It’s time to rethink happiness

It’s time to rethink happiness July 16, 2018

Society has a broken idea of what happiness truly is. We are told that the hot new gadget or a faster, sportier vehicle paves the way to our joy and fulfillment. Unfortunately, we often follow this path and discover ourselves just as empty as we were before and even emptier in our wallets. In his book Rethink Happiness: Dare to Embrace God and Experience True Joy, author Paul George shows readers how to shun this misconception and life truly joyous lives.

As the book opens readers are given the idea that everyone is searching for happiness. The problem is we are looking in the all the wrong places. The inherent God-shaped hole we have in each of us can only be filled by the one who put it there. It can only be filled with the eternal love of our Creator. We, however, mess that up, searching for joy in all the wrong places, attempting to quench our thirst for that genuine love with material objects.

In ten chapters, Paul takes readers on a journey to discover what precisely true happiness means. Using his own story of finding happiness in baseball, Paul tells readers how he soon realized that joy was not wrapped up in the things of this world. A career ending injury quickly led Paul on a journey of self-discovery that resulted in changing his life forever.

Each chapter is suitable for individual reflection or group discussion and ends with a series of questions, five for each chapter. You will ponder:

What do you do to satisfy your cravings?

How do you struggle with letting go?

How are you becoming who God wants you to be?

How can you stop and allow God to find?

You are likely sitting there reading this review thinking, “I’m pretty happy right now.” Do yourself a favor and get a copy of Rethink Happiness. Rethink the formula in your life. Discover the genuine love God has for you and gain the true happiness that comes along with it.

To learn  more about the book listen to my interview with Paul George of Off the 081 exclusively on Breadbox Media.

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