Holy Crocodile!

Holy Crocodile! April 17, 2013

holy_crocodileWe have a guest review today. My wife has just finished reading the book Holy Crocodile! with our two youngest daughters. Here’s what she has to say about the book!

This is not your ordinary book of saints. Holy Crocodile! by Caroline Cory is a collection of 20 short tales of saints based on actual legends. These stories are told almost like animals fables but with a religious twist. What makes this book different? The animals make all the difference! Instead of the saints helping the animals; the animals are helping out the saints.

In each story God uses animals to lead the saints out of danger, save their lives, or just guide them in the right direction. Many of the stories follow a monk or hermit, while others have the reader taken back to the Roman persecutions. We see a few of these saints calling to God for help in their time of need. Other times, the animals just do out of the ordinary things to assist the saints. God’s amazing power is shown through these many animals including birds, bees, reptiles, a mouse and even spiders to solve the saints many problems.

Each story is about a page long with a picture on the opposite page making it ideal for younger children. Read as many or few as will hold your little ones attention, although this book never lost my child’s attention. She never wanted to stop with just one, nor did I. Many of the saints I’ve never even heard of before, but there were a few familiar ones such as Clare, Bridget, and Benedict. Thankfully the book provides a pronunciation for the more difficult names helping me not sound ridiculous to my seven-year old! I liked how the book showed little things the saints did such as praying, thanking God, bravely helping others, and even literally counting their blessings. However, it was that fun twist with the animals that keeps the reader drawn into it. The stories are quick and to the point, as well as, simply written. This does not mean the whole family cannot enjoy this delightful book. Even my teenagers were listening intently as I read this little gem. Now they too want to read it themselves. I do know this is not a book that will only be read once and put away on the shelf. My daughter is already asking to read it once more. No doubt this out of the ordinary book of saints will be read again and again for years to come.

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