13 Years Married/30 Years Friends

13 Years Married/30 Years Friends January 2, 2023

When You Marry, Marry Your Best Friend.

They will be with you from beginning to end.
Ups and Downs and All-Arounds
Love knows no bounds.
Happy Anniversary to my dear Mark
You light up my life with a beautiful spark.
I love you forever
Want to leave you never.

Happy Anniversary once again
Love Your Wife, Kristin

Writing a yearly blog post on my anniversary to my wife is the Things to do.

Today on January 2, 2022, we celebrate 13 years of blissful sacramental marriage.

Recently I discovered that our wedding day is on the birthday of
St Therese of Lisieux (1873-1897)

2023 Marks 150 Years since she was born.

St. Therese, doing small things with great love | Performances | thedaonline.com

and Sci-Fi Author Isaac Asimov (January 2, 1920 – April 6, 1992)

Isaac Asimov – Yousuf Karsh

And Luisa Carvajal y Mendoza, (January 2, 1566 – January 2, 1614)

a Spanish mystical poet and Catholic martyr died on this day,

Mujerícolas: Luisa Carvajal y Mendoza. Poeta Mística
As well as Alan Hale Jr AKA The Skipper from Gilligan’s Island.

Happy 96th Birthday Alan Hale Jr. – Waldina

He was born on March 8, 1921 and my father was born on March 17, 1921.
He died on January 2, 1990 and I graduated High School in May 1990.

It is also the feast day of Bishops and Doctors St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory Nazianzen.

And National Science Fiction Day.

Memoria of St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory of Nazianzen, Bishops and Doctors of the Church [January 2] | A CHRISTIAN PILGRIMAGE

What else happen on our wedding day?

533 – Mercurius becomes Pope John II, the first pope to adopt a new name upon elevation to the papacy
1788 – Georgia becomes the fourth state to ratify the United States Constitution
1900 – American statesman and diplomat John Hay announces the Open Door Policy to promote trade with China.
1906– Willis Carrier receives a US patent for the world’s first air conditioner
1921 – World premiere of the science fiction play by the Czech writer Karel Čapek R.U.R. in theater in Hradec Králové
1929 US & Canada agree to preserve Niagara Falls
1935-The widely publicized trial of Bruno Hauptmann began in New Jersey as he faced charges of kidnapping and murdering the infant son of famed American aviator Charles A. Lindbergh; he was found guilty and executed. –On This Day –  Britannica
1959 – Luna 1, the first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the Moon and to orbit the Sun, is launched by the Soviet Union.
1967 – Ronald Reagan, past movie actor and future President of the United States, is sworn in as Governor of California.
1974 – United States President Richard Nixon signs a bill lowering the maximum U.S. speed limit to 55 MPH in order to conserve gasoline during an OPEC embargo.
1980-On January 2, 1980, in a strong reaction to the December 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, President Jimmy Carter asks the Senate to postpone action on the SALT II nuclear weapons treaty and recalls the U.S. ambassador to Moscow. These actions sent a message that the age of detente and the friendlier diplomatic and economic relations that were established between the United States and Soviet Union during President Richard Nixon’s administration (1969-74) had ended.
U.S.-Russia Detente Ends – HISTORY
2000 – Kosheh massacres: Twenty Coptic Christians are massacred by Muslim villagers in Kosheh, Egypt.
2004 – Stardust successfully flies past Comet Wild 2, collecting samples that are returned to Earth.
2006-A coal mine explosion in Sago, West Virginia, kills 12 miners and critically injures another. This accident and another within weeks lead to the first changes in federal mining laws in decades.

May be an image of 3 people and people standing

30 Years Ago in the year 1993, Kristin and I meet for the first time.
Here are some things that happen 30 years ago.

Mark was 21/22
Kristin was 18/19

Pope John Paul II was Pope
Bill Clinton is sworn in as the 42nd President of the United States on January 20th as George Bush Leaves Office.

Blockbuster Movies Released in Theaters: Jurassic ParkMrs. DoubtfireSchindler’s List
Shows Broadcast on TV: FrasierQuantum LeapThe Wonder Years
Hit Music on the Radio: The River of Dreams” by Billy Joel-“Linger” by the Cranberries-“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)“by the Proclaimers
Books Published: The Giver (The Giver, #1) by Lois LowryMr. Murder by Dean Koontz-Christianity for Modern Pagans: Pascal’s Pensees (1993) by Peter Kreeft 

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