TOBP #007: Camerado I Give You My Hand with Maura Zagrans

TOBP #007: Camerado I Give You My Hand with Maura Zagrans November 24, 2015


The Open Book Podcast Episode 007

Podcast: Download (Duration 30:54 – 28 MB)

This episode’s guest Maura Zagrans and I discuss Camerado: I Give You My Hand and her vision for a Camerado Corps.

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Maura’s website Here you can find a link to CBS report we mention in this episode

Purchase a copy of Camerado, I Give You My Hand.

Music for this episode provided courtesy of Sam Rocha from his album Late to Love. 

The intro song is Genesis Time, and the closing song is In Self’s Place. To get your own copy of this album visit his website here.


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