Following the Moon

Following the Moon August 26, 2022

I recently learned how to take a picture of the moon with my phone.

It’s a small thing, a small ritual.

A moment of focus on the shape of waning and waxing, and the brief stops in arrival and loss.

I follow them all. I honor the cycles and shifts, the early morning, late night, midday movement that happens no matter what we do.

No matter how much we notice. Or not.

No matter how much we celebrate or grieve.

Across the sky, around the place we know as home.


Honoring Your Magickal Movements with the Moon

I invite you to follow the moon. Maybe with a picture, maybe with a breath.

Follow the shape and shift. Follow the quiet and loud. Follow the in-between. Those spaces where you can’t see what is happening because of fog or location or alignment of the eye to the horizon.

Things are still happening. The cycle continues.

Just for a month, I invite you to track what happens with each phase of the moon — or each day.

  • Where are the waters of your emotions?
  • Where are the shadows of your thoughts?
  • What does the light of growth reveal?
  • What about the moment before all goes dark?

Notice what’s in your body, your mind, your space, your dreams.

Sometimes the moon is the best guide. Sometimes having a reminder that everything will change is the whisper you need in the quietest unknowing. That the travel of time means this too will pass.

Will grow.

Will fade.

Will reveal.

Will hide.

Will make way for the magick of living.

Will make way for the revelation that is you.

At all moments.


See what this month of moon observation offers to you. Let the moon hold you.


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