Magickal Tools to Help with Exhaustion

Magickal Tools to Help with Exhaustion September 2, 2022

I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of exhaustion in the circles I’m in.

I’m tirrrrred. I’m spent. I’m out of energy and patience.

Same, girl, same.

I wonder a lot about this in a time with so much stimulation. So much caffeine. So much interaction.

There are people everywhere, even if they’re not in the room with me. There are opinions and arguments and celebrations and horrors every time I open up my computer, phone, etc.

It makes sense to be tired. The human body wasn’t really designed to have SO MUCH all the time.

Let’s get back to some basics and some clarity, as is on brand for Virgo season.

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Going to Ground to Handle Exhaustion

The first time I went to the Reclaiming Spiral Dance, I was helping set up an altar before the ritual started. I was exhausted and the ritual was still hours away. Someone sat down next to me, I must have complained, and they asked me if I was grounded.


Now, I was only a few years into working with Reclaiming and really understanding the foundations of a solid magickal practice. I had taken some classes, knew some things, and done some public rituals, but my personal skills were not yet consistent.

Grounding? Why would that be helpful?

They reminded me that using up all of my energy was likely why I was so tired. They reminded me that when I ground, I can tap into the energy of the earth and the stars to help me be connected — and fueled. I don’t have to use all of MY energy to do things.

I could be held by forces around me.

Now, whenever I feel tired, I check in with how grounded I am. Am I driving myself so hard that I am emptying my tank? What would it look like to reconnect with the earth and the sky? Can I get my feet on the ground? Can I reach my arms to the clouds?

Can I take a big breath and see if I’m trying to do it all (again!)?

Releasing to Make Way for Energy

But it’s not just about giving away all of my energy. It’s also about holding onto things that I don’t need to hold onto anymore.

Stories. Beliefs. Things that just aren’t mine to carry.

Things that aren’t mine to carry anymore.

If this feels like it might be the cause of the tireds, I turn to cleansing and journaling.

I go to water. The water of showers and oceans. The water of a full bottle that I sip throughout the day. The water of tears. The water of washing dishes. The water of (finally) giving my plants a drink.

I go to a journal or my notes app. I say the things that need to be said. I tell the things to places where no one might ever read them.

I give the ideas and worries and wonders to the pages that seem to be perfect witnesses. Compassionate collectors of my insides. Digital antechambers for things I need to say.

Letting go is not forgetting. It is unchaining. It is lightening a load. Many loads.

All of this to return to the energy that is you. Unburdened.

And while the burdens return – often dressed in new clothes and intentions – they are less like strangers or intruders in your growing recognition.

Ah, you’re here again. I remember you as being exhausting and hard to dismiss out the door.

Let me do the things to return to myself. Ground, cleanse, journal. In that order or not.

One at a time. Or all at once.

Or until I uncover the perfect word to banish exhaustion. For this moment, anyway.


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