Molech, The Guardian [Fallen] Angel of Pro-Abortionists

Molech, The Guardian [Fallen] Angel of Pro-Abortionists January 24, 2019

The advent of social media has brought us much to be indebted for. Never before have we been so swiftly and easily able to see the heart condition of a person, whether they hide behind a pseudonym or have the stones enough to just come right out with their given name. In that same sense, never before have we been able to witness the utter hypocrisy of their chronological snobbery. Never before have we been able to readily see the cattle head toward the slaughter upon the wide road with such clarity.

We may have believed the road was wide and easy that led to hell, but my God, we surely didn’t comprehend how very wide it actually was! Amazingly, we never quite stopped to think what was upon the road with them along the way – leading them with smoke signals by day, fire by night, masquerading as one worthy of being followed; imitating the very God whom they reject.

Molech offers them freedom, prosperity, and peace, yet demands the route be paved with the bones, blood, and body parts of children. You see, there are two sacrifices being offered at the traveling altar of Molech. It is not enough that babies be slaughtered – no, some must be spared to ensure the revolving door continues to revolve. The demands of ensuring reproductive health rights to the masses are great and costly, and require the sophistry and cunning of politicians and the surgical precision of physicians.

Some of the herd birth calves along the way and preserve their choice sacrifice dedicated to the service of Molech, though often it is not their first-born sons, as the Levites. Some even become wranglers – training the calves up in the wisdom of this age in order to maintain that herd mentality by roping them in. You must raise some to be productive philanthropists, others to be teachers, still others to be the common pawn who rises when the trumpet is sounded.

These are living sacrifices to Molech, given in service to proselytize and rouse the ignorant kidlingers whom will join them later for the second, bloodier sacrifice. It turns out then that you can’t hate all children – no, some are indeed still counted as a blessing, but only as they conform their allegiance to protecting the mission. They must be reached at an early age and encouraged to think like proper adults, counting bodily autonomy as the sacred right of all women. They must be taught to revere the procedure, to keep their chin up, like any good soldier would, to the horrors afterward.

Their high priest, the man behind the curtain, whose skill in butchering children keeps mothers free from the risk of back-alley sacrifices, is to be venerated. No, he is to be praised, along with the politician who advocates for him. For these are the good days, where coat-hangers, kicks to the stomach, and a tumble down the stairs is not needed to end the life of the innocent. This is professionalism. This is liberty. This is what a good and decent society looks like. We can now safely terminate one life without endangering another, and with criteria expanding Roe V. Wade in a manner that would cause Gosnell to be green with envy.

To be sure, we are getting closer and closer to simply waiting until the child is born to return them into the fires of Molech. If anything is proof of this, it is the mighty pen-stroke of governors and the thunderous applause of their constituents. Surely, even as a monument stands to bring remembrance to the lost lives of thousands, including the names of pre-born children killed in the toppling of the World Trade Center towers, all it takes to violate the most basic semblance of human decency is a simple, pink light.

It is about as grotesque of a situation as you can get, where the death toll from Stalin and Hitler look like a stroll through Central Park in the Spring. The blood of the innocent has covered the earth and reaches the height of the horses’ bridle. The winepress filled of children has been trampled upon and their cries have been drowned by the uproarious clarion call to Shout Your Abortion. It is the sacred right of one with the fruit of the womb to offer up her child to the gods of self-centeredness, professionalism, and the preservation of perpetual adolescence.

Coldly calculated, no mother’s love nor the warmth of her bosom will be felt. Her child, if a [sic] reasonable adult trained in the ways of Molech, would see the benefits of never coming to be and experience the joys of life, would they not? Indeed, their limbs plucked serenely in the house of death is merely clinical; they have not the value and worth of humanity and dignity capable of realizing their full potential, isn’t that correct? Few have stopped to think though of the logical fact that abortion does nothing to prevent you from becoming a parent, it simply makes you the parent of a dead child.

Sadly, the herd being led to slaughter never knows of the slaughter ahead of them, yet at least with cows we are kind enough to hit them between the eyes with a stunbolt gun. Not that such a practice would make the procedure somehow more humane – no. It merely stands to show the depths of our world’s evil and folly, as more people would clamor on about being mommies and daddies to their “fur babies” as they procure that which they would never dream to procure for their pets. Is it any wonder how so many have deified mere animals and yet cast aside the fundamental importance of the image-bearer? Is it any wonder that a young couple will substitute the joys of parenthood for a dog they can lock up in a cage for hours on end when they don’t feel the desire to take care of it?

The ones killing infants now in order to appease the gods of this age are so blind to the end-game. Willfully so, yet nonetheless, blind. We know they shall pronounce woe upon themselves and become utterly undone when they stand in judgment before Him. Thus, we cry out not only to snatch the bloody, infant sacrifice from before the altar – but to snatch the living sacrifice to Molech from the hell-fire that awaits them. It is not enough that we decry abortion and seek to save babies from the furnace, we must turn our eye to even the abortionist and offer them the Words of Christ. The good news, and I say this with no guile, is that there is hope for the abortionist and the abortion receiver.

It has never been about defunding Planned Parenthood (not alone, at least). It has never been about opposing the Democratic Party, which is synonymous with the platform of death. It has always been about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been about rescuing people from death, physical and spiritual. You see, the fundamental hope of the world is that the worst of all people can be forgiven. We ought not mince words. The practice of abortion is utterly demonic and inhuman in every extent, and it is deserving of death. It is the powers and principalities at work within these human institutions that continue their incomprehensible support of child-murder.

Yet the gospel is the hope of every man, woman, and child. The gospel is so scandalous that it would have the abortionist whose hands have shed the blood of thousands, washed clean and made as white as snow. It is so rich and comprehensive that it would blot out the entirety of their blood-guilt before God, as He moves them from death to life. Surely, the weight of such heinous sin would follow them with regret forevermore, yet even His grace is sufficient in this, as He continually points His children to the sufficiency of Christ’s atoning work. If death nor life, neither angels nor principalities, neither the present nor things to come, nor any powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord – that includes those guilty of supporting, procuring, and performing the ludicrous act of abortion.

And yet it is that same gospel which provides hope to the Christian who sits, bewildered at the current state of affairs. Be sure to remember, this is simply the death rattle of an empire on decline, gasping for air. The church will endure forever. God will not remain silent, nor shall He endure in perfect patience forever. He shall pour out His wrath and take vengeance, yet He shall also give grace to the humble. We entrust ourselves to His judgement and justice being extended, because ultimately, vengeance belongs to Him.

I would suggest Christian, that you get busy. Have mercy on those who doubt; save others by snatching them from the fire; and still to others, show mercy tempered with fear, hating even the clothing stained by the flesh. The idea being that judgment is a very real thing, and if we genuinely love someone, we will show the fullness of God’s own love, part of which is heralding the warning that hell is real and we wouldn’t wish it upon even our worst enemies. Love is not side-skirting the issues and avoiding talk of judgment; love is being able to navigate and discern which is appropriate at the given time.

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