Not Wading into It

Not Wading into It May 21, 2022

There’s lots of ripe fruit for Catholic bloggers right now, I want none of it.

Instead, I’m going to daydream about what I hope happens this summer.   Last summer got cut short by Cancer, surgery and recovery –and I taught summer school because I’d signed up for it before I knew I had breast cancer.   So this summer is going to be summer, with ice cream, sangria, and grilled everything.

1. I hope I finish writing my book.
2. I hope I lose fifteen pounds via exercise.
3.I hope two of my children get driver’s licenses.
4.I hope another gets a learner’s permit.
5.I’d like three to find summer jobs, and two to find more permanent ones.
6. I’d like to remodel the basement so it has floors.
7.I want to go to a concert, a drive in movie, and swimming in the ocean.
8.I want to catch a fish.  (It’s been a long time).
9.I want to make seafood gumbo.
10.I’d like to learn how to play the drums well enough to follow a song.
11.I’d like to take my sixteen year old to visit three colleges.
12.I’d like to write for two or three publications on a regular basis.
13.I’d like to see one play and one musical.
14.I’d like to go to a waterpark.
15.I’d like to take my kids one day a week to the library, two days to the pool at least, and once a week to a farm or 16.farmer’s market to get fresh yumminess.
17.I’d like a date a week with my husband.
18.I’d like to get fit enough to run (poorly) a 5K.
19.I’d like to paint or draw something every day.
20.I’d like to write 500 words a day.
21. I’d like to corral all my kids so I can take a family photo.
22. I’d like to volunteer doing something but I don’t know what.
23.  I’d like to go to a museum or two.
24. I’d like to ride a horse in the Shenandoah.
25.  I’d like to go to a writers’ conference.
26. I’d like to perfect my bbq brisket.
27. I’d like to go to a food festival.
28. I’d like to host a family movie night each week.
29. I’d like to host a screen free day once a week as well.
30. Get certified in ESOL.  –sign up and take the praxis.
31. I’d like to clear out my house of about 1/3 of the stuff we don’t use.   (Marie Kondo style).
32. I’d like to go to Ocean City.
33.  Visit some friends.
34.  Read a book a week.
35.  Host a massive water balloon fight with my children …and win.

All of that should keep me out of trouble for the summer…and even give me something to write about here other than whatever is the current upset du jour.

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