution to the new TV season is another season of their teeny bopper superhero Star Girl. I really enjoyed the first season of Star Girl. It was a fun and entertaining. Season 2 lagged somewhat in narrative as it introduced characters and situations that didn’t have any real satisfying follow through.  The 3rd season has the same familiar characters we all know and love. The action is there but only sort of. Not too much of it to watch actually. With so many shows to watch it gets tough to keep up with everything.

The CW starts shows later in the season and sometimes earlier and then they move the times around of when they broadcast them and then put them on demand or Netflix. I started watching other CW shows I liked but stopped watching because of of those reasons I just stated. The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Superman and Lois. All great fun and entertaining shows. So at the time being,  I might watch Stargirl in the future but may concentrate on other stuff for the time being as nothing in the current season called Frienimies is really hooking me story-wise.

I believe that even though not part of the universe Eleven from Stranger Things and Five from the Umbrella Academy should show up and join the Justice Society of America or become some adversaries. Forget copyright and story continuity.

Star Wars: Andor Episodes 1 – 3

SW: Andor is the most un-Star Wars property I have ever seen. If it didn’t have Star Wars plastered at the beginning you wouldn’t know it was part of the larger Star Wars universe. It is darker and less fun then the original. It also has a brothel and the first use of the word &^8@ in SW. Not exactly the family friendly SW with wookies crushing stormtroopers and Jar Jar Binks. Of course the original had ‘I’ll see you in hell’. But despite my lack of enthusiasm  I think I’m still open to seeing where it will go. I found listening to a Youtuber talking about why they liked it more interesting then the actual show itself.  She convinced me that it is more interesting then I originally thought. I doubt it but having some Ewoks in the show would be great. Also having Eleven show up as a Jedi would be super cool.

So, one day after a Star Wars character said “shit” for the first time in Andor — not counting the time Donald Glover’s Lando *almost* said the word in 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story — the newest episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power features a scene in which a dwarf pulls a Glover and starts to say the word but is then interrupted. Oh well, at least those franchises haven’t got the casual f-bombs that Star Trek and Karate Kid / Cobra Kai are known for nowadays. Not yet, at least.-Peter T. Chattaway

Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power: Season 1: Episodes 1 -5

Ok. My big problem with the  new LOTR prequel is not that it is destroying Tolkien’s legacy or diverting from the source material. It is not that it is inserting Wokness into its storylines. I have no problems with black elves or dwarves or mermaids for that matter. My big problem is that it is rather B O R I N G.  There is a lot of talking and walking around and not much action. There is nothing I particular hate. Galadriel is pretty badass as well as the elf Arondir Backlash. Nori the Halffoot (Hobbit) is sweet and charming and I want to know who the Meteor man really is. I also like seeing the underground dwarf city and the relationship with Elrond and Durin IV and the discovery of the mysterious ore Mithril.

But overall nothing is really hooking me to the story. The great visuals don’t carry the show. I want action. I want orcs being killed. I want Merry and Pippin to travel back in time to witness events going on. I want Eleven to be a wizard and throw orcs around with her mind. I want dinosaurs like T-Rex’s and Velociraptors running around eating Orcs but leaving the Half-foots alone. Chris Pratt could be an elf who trains the dinos for use by their race. Perhaps we could get an appearance by Tom Bombadil.

Like Andor, the commentary from others on the show is more interesting then the show itself.

  As with anything Tolkien, there are two kinds of fans: those who want to enjoy this for what it is and those who want to consume every tiny detail across multiple watches of each episode. If you find yourself in the latter category or if you’re curious to learn a little more about the world revealed in this series, Prime Video has a frequently overlooked feature with a genuine treasure trove of trivia for you to enjoy. Every ‘Rings of Power’ Episode Has Hidden Tidbits. Here’s How to Unearth Them – CNET

I have never seen ‘Games of Throne’. So I have no opinion on ‘House of the Dragon’. But how does it compare to Rings of Power?

Here are some thoughts from Deacon Steve.

The series continues to look gorgeous. I’ve long harbored a deep love for fantastic cityscapes and imaginary architecture, and Númenor, with its tiered, cliffside architecture, docks and waterways, immense statues and arches and pillars, is as majestic and awe-inspiring as one could hope. Will the series succeed in making Sauron both malignant and persuasive, both dangerous and attractive? Will the downfall of Númenor be clearly connected to succumbing to temptation: to hubris, worship of Morgoth, oppression of the Men of Middle-earth, human sacrifice, and finally open war on the Valar? Or will the Valar remain an idea present only in metaphor? Perhaps the rest of season 1 will begin to answer these questions. The Rings of Power: Season 1 at the halfway mark – Decent Films

I have to say the upcoming revival of Willow looks more entertaining then Rings of Power or House of Dragons.

The Imperfects Season 1 Episodes 1- 5

Dr. Alex Sarkov has done experimental gene therapy on unsuspecting patients who were going to him for help with rare genetic disorders. They were given medicine to help with their biological problems and when it ran out the people that had gone to him for a cure found they developed strange new powers. The story focuses in on three of those patients looking for Dr. Sarkov to help them find a cure for their unusual abilities. Abbi Singh is a genetics student who develops the powers of succubus. Tilda Webe is a punk rock singer who develops the powers of a banshee. Juan Ruiz is a comic book artist who develops the powers of a chupacabra. Dr. Sydney Burke is the scientist who assists them in their quest to be normal again.

The show is a little dark but interesting. It sort of has the feel of Heroes. I’m half way through the series and will perhaps watch the rest of it. It’s engaging enough to possibly watch more but not one that has me glued to the edge of my seat. I think it would be more interesting if there is a character who develops telekinetic powers where she can move stuff with her mind and someone who turns into a mind flayer.

Caution for the sensitive, there is some language and violence.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Season 1 Episodes 1-6

For some reason She-Hulk is getting a lot of hate. I find it fun, and sometimes actually funny. It doesn’t have too many Stranger Things going on, but does have Dr. Strange’s Wong. It has the Smart Hulk and Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers as Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk’s father. It has the criminal Abomination from the MCU Hulk movie as a reformed criminal. It also has the most delightful and funniest character in all the MCU. A semi-clueless kind of drunk woman named Madisynn King who becomes besties with Wong. Daredevil is promised to appear in an upcoming episode. She-Hulk in my personal opinion is a good entry into the MCU and is Smashing it.

The only real problem is the prevalent attitude towards casual sex that is talked about occasionally in certain episodes.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episodes 1 -10 FULL SEASON
Cobra Kai has managed to do something that most reboots of successful past franchises have not been able to do. It has become an  fresh continuation of the original movies. It is not simply a rehash of the previous offerings like Jurassic Park, The Force Awakens, Heroes Reborn or Ghostbusters: Afterlife. It’s not boring like Rings of Power. It takes all the familiar characters like Daniel, Johnny, John Kreese and Terry Silver and expands  their stories while giving life to a new generation of karate kids. This season has Daniel’s opponents from all three of the original films, Johnny Lawrence, Yuji Okumoto and Mike Barns teaming up to take down big bad Sensi Terry Silver. The new kids are all there. I wonder if the girl from The New Karate Kid will make an appearance at all in season 6. Why not?

The show explores the interrelationships between families and friendships. You see a broken man trying to reconnect with his son and trying to be a better man because of it. It has redemption and forgiveness. Old enemies become friends who join forces to take down those who are still old enemies. It has characters who undergo growth and change. It has badass karate fights. It is the most entertaining and watchable show of the new fall season. I don’t know how but inserting the cast of Stranger Things in a rival dojo would be a cool thing.
Caution for the senstive, there is some language lots of karati violence, an out of wedlock pregnancy and  some sensuality.

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