Failed Blog Post Attempts On My Birthday

Failed Blog Post Attempts On My Birthday January 27, 2023

Sometimes reading books is difficult but probably not as difficult as writing, constructing and crafting them. This goes for blog articles as well. Once again, I have lived to see another year on planet earth and have pondered what type of post, I wanted to put together to honor this monumental day. I wrote posts for my last 2 birthdays, so it’s appropriate to keep the tradition.

At 50 I’m Not Ready For a Coffin in the Basement | Mark Wilson (
On The Day I Was Born, This Also Happen… | Mark Wilson (

But my attempt was meet in failure to write a full quality blog post.

So here are my failures at it instead.

Attempted Blog Post # 1

It’s almost 2 in the morning when I’m writing this.

I thought about listing one book a year for every year that I was alive.

The books listed are books I may have actually read or would possibly read. This could be used as a reading list for someone wanting to read about a book a week for a year. I have tried to choose a variety of different genres and authors but certain types of books kept weaving their way back into the list.

January 27, 1971-The Year of My Birth

The Complete Stories by Flannery O’Connor

The very popular short fiction writer’s compilation of her stories in one volume was published the year I was born. FOC graced the secular world by weaving her Catholic faith into stories read by many non-Catholics.

“There are thirty-one stories in this volume. Nineteen are taken from Flannery’s two collections and twelve appear for the first time in book form.”

[Flannery] described her writing habits in a letter dated July 13: “I must tell you how I work. I don’t have my novel outlined and I have to write to discover what I am doing. Like the old lady, I don’t know so well what I think until I see what I say; then I have to say it over again.”

I think that is true for me in my writing as well.

Attempted Blog Post # 2

Then I thought about doing one event cultural or historical that happen while I was alive.

Cultural and Historical Events That Happen Since I Was Born.

1971- I’m born on January 27th and Walt Disney World Opens on October 1.

Attempted Blog Post # 3

1. Now because it is late and I want to sleep here are 52 thoughts about anything. This counts as number one.

2. Q: Church Militant@Church_Militant: What is the hardest thing about being Catholic in 2023?

A: Other Catholics making normal Catholics look bad by their extreme judgmentalism of their fellow Catholics and constant slamming of approved Catholic things such as Vatican 2, NO mass and pope Francis.

Attempted Blog Post # 4

Now it’s the morning and I realize that I have to go to work soon and drop off my wife at the clubhouse before I go. The realization of my failed attempt to get something done by a certain time is that there are no guarantees in life that we will not always get everything accomplished we want to get accomplished by a certain time we want to accomplish it. Hopefully we get the one thing necessary we need to do before we die is to be good with Good, our loved ones and our fellow neighbors who may be strangers.

At least I’m alive and still writing something.

What are you doing in your life?
What do you still want to accomplish?
Turn your failures into lessons you can share with others.
Or an opportunity for conversation and a laugh.

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