5 pieces of pop culture to help you endure the election

5 pieces of pop culture to help you endure the election October 14, 2016

The election. I know, I’m sick of it, too. But take heart: November 8 is less than a month away. One month from now, the political ads will stop, a candidate will have been chosen, and we’ll begin the difficult work of moving on.

I doubt there are many undecided voters left. Whether you’re casting a ballot for Donald Trump (shudder), Hillary Clinton (a slightly less violent shudder), a third party, or abstaining all together (which is your right), you’ve probably already chosen your side and are just waiting to cast your ballot. You don’t need to hear more news about scandals, tune in to any debates or engage in any online fighting. You need a distraction. You need some entertainment to take you away from this.

It’s tempting to encourage you just to pop in a mindless comedy or comforting sitcom. But as a believer that art and pop culture can help us understand our world and actually make us better people, I want to take a different tack. What pop culture can help us put this election into perspective, learn from our failures, restore our optimism and help us heal? Following are five pieces of pop culture and entertainment that I think are vital for gaining those things in this political climate.


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