5 Movies Your Kids Must See

5 Movies Your Kids Must See July 18, 2016


As a film lover and a parent, I get frustrated easily. My 4-year-old son is growing up in the age of Netflix, and it’s all too easy for him to be bombarded by whatever kiddie junk is available for streaming. I’m glad my son’s turning into a superhero geek and a Star Wars nut, but I’m also dismayed by how much he loves “The Penguins of Madagascar” and (shudder) “Minions.” Granted, he’s 4, so of course he likes these things. But as a discerning film watcher, I want to be able to steer him toward quality and films that will prepare him to be a better, more loving human being. And as the news keeps looking like dystopian fiction these days, what art will help him see the joy and wonder of the world and instill in him the tools to make it a better place? I know other parents likely are asking the same questions, so I put together a list of five movies I think every parent should watch with their children. My kids aren’t old enough for all of them yet (my son is 4 and my daughter is 10 months), but they will see them when the time is right. 

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