Newly Discovered Letters From John Calvin Tell of Desire To Build Theme Park

Newly Discovered Letters From John Calvin Tell of Desire To Build Theme Park March 22, 2016

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A group of Swiss historians announced the discovery of some unsent letters written by John Calvin to a number of other historical figures, most notably  French Reformer, William Farel.

The letters were discovered while some renovations were being done on a building previously occupied by the reformer during the Reformation. They were found in a chest that had been stored under some flooring.

Original Photo Source
Original Photo Source: “The Hades”

Original Photo Source

“it’s an incredible discovery that provides some real insight into what Mr. Calvin was really like. He intentionally kept so much of his life private that we know little about him,” said historian Cedric Allaman. “We now have a fuller understanding of the person of John Calvin, not just his theology.”

One of the more interesting topics discovered in the letters was that John Calvin had visions of creating a theme park in Geneva to accompany and raise money for his school. There are even sketches of what we would today consider a roller-coaster.

Calvin refers to his “roller-coaster” as the “Geneva Giant” and invites William Farel to attend a future grand opening. Calvin wrote. “I am bereaved to think I shall have to unveil the ‘Geneva Giant’ without a friend to join me. Every blade of grass is intended intended to cause us to rejoice and every loop-de-loop is intended to rid us Roman Influence.”

A professor at The University of Geneva, the school founded by Calvin, added, “So many people paint a picture of Calvin of this dull theologian, now I’m convinced they couldn’t be more wrong. He was a brilliant man who loved to have fun. Let the history books be rewritten”


Editorial Note: This post, like all of the other posts in the Satire section of our webpage, are fake and exist for no other purpose than to you make you laugh.

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