Church Fathers, Day Forty-Four: St. Basil tells us to make time for God

Church Fathers, Day Forty-Four: St. Basil tells us to make time for God September 3, 2014

st_basil_2Make time for God

There were many workers in St. Basil’s congregation, and he knew how much they had to sacrifice just to come to church. But he promises them that their sacrifice of time will have a rich reward.

I know that many craftsmen who work in mechanical trades are crowd­ing around me. A day’s work is hardly enough for them to earn a living. So I must shorten my sermon, so that I won’t keep them away from their work too long.

What shall I say to them? The time you lend to God is not lost. He will return it to you with large interest. Whatever difficulties may trouble you, the Lord will scatter them. To those who have preferred spiritual welfare, he will give health of body, sharpness of mind, success in business, and unbroken prosperity.

And even if our efforts don’t realize our hopes in this life, the teachings of the Holy Spirit are nevertheless a rich treasure for ages to come.

So deliver your heart from the cares of this life and pay close attention to my words. What good will it do you to be here if you are here in body but your heart is worrying about your earthly treasure?

St. Basil, Hexameron, 3.1


How can I make more time for God, even when I’m so busy with everyday work?


Father, let your Son reign in my heart, so that I may no longer be a slave to the attacks of earthly desires.

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