Barnabas Encouragement Ministry Mistakenly Calls Themselves “The Barabbas Group”

Barnabas Encouragement Ministry Mistakenly Calls Themselves “The Barabbas Group” March 22, 2017

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PORTLAND, OR – A new ministry at Life Lessons Baptist Church, aimed at encouraging the brokenhearted, is in disarray this morning after they mistakenly had printed 100,000 street pamphlets with the name Barabbas, instead of Barnabas, in the title.

The Pamphlet reads: “The Barabbas Group: Encouragement For People / For as little as $99 a year you can buy the kind of encouragement that only Barabbas could offer

“Well, this is embarrassing,” commended church courier Jack Stokes. “I’m not really sure how it happened but I must have jotted down the wrong name when supplying the information to the printer. It’s not that big of deal though, I mean, both people are in the bible, right?”

The ministry was originally intended to be called “The Barnabas Group” after the famous figure in the New Testament who often traveled with Paul. He is known for being extremely generous and encouraging to those with whom he interacted. On the other hand, Barabbas was the murderor who was released when Jesus was sentenced to crucifixion.

Life Lessons Baptist Church Barnabas Group ministry founder, Pastor Jim, provided some background on the ministry, “if you walk out of your front door, you will see sad people. Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to becomes sad. I want to fix that. I’m tired of talking to sad people. So, I started a ministry aimed at fixing that problem. For only $99 a year I will send an encouragement specialist over to encourage you any time of day. Getting rid of sad people is part of the life blood of our church. It’s so important that I am not going to let a silly name misprint in a pamphlet stop real ministry from happening. Personally, I think we just adopt the name and move on.”

Given the amount of money already spent on 100,000 misprinted pamphlets, the church will vote this Sunday on if it makes sense just to change the name of the ministry to “The Barabbas Group”.

“The Barabbas Group…I kind of like the way it rolls off the tongue,” added Pastor Jim.

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